Same slogan, similar “National Policy”, very different outcomes:  what happened to Canada between 1878 and 1938?

1878 Winning Campaign Slogan of Sir John A. Macdonald

The National Policy

Canada for Canadians!

The National Policy began as a proposal to protect Canadian manufacturers from cheaper foreign products. It was put forward by Macdonald and his party in the 1878 general election with the slogan “Canada for Canadians”. The National Policy, as it was implemented in the budget of 1879, included much more than protection. The encouragement of immigration, the development of agriculture in the west, the growth of industry in the east, the improvement of railway and harbour facilities to promote the movement of goods and people across the country; all to make Canada strong and independent. These were some elements of Macdonald’s grand vision.  Macdonald’s Conservative Party maintained that the National Policy, along with the British connection and resistance to cultural and economic pressures from the United States, were the keys to Canada’s survival.

Macdonald wins!  He goes to Parliament

Parliament Building - Ottawa - 1878 by Art MacKay

Parliament Building – Ottawa – 1878 by Art MacKay


1938 Federal Campaign Slogan of Adrien Arcand

The National Policy

Canada for Canadians!

Abolish monopolies, trusts, cartels, foreign exploitation, including exploitation by foreigners become locals using international banks to buy up the country and internationalize the ownership of Canadian resources and production.  In Arcand’s day, immigration was too much and too foreign.  French-Canadians in Quebec and other Canadians were fleeing the country in search of work.  Arcand wished, once again, to benefit Canadian farmers and industry. Arcand’s “National Policy” was to cap foreign immigration, restore the unitary parliament that had existed prior to political parties, and thus prevent corruption and exploitation by trusts and private interests. Catholic Corporatism would ward off Communism, Socialism, Liberalism and Internationalism. These were some elements of Arcand’s grand vision. Arcand’s conservative National Unity Party maintained that its National Policy, along with the British connection and resistance to cultural and economic pressures from mass-immigrated Jews were the keys to Canada’s survival.

“Treason!” they cry, “Lock him up!”
“Off to the Camps!”

World War II.  Petawawa Internment Camp.

World War II. Petawawa Internment Camp.

What happened to Canada between 1878 and 1938?

William-Lyon Mackenzie King, our American Prime Minister

William-Lyon Mackenzie King, our American Prime Minister

Could it be that massive Jewish immigration around the turn of the previous Century converted a proud, conservative, self-governing Christian Canada with wholesome values, into an international liberal parking lot, ripe for the plucking under foreign domination?

Vite Liberal


A Christian Quebec or a Jewish Quebec? The Editorial Corner, The Goglu, August 29, 1930

The threat of 20 Cdenturies looms up at last, bold and powerful

THE THREAT OF TWENTY CENTURIES LOOMS UP AT LAST, BOLD AND POWERFUL. Judaism, which has pursued Christianity with its bitter hatred for two thousand years, rises more formidable than ever in our province, where it has conquered financial power and commercial power, and then political power in the Judéo-Liberal party.  Thanks to Bill David, recently obtained from Smoked Herring (Taschereau) and his fawning servants through treacherous little Sathanase (Athanase David), Quebec has ceased to be an exclusively Christian and Franco-English province.  This shameful law, encouraged by our major Jewish newspapers, puts the Jewish religion and race on the same footing as our religion and our race, makes of the Israelite civilization the Pale of Christian civilization.  The deicidal race of Judas has devoted all its energies against Chistianity and the “goim” or dogs of Christians.  It prepares, with its agitators imported by the reds, to make Canada its Promised Land, a country of disorganization and atheism, as in Russia. This is the watchword of the Elders of Zion. And Judas has won his first triumph in Quebec, the most Christian corner of the earth. Will we, like the Clique, be cowardly enough to suffer this arrogant infamy on the part of the Wandering Jew, or will we defend like patriots our religious and national traditions against Bill David and its supporters! The Goglus only await the moment to give the question an historic reply.
LA MENACE DE VINGT SIECLES SURGIT ENFIN, AUDACIEUSE ET PUISSANTE.  Le Judaïsme, qui poursuit le christianisme de sa haine fielleuse depuis deux mille ans, se dresse plus redoutable que jamais sur notre province, où il a conquis la puissance financière et la puissance commerciale, puis la puissance politique au sein du parti judéo-libéral.  Grâce au Bill David, qu’il vient d’obtenir du Hareng Boucané (Taschereau) et ses valets serviles, par l’entremise du perfide petit Sathanase (Athanase David), Québec a cessé d’être une province exclusivement chrétienne et franco-anglaise.  Cette loi honteuse, encouragée par nos grands journaux juifs, met sur le même pied que notre religion et notre race, la religion et la race juives, fait de la civilisation Israélite Pégale de la civilisation chrétienne.  La race déicide de Judas a voué toutes ses énergies contre le chistianisme et les “goïm” ou chiens de chrétiens.  Elle se prépare, avec ses agitateurs importés par les rouges, à faire du Canada sa Terre Promise, un pays de désorganisation et d’athéisme, comme en Russie. C’est le mot d’ordre des Sages de Sion.  Et Judas a obtenu son premier triomphe dans Québec, le coin de terre le plus chrétien du globe.  Serons-nous, comme les Cliqueux, assez lâches pour subir cette arrogante infamie de la part du Juif Errant, ou défendrons-nous comme des patriotes nos traditions religieuses et nationales contre le Bill David et ses suppôts!  Les Goglus n’attendent que le moment de donner à la question une réponse historique.

