The Goal of this Translation

The Goal of this Translation

Articles and books are being written about Adrien Arcand.  Most are in French but some are now in English.  These books claim to present Arcand’s ideas to the reader.  However, Arcand himself remains the best presenter of his own ideas.

With that in mind, an appropriate translation ought to make his ideas available to critical appraisal.  It ought not to alter them, or embellish them, or substitute the translator’s ideas or anyone else’s ideas for those of Arcand.  (Although I reserve the right to be opinionated in my own footnotes, with which you are free to disagree.)

Care has been taken and hopefully with reasonable success to allow Adrien Arcand to speak for himself in this first English edition of À Bas La Haine!, Down With Hate!.  The translator also tried to evoke the spirit of Adrien Arcand as it comes to the fore in his own French text.

The reader is welcome to judge the success of the effort by comparing the English to the French in the bilingual version of this book online at this web site.  You can also download a free gift copy of my scan of the original French book.

Thank you for reading.

– Adrien Arcand Books (AAB)


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