The whole book is up in Final English!

The whole book is up in Final English!

Very proud to present the first English translation of Adrien Arcand’s 1965 DOWN WITH HATE! (A BAS LA HAINE!).

Added today:

– Introduction
– Chapter IV
– Chapter V
– Chapter VI
– Conclusions
– Front – English Cover
– Front – French Cover
– Front – Frontistpiece
– Front – Frontispice
– Front – Credits
– Front – Crédits
– Front – Dedication
– Front – Dédicace
– Back – Appendix I

For the sake of other researchers, I have been determined to document every page in the original book, therefore all blank pages are accounted for, even in the html online. That way, you won’t have to wonder if something is missing, as blank pages often have an implied page number. Everything is here. And you can document it against a scan of the French book, see the Free Downloads.

I also added the free download of the PDF-scan of the original French book; and a post with photos of my visit to the Quebec Archives on 16 January 2018 to scan the book.

Over and above the eBook, I slightly updated the English About page which is mine, and not a part of Arcand’s book, but is part of the supplemental materials I am adding to the site to enhance reader interest and the historical context.

I am hoping to add a French version of the About page, but I am not a French translator, I only translate English; so I will have to use google translate for the French, and beg forgiveness, unless somebody would like to help and suggest corrections once it’s up.


Nota Bene: My translator’s footnotes are indicated in square brackets like this: [1] or [2]; Arcand’s own footnotes are very few and are indicated without brackets.


I have written about a quarter or a third of a Translator’s Introduction to the first English edition of Arcand’s A BAS LA HAINE! – DOWN WITH HATE! I will complete it once I find certain historical documents, Hansard, copies of the private members’ bills referred to by Arcand, and some other additional background material, which I will add to this web site as Appendixes.

For example, it appears that “hate speech” laws originate in the Communist Soviet Union, and thanks to the aggressive intervention of the USSR, “hate speech” notions were added to some UN documents.

In the meantime, please enjoy the completed English book, the photo gallery and the new free download of the original French book.

Thanks for reading, subscribe and check back.

P.S. I added a new header to the web site to announce DOWN WITH HATE! “For the first time in English”.

P.P.S. Nearly forgot. I had added an Index to the book, which I have to update. It doesn’t exist in the original French book; nor does a table of contents. I have already provided one of those in English in the sidebar. I may add one in French, as well.


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