Great News!  Adrien Arcand Books is now on the Internet Archive (  Let’s hope “it sticks”!

The Internet Archive (

The Internet Archive (

I wanted to go to bed for a change, truly I did.  But I succeeded in uploading The Universal Republic, and I was hooked.

Also at the Internet Archive:  Soldier of Christ, A Short Study of the Life of Adrien Arcand, The Revolt of Materialism, What Is A French-Canadian?, Heading for Ottawa!  Canadian CorporatismCommunism Installed Here is not showing the cover in the general listing, I may have to re-upload that one.

A couple of items are not up, I have to fiddle with the formats, probably re-do a couple of covers to boost the dpi.  But, we’re there.  Hopefully, this will help to lift readership to this web site.

And now, I’m going to bed.  It’s 3:36 a.m. in Montreal.  Is that dedication, or what?  And I’m doing this sitting in the all-night A&W for the free wifi!

Adrien Arcand Books is now on the Internet Archive (16 August 2019)

Adrien Arcand Books is now on the Internet Archive (16 August 2019)

Update:  17 August 2019. I boosted the file definition on three more PDFs and tried again today.  Success!  Now online:  The Inevitability of a Social Reconstruction, The Swastika, What It Represents, and also got the front cover to show up on Communism Installed Here.  There’s one left to fix, Soldier of Christ is showing the back cover instead of the front.  We’re looking good, so far.

Adrien Arcand Books is on Internet Archive, 17 August 2019

Happy New Year!  Amazing News:  Down With Hate! is now a Quebec Heritage Site collected by the Quebec Archives

The Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (Quebec Archives) in downtown Montreal

BAnQ is Collecting our eBooks

The Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec is collecting our ebooks, our web site, and our video channel.  The first four English titles, plus a French scan, have been archived and catalogued.  Here’s what they look like online at the Quebec Archives:


Communism Installed Here, Adrien Arcand (1966) BAnQ Read and Download
What is a French-Canadian? Adrien Arcand (1963) BAnQ Read and Download
A Short Study of the Life of Adrien Arcand, NUPC (circa 1983) BAnQ Read and Download

Adrien Arcand Books has been catalogued

Adrien Arcand Books has been catalogued by the Quebec Archives.
The first five titles are up. Most are PDFs, one is mobile. Hopefully, all versions will be catalogued soon. December 16th, 2018.

The purple icons indicate the title is digital, and available online for download.  For each title collected, the BANQ permanently stores the PDF and two mobile versions.  The first titles archived are the following:

1.  A Short Study of the Life of Adrien Arcand
2.  What is a French-Canadian?
3.  A bas la haine!
4.  The Revolt of Materialism:  a talk given at Montreal in 1966
5.  Communism Installed Here:  a talk given at Montreal in 1966

And, to my glad surprise, the BANQ also collected my complete facsimile scan of Arcand’s 1965 French hard-cover book, A bas la haine!.

The English-speaking world can now read Adrien Arcand.  The leftists no longer have a monopoly on conveying Arcand’s alleged opinions.  He can speak for himself!

BANQ is Collecting our Web Sites

Down With Hate (BAnQ) A Quebec Heritage Site

Down With Hate (BAnQ) A Quebec Heritage Site

Bitchute - Adrien Arcand Books (BAnQ) A Quebec Heritage Site

Bitchute – Adrien Arcand Books (BAnQ) A Quebec Heritage Site

Excerpt from the BAnQ Solicitation

License granted to the BANQ - Free digital publications and Web sites, countersigned by BAnQ on 25 September 2018.

License granted to the BANQ – Free digital publications and Web sites, countersigned by BAnQ on 25 September 2018.



On Thursday, September 20th, 2018 @ 12:41, Adrien Arcand Books received a “Sollicitation licence autorisation Éditions gratuites par ADRIEN ARCAND BOOKS” from the “Publications électroniques” division of the Quebec archives.  The covering email states, in part:

French Original

English Translation

Gardienne de la mémoire documentaire québécoise, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) offre aux éditeurs la possibilité de déposer leurs publications numériques. Afin de respecter l’application de la Loi sur le droit d’auteur, nous sommes dans l’obligation d’obtenir une autorisation de votre part.  Nous souhaitons obtenir l’autorisation de conserver et de diffuser de façon permanente vos publications numériques.  La licence d’autorisation spécifie que l’éditeur demeure l’unique titulaire des droits d’auteur des publications.  Cette formalité n’est nécessaire qu’une seule fois.  L’obtention d’une autorisation nous permettrait donc de capturer et de diffuser l’ensemble des publications numériques que vous éditez.

Guardian of Quebec’s documentary memory, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) offers publishers the opportunity to deposit their digital publications.  In order to respect the application of the Copyright Act, we are obliged to obtain your authorization.  We want permission to keep and distribute your digital publications permanently.  The authorization license specifies that the publisher remains the sole owner of the copyright of the publications.  This formality is necessary only once.  Obtaining an authorization would allow us to capture and distribute all the digital publications you publish.

[Various instructions on how to sign the authorization.]

[Various instructions on how to sign the authorization.]

Je vous fournis le formulaire en pièce jointe.  Il vous suffît de le remplir et de nous le retournera l’adresse

I am providing you with the attached form.  Just fill it out and return it to us at

Nous nous chargerons des étapes suivantes concernant l’enregistrement du dépôt de vos publications.

We will take care of the next steps regarding the registration of the deposit of your publications.

