Adrien Arcand interviewed on CBC TV in 1962 (English with French subtitles)


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This short extract for educational purposes from a much longer interview with Adrien Arcand in 1962 contains urgent evidence that Arcand and his men, his Legionnaires of the National Unity Party of Canada were in fact innocent.

They were arrested in May and June of 1940 by the RCMP on charges the Crown never pursued before the Court, and they were never put on trial — They were not plotting the overthrow of the Canadian State as alleged by Judge Rodolphe DeSerres, proprio motu, and no such charge had ever been laid by the Crown.

The press and media laid the charge, indeed they trumped it up in headlines and false accusations going back to at least early 1938, according to newspaper clippings I retrieved at

The papers were biased, the “journalists” lied, brazenly at times, fabricating even the fine details of this imaginary plot of Arcand to arm his Legionnaires with imported weapons (they had no weapons) and perpetrate a coup on the country.

Arcand should have sued the press at least at the start of 1938.  I don’t know of a single law suit he ever brought against the press; but in 1938, at least, he consulted the Quebec legal authorities about a defamation suit against one paper, the one that had pretended he was importing arms from the USA.

And please note that Arcand’s party headquarters across Canada, and the homes of the leadership of the National Unity Party in every province, were all raided by the RCMP.  The only thing the federal police got in these raids was personal correspondence and 6 truckloads of pamphlets, no doubt mostly The Key To The Mystery, which the left-wing was desperate to confiscate and shred.

No arms, no weapons, were ever recovered!  For had that been the case, the Crown would have said so in its exhibits that it concocted, but it did not say a word!

So where is the sense of Judge Rodolphe DeSerres saying he saw a conspiracy to overthrow the Canadian State?  With what?  Pamphlets?  Did the judge really think that Arcand and his men would confront the Canadian troops and beat them over the head with pamphlets?  If the troops had read the pamphlets, it might have done them some good, though.

Without proof of arms, the allegation of a coup is farcical.

As we can see in part from the video clip above, and this is also in evidence from the early days of his Patriotic Order of the Goglus, Adrien Arcand and his Legionnaires were NOT preparing to overthrow Canada, they were training to defend Canada from the same Bolsheviks who had overthrown Russia and slaughtered the Christians there in their tens of millions.

As of 1938, together with other fascists, Arcand and his men were preparing to defend North America and the West, against a new Bolshevik “revolution” on the model of the 1917 coup in Russia during a “world civil war” these Bolsheviks were believed to be plotting.

The “world civil war” that happened was World War II.  The fascists, knowing our left-wing leadership would be blindsided by the risk of another Bolshevik overthrow in the midst of this war, had long been perfecting their discipline.

In addition, we heard from the court in 1940 that Arcand was accused of planning to hold points in Montreal.  Montreal?  Parliament is in Ottawa.  Why would Arcand overthrow Canada by taking Montreal?

The more rational explanation for the alleged intent to hold points in Montreal is that Montreal is on a direct line to New York in the USA.  The Bolsheviks in 1917 boarded ships financed by the international Jewish bankers, Kuhn Loeb, from East Side New York and made their way to Russia, where they overthrew that country.

New York City is a very Jewish city with a large Jewish population.  Montreal has a large Jewish population.  It would be reasonable to think that since the Jewish Bolsheviks departed for Russia from New York in 1917 to carry out their coup on that country, they would launch their coup on North America in the midst of WWII from New York, but this time, no ship would be necessary.  They would simply drive across the US-Canada border, and find their colleagues from the Montreal Jewish community ready to swell their ranks.  That, in my view, is the kind of reasoning that might be behind Arcand’s alleged plan to hold points in Montreal.

In my view, it would be reasonable to speculate that if Arcand planned to hold points in Montreal, he was anticipating a Bolshevik invasion from New York, as had happened in WWI.

The truth that the fascists were expecting a Bolshevik attack, an attempt at a world revolution at the time of WWII, has never come out because Arcand and his men were being framed as a pretext to intern them at the demand of President Roosevelt, urged by the Jews.  As with the execution of Christ in the New Testament, the Jews once again sentenced their victim while using third parties and trumped-up allegations to carry out the dirty work.

It should be noted that due to technical problems, the clip above, screen-captured from the original in segments, and pieced back together, is a bit slower and choppier than the original.

The CBC provided French subtitles of its own.  I redid them because the CBC translated Arcand’s “Control of a nation by its nationals” as “control of a nation by its citizens”.  That is not what “nationals” means.  It is certainly not what Arcand meant.  Nationals means the ethnic people who founded the nation.  Pierre Trudeau, in his April 1962 issue of CITE LIBRE, uses the term “nationals” in the same sense, when referring to the “nationals” of the various third-world immigrant groups he planned to bring into Canada to give them local self-government here on the model of Confederation.

Each of these immigrant groups is composed of ethnic “nationals” from their own country of origin, the country where they form a nation.  Their homeland.

The term “nationals” is far more explicit than the term “citizens”, and Arcand said “nationals”, not “citizens”.  He was referring to the fact that the French-Canadians in Quebec, indeed, everywhere in Canada, are “nationals” of Canada, as are the other ethnic founding peoples of British North America.  They are the ethnic founders of their nation, and of all its institutions.  Their Constitution is for them; it is not for mass-imported ethnic foreigners.

