Some Final English up today!

Hello again. I’m putting up the final English in stages. I had to repaginate the whole book to match the original found at the Quebec Archives on 16 January 2018. Please bear with me. Today, the following FINAL ENGLISH sections went online:

– Foreword
– Chapter I
– Chapter II
– Chapter III
– Chapter VII
– Conclusions
English back cover
French back cover

The back cover is NEW!  It’s from the original French book, and has a wonderful short autobiographical note by Arcand himself, and his photo circa 1965.

The rest will be done A.S.A.P.

Thanks for reading.  Subscribe and check back, a freebie is coming:  PDF of the original French book, A BAS LA HAINE! as scanned in the Quebec Archive on 16 January 2018.


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