“The 7-headed beast” front page of the <i>Goglu</i> 29 August 1930

“The 7-headed beast” front page of the Goglu 29 August 1930

FOREWORD:  I recently found this editorial in an issue of Le Goglu that I had missed.  I’ll be including it in my compendium in development, Arcand’s Christian or Jew? from 1930.  In the Editorial below by Arcand’s Émile Goglu persona, “Bill David” means “An Act respecting the education of children of the Jewish faith in the Island of Montreal”.  In French:  “Loi concernant l’éducation des enfants de croyance judaïque dans l’Île de Montréal”.  (The name David is pronounced “Dah-vid” in French.)  Bill David was sponsored by Athanase David for the majority Liberal government of Louis-Alexandre Taschereau during the 17th Quebec Legislature.  It received the royal assent on April 4th, 1930 in the legislative chamber.

In those days, Quebec (and Ontario) had two chambers, an upper chamber and a lower chamber like the Parliament in Ottawa.  The upper chamber or Legislative Council of Quebec was abolished in 1968 under Premier Jean-Jacques Bertrand.  Yours truly believes the abolition was constitutionally deficient, thus, a mere “attempt” and not a successful constitutional amendment.  In any event, the Legislative Council has been out of use for some time.  Le Devoir has an interesting article about it in French, and here’s an English translation from Google.

Louis-Alexandre Taschereau, Montmorency riding

Throughout the Goglu, Athanase David, sponsor of the Jewish Schools Law, is called “Sathanase”, a play on “Satan”.  Louis-Athanase David was a cabinet minister in the Quebec Legislature for the riding of Terrebonne; he served as Provincial Secretary; and was later appointed to the Canadian Senate.  As for Taschereau, he is always called “smoked herring” “hareng boucané” in the Goglu.  With his sharp, triangular face, to some degree, he actually looked like a smoked-herring filet.  But the attribution was intended to caricature this French-Canadian Liberal as more Jewish than the Jews he favored over his own people.

There were some fabulous front pages in Le Goglu.  On one of them, Arcand portrayed Louis-Alexandre Taschereau in a two-inch-high headline as “Taschereau The Coward” (Taschereau le Peureux).  (Another good one was, “Perron The Crybaby”-  “Perron Le Braillard”) .  With our corrupt federal and provincial leadership, we could use headlines like that today.  Where are they?  Oh, we have “memes”, but none of our official papers of which I am aware is quite as bold as the wonderful Goglu.  For shame!

A very good theme to explore for anyone who has a term paper or a book to write, would be how Arcand, his writings and publications, situate Quebec in the framework of Church and Biblical history.  And I would warmly suggest that the Old Testament be read as an ancient Biblical prophesy of world government, promised to the Jews by Yahweh.  To get you started, our featured cartoon today is from the front page of the Goglu of August 29th, 1930.  The headline reads:  “The 7-Headed Beast” “La Bête À Sept Têtes”, a Catholic reference to the Apocalypse in the New Testament.  The Jews are conquering Quebec, it’s the end of the world.  The Editorial below is from page 2 of the same issue.  The editorial is also prophetic; you’ll see what I mean by the end of it.




THE GOGLU, AUG 29, 1930

For the First Time, in English



Le Bill David, en légiferant sur les problèmes scolaires juifs, en créant pour les Isréalites une commission scolaire statutaire dont les membres sont nommés par l’État, en accordant aux Juifs le privilège de mettre à contribution la taxe des neutres, au meme titre que les chrétiens, reconnaît définitivement, par acte du Parlement, que la race juive est en ce pays une race officielle, la reconnaît et la met sur le même pied que la race française et la race anglaise.

Bill David, by legislating on the Jewish school problems, by creating for the Israelites a statutory school commission whose members are appointed by the State, by granting to the Jews the privilege of sharing in the neutral tax in the same way as the Christians, definitively recognizes, by act of Parliament, that the Jewish race in this country is an official race, recognizes it and puts it on the same footing as the French race and the English race.

