Welcome to Down With Hate! by Adrien Arcand

This is a new web site, featuring an exclusive English translation of Adrien Arcand’s 1965 short work in French entitled À Bas la Haine!


The “About” page is now online:
– About  NEW! (2 August)

Nota Bene:  The entire English translation of A BAS LA HAINE! is currently being revised, and a fresh English text will be online soon.

UPDATE: 25 September 2017:

Hello, I haven’t forgotten about it.  I’ve been working on a cartoon animated vid, “Jagmeet Singh for Prime Minister of Canada!”.  The final revised English translation of DOWN WITH HATE! is nearly ready, but the lack of air conditioning in this warm weather is putting a crimp in the work.  It’s coming!  Stay subscribed.  Thanks for reading.

– – –

UPDATE 17 July 2017 @ 22h24:
UPDATE 19 July 2017 @ 20h09:
UPDATE 24 July 2017 @ 20h47:
UPDATE 2 August 2017 @ 22h32:
UPDATE 5 August 2017 @ 20h00:

Now online:

– Foreword
– Introduction
– Chapter I  NEW! (19 July)
– Chapter II  NEW! (24 July)
– Chapter III  NEW! (19 July)
– Chapter IV  NEW! (24 July)
– Chapter V
– Chapter VI  NEW! (22 July)
– Chapter VII
– Conclusions
– Reviews are now on sub-tabs: NEW!  (22 July):
American Jewish Yearbook (Canada, 1964) NEW! (5 August)
Book Review: The Report of the Special Committee on Hate Propaganda in Canada NEW! (5 August)
— The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (1965)
— American Jewish Yearbook (Canada, 1966)

– Aaargh!  NEW! (19 July)

I took the liberty of splitting the opening section of the book into “Foreword” and “Introduction”.  Aside from that, the Chapter numbers are as found.  I’m using the Aaargh! French version that seems to be dated 2005, available at archive.org.

I am leaving the comments open at Down With Hate!.  Please do not swear at, or in, this web site.  This is a research web site.

Arcand’s “À Bas La Haine !”, in the Aaargh! French online edition, is about 65 pages long.  Cost limitations on printing Arcand’s original in 1965 may have weighed against footnotes.  As a researcher, I love footnotes.

In fact, in his Chapter I, Arcand says:  “It is impossible, in this little reference book, to cite even a whole bibliography, which would take up all its pages.”

The author obviously intended Down With Hate! to be a reference.  Presumably, therefore, historical events and facts that Arcand cites can be proved accurate or disproved with sources.

For those of you familiar with history, it would be much appreciated if you would use the comment form on any page to suggest supporting footnotes.  Or, you may wish to disavow statements of Arcand, in which case, please support your disavowal with verifiable sources; and be as clear and as brief as possible

Subscribe and check back.

Thanks for reading.


The photo of Adrien Arcand on the web site header is from 1933, and was taken from the Aaargh! online edition of À Bas La Haine!.


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