1946: Louis Saint-Laurent Announces World Government

1946: Louis Saint-Laurent annonce
le gouvernement mondial

Louis-Stephen Saint-Laurent on 13 January 1946, tells the UN it's the basis of the world government.

Louis-Stephen Saint-Laurent on 13 January 1946, telling the UN it’s the basis of the world government.  Now, that’s treason to Canada.  And who did they lock up?  The one man who knows it’s coming, and is opposed to it.

Two notes.  Origin of the Image and of the Audio Tape.

  1. The image above is from the old CBC Digital Archives at the French Radio-Canada web page in the Wayback Machine.  It’s Saint-Laurent himself, talking to the U.N. General Assembly in London.  The image is attached to an article on Saint-Laurent entitled “Représentant du Canada à l’ONU” (Canada’s Representative at the UNO).  Broadcast date:  13 January 1946.  Details (translation):  “In January 1946, at London, Louis S. Saint-Laurent attends the first General Assembly of the United Nations.”  London is where the globalist bankers are, the war financiers behind the Royal Institute of International Affars (RIIA), origin of the Rhodes Scholarships.  The file name of the image is interesting, it gives the date it was taken:  louis_saint_laurent_19460113_clip10_4_hr_fr.jpg

  2. The audio tape is not in the Wayback Machine, and doesn’t pop up if you try to click on it, in the hope it might still be hosted over at CBC.  However, years ago, I found a segment online that must come from that tape.  I still have it.   It’s lost its original file name, but this is Louis-Stephen Saint-Laurent announcing world government.  I found the clip on “Joe Bloe’s” web site, and I traced it to a French radio-station because of the file name.  The station did have audio clips online, but not this one.  So, I wrote to the station, but no reply.  I wrote to the UN to source it, but no reply.  Nonetheless, here’s the clip in a zip folder with a copy of the French transcript and English translation.


    First convention of the NUPC 1 July 1938

    First convention of the NUPC 1 July 1938

    Notice in the clip that Saint-Laurent cites the world wars as the pretext for the World Government.  And who did they lock up, who’s been raided, who’s had no trial?, whose materials are called “abusive” but in fact they name the culprits, by quoting the culprits themselves?  Adrien Arcand, and his men.  Anti-war, anti-world government, “true patriots” all, Canadian nationalists.  Download the Louis Saint-Laurent MP3 direct at pcloud.  The Foreword below is by yours truly.



    Lieu et heure: Assemblée générale des Nations Unies, 13 janvier 1946.

    Place and Time: The UN General Assembly, 13 January 1946.

    1946: L’honorable Louis Saint-Laurent, futur premier ministre du Canada, déclare que l’ONU est la base du gouvernement mondial.

    1946: Future Prime Minister of Canada, the Honourable Louis Saint-Laurent, declares the UN the basis of the world government.

    Le 1er janvier 1946, Saint-Laurent, ministre fédéral canadien, est nommé membre du Conseil privé du Royaume-Uni.

    On the 1st of January 1946, Saint-Laurent, a Canadian Federal Minister, is made a Member of United Kingdom Privy Council.

    L’honorable Louis-Stephen Saint-Laurent a 63 ans.

    The Honourable Louis-Stephen Saint-Laurent is 63 years of age.

    Il est ministre de la Justice, procureur général et secrétaire d’État aux Affaires extérieures (Canada).

    He is Minister of Justice, Attorney General & Secretary of State for External Affairs (Canada).

    Il a représenté le Canada aux conférences de Dumbarton Oaks et de San Francisco qui ont mené à la fondation des Nations Unies.

    He represented Canada at the Dumbarton Oaks and San Francisco Conferences that led to the founding of the United Nations.

    Le 13 janvier 1946, l’honorable Louis-Stephen Saint-Laurent a pris la parole lors d’une séance d’ouverture de la première assemblée générale des Nations Unies.

    On 13 January 1946, the Honourable Louis-Stephen Saint-Laurent addresses an opening session of the first General Assembly of the United Nations.

    C’est un court extrait significatif de son discours à l’Assemblée générale des États-Unis.

    This is a significant short extract from his address to the U.N. General Assembly.





    Nous ne nous attendons pas à ce que les Nations Unies

    We do not expect that the United Nations

    résoudent immédiatement tous les problèmes si complexes et si élicats

    will immediately resolve all the very complex and very delicate problems

    qui se posent au monde entier.  Mais nous pouvons tenter de faire de l’organisation

    that face the whole world. But we can try to make of the organisation

    un moyen efficace qui engendrera la coopération internationale indispensable.

    an effective means that will engender essential international cooperation.

    Nous pouvons aussi tenter d’en faire la base du gouvernement mondial

    We can attempt to make of it the basis of the world government

    auquel il faudra souscrire si nous devons effectivement débarasser le monde

    to which we must subscribe if we are effectively to rid the world

    du fléau de guerres de plus en plus horribles.

    of the blight of more and ever more horrible wars.