Cette loi scolaire ne doit pas nous surprendre, quand on sait qu’elle est le fruit d’un libéralisme condamné1, ayant à sa base l’idée juive telle que prêchée et imposée par le Conseil des sages de Sion, un libéralisme auquel nous devons la loi juive des faillites “Jacobs”, qui mine tranquillement notre commerce à l’avantage des Juifs2; une immigration juive qui a fait entrer en ce pays des milliers et des milliers d’Israélites sous de fausses représentations3; une distribution effrénée du patronage politique aux fils de Judas; des lois à théorie juive comme celles de l’Assistance Publique et des Accidents du Travail4; une abdication totale de nos traditions chrétiennes dans toute la législation liberale5; des concessions antipatriotiques de nos ressources naturelles aux fils errants de Jérusalem; un avachissement honteux devant la puissance monétaire des Juifs.6  On comprend ainsi très facilement pourquoi le haut conseil du Sionisme a répandu le mot d’ordre:  “C’est par l’esprit désingrant du libéralisme que nous corromprons les hommes et les lois, et que nous dominerons le monde.”  Et l’on comprend en même temps pourquoi les docteurs de l’Église, les conciles et les papes, voyant clair dans le jeu des forces juives, ont si souvent condamné la doctrine du libéralisme, qui a réussi en Russie à faire conduire par une poignée de Juifs cent soixante millions d’orthodoxes chrétiens à la désorganisation sociale et à l’irreligion.

This school law should not surprise us, when we know that it is the fruit of a condemned liberalism1, having at its base the Jewish idea preached and imposed by the Council of the Elders of Zion, a liberalism to which we owe the “Jacobs” bankruptcy law which quietly undermines our business for the benefit of the Jews2; Jewish immigration that brought thousands and thousands of Israelites into this country under false representations3; a frantic distribution of political patronage to the sons of Judas; laws Jewish in theory like those on public assistance and accidents at work4; a total abdication of our Christian traditions in all liberal legislation5; anti-patriotic concessions of our natural resources to the wandering sons of Jerusalem; shameful subservience to the monetary power of the Jews6.  It is thus quite easy to understand why the high council of Zionism spread the slogan:  “It is by the disingenuous spirit of liberalism that we corrupt men and laws, and that we will dominate the world.”  And we understand at the same time why doctors of the Church, councils and Popes, seeing clearly the play of the Jewish forces, have so often condemned the doctrine of liberalism, which has succeeded, in Russia, in causing sixty million Orthodox Christians to be led to social disorganization and irreligion by a handful of Jews.

Sitôt que la race juive prend le dessus dans un pays, c’en est fini du patriotisme et des traditions.  De l’égalité de status à la domination, il n’y a qu’un pas.  Et, grâce à leurs millions, les Juifs auront vite fait ce pas dans Québec, maintenant que le Bill David sanctionne leur égalité et reconnaît leur race comme officielle.

As soon as the Jewish race takes over in a country, patriotism and traditions are finished.  From equality of status to domination there is just one step.  And, thanks to their millions, the Jews will have quickly taken this step in Quebec, now that Bill David sanctions their equality and recognizes their race as official.

Tolérer la présente loi des écoles juives est, à notre avis, la plus grande lâcheté qu’un Canadien-français puisse commettre contre sa religion, sa province et sa race.  C’est admettre que les Pères de la Conféderation ont eu tort de faire du Canada un pays exclusivement chrétien et bilingue; c’est admettre que toutes les races du monde peuvent considérer le Canada comme leur patrie officielle pourvu qu’elles y viennent; que nous, Canadiens-français, fils des découvreurs et des pionniers de ce pays, n’avons pas plus de droits ici que le premier Juif venu, que le Chinois ou l’Arabe qui voudra venir dans Québec bâtir des écoles de sa langue et sa religion.

To tolerate the present law on Jewish schools. in our opinion, is the greatest cowardice that a French Canadian can commit against his religion, his province and his race.  It admits that the Fathers of Confederation were wrong to make Canada an exclusively Christian and bilingual country; it admits that all races of the world can consider Canada as their official homeland provided they come here; that we, French Canadians, sons of the discoverers and pioneers of this country, have no more rights here than the first Jew to arrive, than the Chinese or the Arab who will want to come to Quebec to build schools for his language and his religion.

Eh bien!  nous n’admettrons jamais pareils principes et, quoi qu’il doive nous en coûter, nous ferons par tous les moyens la guerre la plus implacable aux Juifs et à leur libéralisme qui cherchent à s’imposer ici comme en Russie.  Nous ne reconnaissons de caractère officiel qu’au christianisme et qu’à deux races:  la saxonne et la française.  Seuls ils ont des droits consitutionnels, des privilèges légaux, et seuls ils les auront.  Nous bannirons de nos rangs ceux qui ne voudront pas reocnnaître ces principes et nous combattrons de la plus énergique façon les politiciens qui trahiront notre race par une doctrine contraire.  Et nous avons l’assurance que tous les Canadiens en qui vibre encore le patriotisme nous soutiendront dans ce gigantesque combat contre les hordes d’Israël.  Québec est la patrie des Canadiens-français, une terre chrétienne, et nous tomberons avant de permettre qu’elle devienne la Terre Promise des Juifs, un foyer de judaïque antichristianisme.