Dépôt des publications numériques
514 873-1101, poste 6602 (région de Montréal) 1 800 363-9028, poste 6602 (d’ailleurs au Québec) legal/depot numériques/

Deposit of digital publications
514 873-1101, ext. 6602 (Montréal area) 1 800 363-9028, ext. 6602 (elsewhere in Quebec) legal / digital depot /

A signable pdf form on Quebec government letterhead for the “Bibliothèque et Archives nationales” was attached to the email.  The title of the form in bold white letters on a black band was “Licence accordée à Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec – Publications numériques gratuites et sites Web” (License granted to the BANQ – Free digital publications and Web sites).

French Original

English Translation

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) a notamment pour mandat de conserver et de diffuser le patrimoine documentaire publié québécois tout en respectant les dispositions de la Loi sur le droit d’auteurPar la présente — et ceci relativement à ses publications numériques, à son ou ses sites Web, passés, actuels et à venir, ou à tous ces éléments à la fois, selon les spécifications de la licence qui suit –, l’éditeur autorise BAnQ à :

The mandate of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) is to preserve and disseminate Québec’s published documentary heritage while respecting the provisions of the Copyright ActBy these presents — and this with respect to its digital publications, its web site(s), past, current and future, or all of these at once, according to the specifications of the following license — the publisher authorizes BAnQ to:

1. reproduire et archiver une ou des copies sur une unité de stockage appartenant à BAnQ;

1. reproduce and archive one or more copies on a storage unit belonging to BAnQ;

2. effectuer les opérations requises, notamment la migration, la conversion et la fusion, afin de répondre aux normes informatiques de BAnQ pour assurer la conservation et la diffusion à long terme;

2.  Perform the required operations, including migration, conversion and merge, to meet BAnQ’s IT standards for long-term retention and dissemination;

3. diffuser sur le site Web de BAnQ les fichiers ayant fait l’objet des opérations mentionnées aux points nos 1 et 2.

3. Publish on the BAnQ website the files that were the subject of the transactions mentioned in points # 1 and 2.

L’éditeur accepte que BAnQ procède aux opérations mentionnées ci-dessus pour :

The publisher agrees that BAnQ will carry out the operations mentioned above for

(•) ses publications numériques disponibles gratuitement sur son ou ses sites Web ;

(•) its free digital publications available on its website(s)

(•) son ou ses sites Web, passés, actuels et à venir, y compris les reproductions du ou des sites Web qui auraient pu être effectuées par un tiers ;

(•) its websites, past, present and future, including reproductions of the web site(s) that might have been made by a third party;

Pour l’ensemble de ces desseins, l’éditeur accorde gratuitement à BAnQ une licence, à des fins non commerciales, de reproduction et de communication au public par télécommunications.  Cette licence permet aux usagers du portail Internet de BAnQ d’utiliser les publications ou les sites Web qui y sont diffusés à des fins privées, éducatives et non commerciales, â la condition d’indiquer la source.

For all of these purposes, the publisher grants BAnQ a non-commercial license for reproduction and communication to the public by telecommunication for free.  This license allows users of the BAnQ Internet portal to use the publications or websites that are distributed for private, educational and non-commercial purposes, provided that the source is indicated.

La licence est non exclusive et sans limites de territoire ni de temps.

The license is non-exclusive and without territorial or time limits.

L’éditeur garantit à BAnQ qu’il détient les droits d’auteur et qu’il est dûment habilité et autorisé à accorder la présente licence.

The publisher guarantees to BAnQ that it owns the copyright and that it is duly authorized to grant this license.

Il est entendu que l’éditeur demeure le seul titulaire des droits d’auteur de ses publications numériques et de son ou ses sites Web.

It is understood that the publisher remains the sole copyright owner of its digital publications and its website (s).

All three radial buttons in the form were already permanently checked by the BANQ.  I signed the authorization on 20 September 2018; submitted it by email on September 24th, 2018 at around 7:04 PM.  It was countersigned by the BANQ official in charge on 2018.09.25 15:16:30 -04’00’ and returned to me by email, on Wednesday, October 1st, 2018.  In another email, also on October 1st, the BANQ provided me with the permanent URLs to the first five documents collected.

The BANQ is now formally and officially collecting, archiving and redistributing this web site, Down With Hate! (linked to the domain name; the Bitchute video channel (linked to the domain name, and all the Free Editions produced by Adrien Arcand Books.

As a result, Down With Hate!, featuring the works of Adrien Arcand in English, is now a Quebec Heritage web site.

Why does the BAnQ collect
Web sites?

French Original

English Translation

But et étendue du programme de collecte

Purpose and scope of the collection program

BAnQ procède à une collecte sélective de sites présentant une valeur par la richesse de leur contenu, constituant un éventail de sujets et représentatifs de la société québécoise à un moment de son histoire.

BAnQ conducts a selective collection of sites presenting a value by the richness of their content, constituting a range of subjects and representative of Quebec society at a time in its history.

Let me toot my own horn a bit.  I was trying to sign the PDF form with software designed to add an electronic signature to signable PDFs, and it was taking me a few days.  The delay prompted the following encouragement from the BAnQ on September 24th, 2018, at 12:14 PM:

Veuillez noter que le programme de collecte de sites web est sélectif.  Toutes les propositions doivent être acceptées par le comité de sélection des sites web qui applique les règles mentionnées à cette adresse : …

Please note that the website collection program is selective.  All proposals must be accepted by the website selection committee that applies the rules mentioned at this address: …

Translation:  Hurry up!  We’re selective.  So, I hurried up!

Happy New Year 2019, Everyone!

It has been a Merry Christmas for Adrien Arcand Books, and it will likely be a Happy New Year as well.  May it be a Happy New Year for you, too, my reader!  Help us to grow!  Subscribe and share our free eBooks and the link to our Quebec Heritage Web Site.