Communism is Judaism

Adrien Arcand (1899-1967)

Adrien Arcand (1899-1967)

Communism is Judaism.

Communism is the practical application of the Talmud to divide the world into “men” (Jews) and “beasts” (non-Jews) born to serve them.  That is the principal and ground-breaking theory of Adrien Arcand on the nature and real purpose of Communism and all its hues.

The controversy of the “six million” is not the subject of this book, although mentioned in passing.  Rather, a less fathomed and a more somber reality is brought to the fore.  Comparing the objects and the economic and social effects of Communism to the views and objects of the Talmud, Adrien Arcand demonstrates that Communism is a device to achieve the rule of Talmudic Judaism over all mankind.

Arcand illustrates his theory in the context of outraged opposition to the appointment in January 1965 by Canada’s Minister of Justice Hon. Guy Favreau, of a special committee to “study and report” upon the dissemination in Canada of alleged “hate propaganda”.

The commission’s goal is to pass a law to silence the political free speech of non-Jewish Canadians in the country of their ancestors.

Adrien Arcand is a devout Catholic, a political leader, a husband and a father, waging a one-man war in defense of the High Culture and God-given liberties of the people he loves.

Arcand exhibits wide-ranging knowledge of his subject.  A likable man with a dry wit, he often thunders like one of the ill-used prophets of Biblical Jerusalem.  His goal?  To awaken to their plight the unique descendants of the Indo-Aryans, that ancient tribe whom the tribe of the Semites aims, as ever, to snuff from the face of the Earth.

Adrien Arcand Lecturing (post-war)