Well!  we will never admit such principles and, whatever it may cost us, we will wage with every means the most relentless war against the Jews and their liberalism, who seek to impose themselves here, as in Russia.  We only recognize officiality in Christianity and in two races:  the Saxon and the French.  Only they have constitutional rights, legal privileges, and only they shall have them.  We will banish from our ranks those who do not wish to recognize these principles and we will fight in the most energetic way the politicians who betray our race with a contrary doctrine.  And we are confident that all Canadians who still feel patriotism will support us in this gigantic battle against the hordes of Israel.  Quebec is the homeland of French Canadians, a Christian land, and we will fall before allowing it to become the Promised Land of the Jews, a hotbed of Jewish anti-Christianity.

Émile GOGLU.

Émile GOGLU.


1.  Les papes ont condamné le libéralisme.  Fervent catholique, Adrien Arcand, inspiré par sa foi catholique romaine, a dénoncé le libéralisme.  Dans sa brochure, La République universelle, Arcand cite le pape Pie XI, dans sa lettre encyclique, “Quadragesimo Anno”:  “Le socialisme a le libéralisme pour père et le communisme pour héritier”.

1.  The Popes condemned liberalism.  Devout Catholic, Adrien Arcand, inspired by his Roman Catholic faith, denounced liberalism.  In his pamphlet, The Universal Republic, Arcand quotes Pope Pius XI in his encyclical letter “Quadragesimo Anno”:  “Socialism has liberalism for its father and communism for its heir”.

2.  Dans les derniers mots passionnés de «Chrétien ou juif?», discours prononcé au Monument national de Montréal le 3 novembre 1930, Adrien Arcand décrit la dépossession des pionniers et fondateurs canadiens-français au Québec par les étrangers entrants.  Dans la section intitulée «Ce qu’on voit dans Québec», Arcand emmène l’auditeur dans une visite virtuelle des forêts, des mines, des usines et des magasins du Québec, déplorant que tout cela soit tombé entre des mains non françaises, et les Français en 1930 ne sont que de petits salariés et des serviteurs, privés de leur héritage, des centaines d’années de travail et de sacrifices de leurs ancêtres pour bâtir une nation.  Acand conclut avec son «Cri de toute une race», exhortant les Goglus à reprendre leur héritage.  Ce sont ces hommes d’affaires étrangers que les «judéo-libéraux» de 1930 aident et encouragent à cette prise de contrôle.

2.  In the impassionsed closing paragraphs to “Christian or Jew?”, a speech delivered at the Monument National theatre in Montreal on November 3, 1930, Adrien Arcand describes the dispossession of the French-Canadian pioneers and founders in Quebec by incoming foreigners.  In the section entitled “What We See in Quebec,” Arcand takes the listener on a virtual tour of the forests, mines, factories and shops of Quebec, lamenting that all these have fallen into non-French hands, and the French in 1930 are nothing but petty wage-earners and servants bereft of their heritage, of the hundreds of years of work and sacrifice of their forefathers to build a nation.  Acand concludes with his “Cry of a Whole Race,” urging the Goglus to take back their heritage.  It is these foreign businessmen whom the “Judéo-Liberals” of 1930 are aiding and abetting in that takeover.

3.  Je pense qu’Arcand fait ici référence aux serments de citoyenneté prêtés par les immigrés pour entrer au pays.  Arcand a écrit ailleurs que les nouveaux immigrants, notamment les Juifs, ont juré de faire respecter les lois du pays.  Au Canada, la base de la législation était chrétienne.  Mais ces serments des immigrants juifs, note Arcand, étaient de «fausses représentations».  Il n’y avait aucune intention de se conformer aux lois chrétiennes essentielles au maintien de la culture et des institutions canadiennes-françaises.  Les Juifs ont mis le pied dans la porte, puis dans la Législature; les lois ont commencé à changer au profit des Juifs et à la perte des Canadiens français.  L’une des principales raisons de la fondation de la Confédération était de préserver la culture catholique au Québec.  Mais, une attaque constitutionnelle est en cours.  Car, comme le note Arcand dans son éditorial, les libéraux répondent aux intérêts des Juifs au Québec en sapant les lois chrétiennes pour favoriser les juifs.  Petit à petit, le socialisme de gauche remplace la valeur chrétienne de la «charité» fondamentale à la culture catholique; et les lois pro-juives remplacent les lois chrétiennes et neutralisent les institutions culturelles chrétiennes.  L’éradication culturelle est en cours en 1930 alors que les immigrants juifs et leurs puissants intérêts financiers dépossèdent les fondateurs chrétiens de leur droit fondamental à l’autonomie, affirmé par la Confédération.

3.  I think that here, Arcand is referring to the oaths of citizenship sworn by immigrants in order to enter the country.  Arcand has written elsewhere that new immigrants, notably Jews, swore to uphold the laws of the country.  In Canada, the basis of legislation was Christian.  But these oaths of the Jewish immigrants, notes Arcand, were “false representations”.  There was no intention to abide by the Christian laws crucial to maintaining French-Canadian culture and institutions.  The Jews got their foot in the door, and then into the Legislature; the laws began to change to the benefit of the Jews and to the loss of the French-Canadians.  One main reason that Confederation was founded was to preserve Catholic culture in Quebec.  But, a constitutional assault is underway.  For, as Arcand notes in his editorial, the Liberals are catering to Jews in Quebec by undermining Christian laws to favor Jewish interests.  Gradually, left-wing socialism is replacing the Christian value of “charity” basic to Catholic culture; and pro-Jewish laws are displacing Christian laws and neutralizing Christian cultural institutions.  Cultural eradication is underway in 1930 as Jewish immigrants and their powerful financial interests divest the Christian founders of their basic human right to self-government, affirmed at Confederation.

Ce n’est pas de la bigoterie de dire cela.  Ce n’est pas le fait que l’ingérence dénoncée par Arcand soit nettement juive; mais le fait qu’une intervention inappropriée dans le Québec catholique sape ses institutions locales. Par exemple, le Dr Paul Gérin-Lajoie, dans la Revue du Barreau canadien de 1951 (vol 29 n ° 10; 1136-1179 @ p. 1174), estime l’impact au Québec de l’intervention du pouvoir fédéral de dépenser dans l’éducation ou dans les soins de santé.  Ce sont des domaines provinciaux garantis au Québec catholique français par la Constitution.  Selon Lajoie:  «Quelles seraient les répercussions possibles dans Québec d’un système fédéral d’assurance-santé, par exemple?  Le système québécois d’hôpitaux et d’institutions charitables est propre à cette province.  Le rôle social du médecin y est particulier.  Le bouleversement risquerait alors d’y être beaucoup plus considérable que dans les autres provinces où les systèmes se ressemblent les uns les autres.»  De plus, note Lajoie, «L’octroi de subsides fédéraux (dans l’éducation) pourrait à lui seul produire une petite révolution.»  «Les répercussions ne seraient pas lentes à se faire sentir dans l’orientation de la pensée, le sens des valeurs et, éventuellement, les institutions sociales.»

It is not bigotry to say this. It is not the fact that the interference complained of by Arcand is distinctly Jewish; but the fact that inappropriate intervention in Catholic Quebec undermines its local institutions.  For example, Dr. Paul Gérin-Lajoie, in the Canadian Bar Review of 1951 (Vol. 29 No. 10; 1136-1179 @ page 1174), estimates the impact in Quebec of federal spending intervention in education or health care.  These are provincial domains guaranteed to French-Catholic Quebec by the Constitution.  Says Lajoie, translation:  “What would be the potential impact in Quebec of a federal system of health insurance, for example?  The Quebec system of hospital and charitable institutions is peculiar to this province.  The social role of the doctor is unique there.  The upheaval might then be much more considerable than in other provinces where the systems resemble one another.”  Also, notes Lajoie, “The granting of federal subsidies alone (in education) might produce a small revolution.”  “The repercussions would not be slow to be felt in the orientation of thought, the sense of values and, ultimately, the social institutions.”

Je conclus que les plaintes d’Arcand en 1930 sont fondées.  L’intervention des Juifs au Québec, un peuple différent avec une culture différente et beaucoup d’argent, est aussi préjudiciable à l’autonomie gouvernementale canadienne-française que le pouvoir fédéral de dépenser le serait s’il était utilisé imprudemment.  Pour quiconque jouer la carte du «bigot» contre les Canadiens français, pour minimiser ces effets, c’est en fait jouer le bigot soi-même tout en ignorant grossièrement les dommages sociaux et culturels de ses propres interventions sur un autre peuple.

I conclude that Arcand’s complaints in 1930 are well founded.  The intervention of the Jews in Quebec, a different people with a different culture and a lot of money, is as prejudicial to French-Canadian self-government as the federal spending power would be if used imprudently.  For anyone to play the “bigot” card against the French-Canadians to discount these effects is in fact to play the bigot oneself while crassly ignoring the social and cultural damage of one’s own interventions upon another people.

Update 21-03-2020Serait-ce du «libéralisme» que le gouvernement fédéral s’immisce dans les institutions québécoises et les détruise?  Alors, pourquoi l’appeler “libéralisme” alors que l’intrusion meurtrière est le fait d’une culture et d’un groupe ethnique étranger?  Le libéralisme est un mensonge évident.  Il déploie un faux jugement de valeur pour exalter le vainqueur tout en dénigrant la victime.

Update 21-03-2020Would it be “liberalism” for the federal government to intrude in Quebec institutions and destroy them?  Then, why call it “liberalism” when the deadly intrusion is by a foreign culture and ethnic group?  Liberalism is an obvious lie.  It deploys a false value judgment to exalt the vanquisher while disparaging the victim.

Pour le Canada français au Québec, c’est, absolument, la fin du monde; une apocalypse qui amènera un judéo-Québec socialiste de gauche.  Cela soulève la question connexe de l’utilisation constitutionnellement appropriée du pouvoir fédéral en matière d’immigration, qui sera discutée un autre jour.

For French Canada in Quebec, it is, absolutely, the end of the world; an Apocalypse that will bring in a socialist, left-wing, Judéo-Quebec.  This calls up the related question of the constitutionally appropriate use of the federal immigration power, to be discussed another day.

4.  Ibid.

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Je conclurai mes notes de bas de page ici (même si je pourrais continuer); ils sont déjà plus longs que l’éditorial d’Arcand, je veux dire l’éditorial d’Emile.

I will end my footnotes here (though I could go on); they’re already longer than Arcand’s editorial; I mean Emile’s editorial.

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Adrien Arcand predicted this in 1950, decades before László Kövér, of Hungary, sounded the alarm for Global Government

László Kövér, Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, warns of anti-human global government (March 2018)

László Kövér, Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, warns of anti-human global government (March 2018)

The British National Party, on March 24th, 2018, reports that

“A leading Hungarian politician has warned of a technocratic ‘global government’ that is working to erase individualism and create a homogeneous, border-less world of mind-controlled atheists.”

The BNP continues, stating:

“László Kövér, Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, rang the alarm bells against globalism during a conference earlier this week.

‘The new technique and ideology of government is aimed at creating (societies) without an identity,’ Kövér said, asserting that ‘both ethnic majorities and minorities’ are being targeted by an ever-expanding ‘global government.’

They want to strip people of their religious, national, family, and even sexual identities, so that they are no longer able to recognise, express or enforce their own interests,’ he asserted.”  [Bold added.]

Mr. Kövér’s warnings echo the warnings of French-Canadian journalist and political activist, Adrien Arcand, prolific from 1930 to 1967, though little of his output survives.  I am translating Arcand’s available work into English, which has not been done before, except for one or two items that Arcand’s own people produced in English 80 or 90 years ago.

In his Chapter III of DOWN WITH HATE!, Arcand inventories the death toll in the Jewish-financed, Jewish-led Bolshevik overthrow of Christian Russia; see his segment “Tortured and Killed by Jewish Bolshevism”.  A few pages later, Arcand contrasts the views of the Talmud with the socialist ideals of Jewish-led Communism.  Arcand finds that Communism is a device to formally dehumanize all non-Jews for control by a world government of the Jews, thereby achieving the goal of the Talmud.

Says Arcand:

“Communism is a total negation of:  God, the human soul, an afterlife, the Revelation, the need for religion, revealed morality enlightening natural morality, the sacred rights of the family, private property, personal initiative, free enterprise, the free market.”

He continues:

“In the face of these formal denials by communism (Marxist socialism), Western Christian civilization opposes positive and constructive affirmations of these realities and necessities.

With what does communism, anticivilization or the barbarism of the Jewish spirit, in opposition to the affirmations of our Western civilization, propose to replace them?  With nothing but terror as applied to animals; the prison state where everyone is equal in poverty and animalism, and from which he cannot escape without receiving a bullet in the back.

Thus we are back — with this formula of the Jews Marx, Engels, and Lasalle — we come back to the formula that man in general applies to the animals he has domesticated or fought.

Animals, which have no soul, do not need religion, family life, private property or personal initiative.  They are used at will, and even killed if necessary to eat them.  There is no morality between man and animals.  We do not say, “I stole the milk from the cow, I stole the eggs from the hen”.  The animals were created for the service and enrichment of man.

All the negations of Judeo-Communist anticivilization, of Marxist barbarism, are in the perfect spirit of the Talmud.

Mr. Kover describes the same negations underway right now, which Arcand says are:

“… addressed to these beasts, these soulless animals that are the goyim, the Gentiles.  Not surprisingly, during the 1920s and 1930s, the renowned Liberal Grand-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise of New York liked to repeat:  “Some call it communism, I call it Judaism”.  Nor is it surprising that so many Jewish publications have so often repeated that the high ideal of communism perfectly coincides with the high ideal of Judaism and have hailed Karl Marx as “the second Moses” who must lead the Jews into the Promised Land of modern times.”  [Bold added.]

I would observe that animals naturally defend their own interests, but are subjugated by force and domesticated to serve the interests of others.

The violent attacks of the anti-free-speech Left against normal human society, slandered now as “far right” or “alt right”, are precisely aimed to subjugate and reduce humanity to animality, ruled by their appetites, and controlled by others.

In his talk in 1950, THE UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC, preview now online, Arcand summarizes the revolutionary objectives of the Jews and their Talmud:

“The broad lines of the conspiracy, according to the explanations of the Jewish authors, are these:  the final goal pursued is the conquest and domination of the world, without which, the Messiah awaited by the Jews will not come.  This conquest is a prerequisite for the coming of their Messiah and of the messianic millennium of domination over the Gentile peoples.  The conquest must be made by the conjugated work of all sorts of internationals operating simultaneously to dissolve the political sovereignties, national borders, religious ethics, local traditions and social classes, leaving all the other races defenceless before the final assault by means of the great World Revolution.”  [Emphases added.]

That insight coincides precisely with Mr. Kövér’s perception of a coming world government over societies deprived of “an identity” and stripped of

“… their religious, national, family, and even sexual identities, so that they are no longer able to recognise, express or enforce their own interests”.

Mr. Kövér has added a new category to the dehumanization process.  The debasement of human sexual identities fits perfectly with the Talmud’s program of “negations” of the humanity of all non-Jews.

Adrien Arcand thus demonstrated, long ago, the Talmudic purpose in the spread of

“… liberalism-socialism-Communism, which on the whole is but one and the same thing, one and the same essence at different stages of maturity, like the pip, the apple tree and the apple”

and which Arcand also equates with the Freemasonic trilogy of “Liberty-Equality-Fraternity”.

In a short talk in 1966 entitled “COMMUNISM INSTALLED HERE” (free online), Arcand exposes the 33rd-degree oath of the Freemason as pure Communism.  At page 17, Arcand describes the initiation rite of Garibaldi, directed as follows by his initiators:

“Let us then summarize clearly for you, the Great Light of the supreme initiation:  You are your own God, your own Pontiff and your own King.  Your reason is the only rule of Truth, the only key to science and politics.  Your appetites and your instincts are the sole rule of the Good.  The only key to progress and happiness.

You must understand and interpret our sacred motto:  Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, as follows.”  In a rather long explanation, the Supreme Council teaches Garibaldi that Liberty means independence of will which recognizes no power, submits to no king, no pope, no God.  Equality means that the land belongs to all men equally, that no one should have more than their neighbor, that we must abolish contracts, inheritance, expropriate finance companies, banks, canals, transport, insurance, mines etc.  Fraternity means the formation of a Masonic State within the State, then above the State, and then against the State.  Then Garibaldi swears the oath.  I quote verbatim:”

Repeat after us our Supreme Oath:  “I swear that I have no other country than the universal country.  I swear that I will firmly oppose everywhere and always, the frontiers of nations, the borders of fields, the boundaries of houses and shops, and family ties;

I swear to overthrow, at the sacrifice of my life, the boundaries that humanicide Christians have mapped out with blood and mire in the name of God;

I swear to dedicate my whole existence to the endless triumph of progress and universal unity, and I affirm my adherence to the negation of God and of the soul.”

Look who the Talmud is attacking.  Specifically, Christians.  Specifically, the West.

Thus, the Masonic rite, a communist trap, detaches the initiate from all that connects him to humanity and to human society, and binds him by oath to work to destroy humanity.

The initiate into Freemasonry is therefore duped to aid the cause of the Talmud, which defines the Jews as “men” and non-Jews as animals.

Arcand continues:

“The same Scottish Rite, through its Supreme Leader Albert Pike, defined the three Masonic points in Paris in 1885:  1st point:  Destruction of the supernatural, of authority, of antimasonic activity; 2nd point:  Materialism of consciousness, of education, of the State; 3rd point:  Masonic imposition on the family, on the nation, on humanity.”

He then concludes by exposing the two main pillars of the Talmud’s attack on our Christian West (page 18):

“As we can see, the aims of Communism and Free-Masonry are parallel and identical, they are moving toward the same outcome.  There is nothing surprising in this when we know that the Jews Marx, Engels and Lasalle, the first prophets of communism, were also Free-Masons, as was the Jew Ricardo, the father of modern economics, from whom Marx and Engels drew their theory of surplus value (or profit).

When we know that Judeo-Marxism is enthroned in the Kremlin and is directing countries under the Soviet yoke, when we know that Judeo-Masonry is enthroned at Lake Success and is directing the democratic governments, it is not surprising that all humanity is suffering attacks, everywhere at once, whether open, or hidden and treacherous, against the supernatural, religion, the national idea, tradition, the family, private property; and that the whole world, in both camps, should be pushed towards the universal republic, a world without God, country, family, or property.”

According to Wiki-bloody-pedia, “Lake Success was the temporary home of the United Nations from 1946 to 1951”.  The UN, of course, is a phase toward global government.

In his work in general, Arcand points to Palestine and the Jews as the origin of Freemasonry, (controlled by Jews from the top, though largely unseen).

In Arcand’s view, then, Freemasonry or Liberty-Equality-Fraternity, and Bolshevism or Liberalism-Socialism-Communism, are the two lethal pillars by which the Jews currently control the world and are moving it toward their own world government and the anti-human system of their Talmud.

Elsewhere in THE UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC (full text in preparation), Arcand says in 1950 (page 18):

“For after the Second World War, or the second phase of the world revolution, which consisted in destroying the nationalist systems, we are now in the third and final phase:  to establish full internationalism, the Universal Republic concerning which the Jew Baruch Lévy was quoted earlier, and so often spoken of by liberal, socialist and communist leaders since 1789; which the Freemasonic lodges have persistently called for and Zionism promises to the Jews with Jerusalem as its capital; and that Lake Success and the Kremlin, both under Jewish control, are working toward by cleverly preparing the opinion of the countries they rule.”

Our Civilization is in convulsions, which herald its death; while violently and ruthlessly its killers immobilize us with torrents of mind control, an avalanche of words, to prevent our self-defence.  The resistor is labeled a criminal, a “Nazi” or a “fascist” or one of the new-fangled labels, “far right” or “alt right” or “new right”.  In Germany, resistors of mind-control are arrested, tried for show and jailed.

Some of these supposedly “far right” movements are actually led by leftists who deliberately set up White western, Christian peoples as targets, while demanding that we accept minority status on the soil of our ancestors, under full-scale recolonization.

One noteworthy example is the so-called Council of European Canadians led by self-confessed “former” Soviet Marxist Ricardo Duchesne.  Recently, Duchesne, in a post at his Council entitled “White Identity Politics Is Enshrined In Canada’s Constitution“, mislabeling White Canadians “European” (we are from the British Isles, and from North America) said:

“This is precisely the point.  Group rights for Euro-Canadians are implicitly and logically enshrined in Canada’s legal system.  Insomuch as multiculturalism uses the language of collective rights to guarantee the cultural survival of “minority” groups, it follows that Euro-Canadians have a group right to use multiculturalism to “preserve” their identity as a group in Canada in the face of immigration patterns that are fast reducing them to a minority.”

That is precisely what Zionist-controlled Communist, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, envisioned in April 1962, in his pro-Soviet review, CITE LIBRE.  The “disappearance” of the French-Canadian founders, and the reduction of the Britanno founders to minority status in a recolonized Canada.  Trudeau called it polyethnic pluralism.  Today, it’s called multiculturalism.  In fact, it’s genocide, planned and being executed.

For, agents like Duchesne, a Pierre Trudeau fan, are deliberately leading us away from our national Constitutions, the true source of our rights, which can be legally enforced to stop the mass third-world invasion.

In the meantime, anything non-Left, any normal human values, are to be ruthlessly extinguished.

My landlady described to me the horror witnessed by her family when their brother requested euthanasia and was forcibly pinned down after the injection, to immobilize him while he died.  He leaped out of bed, ran around the room, crying out loud, “Help me!” “Help me!”

The same horror now is being wreaked upon the West.  The conscious body of humanity, injected with its fatal dose, and suddenly aware of its own soul, aware it is perishing, tries to leap from its death-bed, and cries out for help.

But cruelly, it is forced back down to prevent it from saving itself.  For the killers are all at its bed side with their vials of torment and their ampoules of degradation, their social poison, their anti-White racial hatred  All that is normal is defiled.  All that is natural is corrupted.  All that is true is desecrated; all that is sane is perverted.

Mass-murderers of humanity; killers of civilization; destroyers of nationalism, patriotism, and the normal human family, descend in armies upon the body of the dying West.  For there is no world government, no power to the killers, no “Messianic millennium” of Israel over the world, unless the West is liquidated.

We are witnessing a war in our homelands, a war against us; and we are denied the right to defend ourselves by brainwashing, threats, lies, intimidation, and criminalization.

Mr. Kövér invites a return in Europe to Christian values on which the true civilization of the west was built for two millennia.

The resurrection of at least the principles of Christianity, and the quarantine of the harmful entity, are both required to restore the West which now is hovering on the brink of catastrophe, under assault by tyrannical mind-control and third-world invasion.

– 30 –