I’ve written this post very quickly, without any supporting quotes, which I would prefer to include.  I’m up to my ears with the redesign of this web site; and various new features, articles and posts it contains.  I am also working hard to finish new ebooks, in the midst of my laptop dying rock-dead, and having to find another one on a shoe-string, to keep the project going.  I bought one for a hundred bucks, it’s on the way.

I am sitting here at 1:50 a.m., surrounded by disembodied hard drives, USB cables, various editions of the Windows operating system, trying to stay afloat while my replacement laptop speeds through Canada Post from eBay.

I intend and hope to complete a post or two about the 1940 show trial, and I will discuss this important video clip again, in more detail, in the new web site.

In the meantime, I felt I’d really better give you something to keep you interested.  So, you know I have not abandoned the research and book project, I am working on all of it, harder than ever.



One must first define what the word fascism means.
Il faut d’abord définir ce que signifie le mot fascisme.

The word fascism was used in Italy.
Le mot fascisme a été utilisé en Italie.

Nazism in Germany.
Nazisme en Allemagne.

Phalangism in Spain.
Phalangisme en Espagne.

Rexism in Belgium.
Le rexisme en Belgique.

It means nationalism.
Cela signifie le nationalisme.

Control of a nation by its nationals.
Contrôle d’une nation par ses ressortissants.


You said, I think in the Spring of 1940 ―
Vous avez dit, je pense, au printemps 1940 ―

your National Unity, or perhaps could we call it the Nazi party ― would take office in Ottawa.
votre Unité nationale, ou peut-être pourrions-nous l’appeler le parti nazi ― prendrait ses fonctions à Ottawa.

Why did you believe that?
Pourquoi avez-vous cru cela ?


I was informed in 1938
J’ai été informé en 1938

whilst the civil war was raging in Spain
alors que la guerre civile faisait rage en Espagne

while there were sit-down strikes in the United States
alors qu’il y avait des grèves sur le tas aux États-Unis

and in France, under Mr. Léon Blum,
et en France, sous M. Léon Blum,

that there was to be an attempted Revolution throughout the world ―
qu’il devait y avoir une tentative de Révolution dans le monde entier ―

― world civil war in 1940.
― guerre civile mondiale en 1940.

I thought that our country, as it is, in its spirit and traditions, would overcome a leftist revolution. And we would be in power.
Je pensais que notre pays, tel qu’il est, dans son esprit et ses traditions, surmonterait une révolution de gauche et nous serions au pouvoir.


Didn’t you share many of the other views of the fascists that, uh ―
N’avez-vous pas partagé beaucoup d’autres points de vues des fascistes qui, euh ―


― Yes! Yes. To save our high culture and civilization from negations.
― Oui! Oui. Pour sauver notre haute culture et civilisation des négations.


Isn’t it true that in your writings, you ― uh, deny this kind of individualism by being against, uh, democracy, the liberal democratic state?
N’est-il pas vrai que dans vos écrits, vous euh ― vous niez ce genre d’individualisme en étant contre, euh, la démocratie, l’État démocrate libéral ?


We have not democracy. We have the party system.
Nous n’avons pas de démocratie. Nous avons le système des partis.

Democracy is the affirmation of classes.
La démocratie est l’affirmation des classes.

And the other side wants a classless society.
Et l’autre côté veut une société sans classes.

French subtitles by Adrien Arcand Books.
Sous-titres français par Adrien Arcand Books.


The Federal Government Locks Up Adrien Arcand Once Again: Access Denied!

Download PDF

The Federal Government Locks Up Adrien Arcand Once Again:  <i>Access Denied!</i>

The Federal Government Locks Up Adrien Arcand Once Again:  Access Denied!


National Archives or Data Penitentiary?

Data Penitentiary or National Archives


OTTAWA 12 March 2020:  ADRIEN ARCAND BOOKS has been swiftly, specifically and arbitrarily denied all access to Library and Archives Canada’s RG146 Series containing records of the World War II internment, the release from internment, the legal appeals, the legal claims for redress, the police files, surveillance and other records including diaries and photographs concerning Adrien Arcand and his National Unity Party of Canada.

LAC pretends all these files are “closed” when in fact they are OPEN for consultation … as documented by David Rajotte, a senior archivist at Library and Archives Canada in a research article published by him to encourage their use by writers on Adrien Arcand.

On Monday, March 9th, 2020 at 10:44 am, my formal user card number at last arrived in my inbox, allowing me to attend at the National Archives in Ottawa to review materials.

On behalf of ADRIEN ARCAND BOOKS, I immediately made a formal request to Library and Archives Canada for access to a number of archival documents on Adrien Arcand, in particular on his arrest, his aborted trial, his wartime internment, his attempts at appeal, and then after the war his claims for redress.

The documents are held at the Archives on 395 Wellington Street.  Most are catalogued in Series RG146.


From:  Research2020
Sent:  March 9, 2020 2:37 PM
To:  Consultation (BAC/LAC)
Cc:  Reference (BAC/LAC)

Subject:  Fw: Request to retrieve documents for consultation.

On Monday, March 9, 2020 11:32 AM, Research2020 wrote:

I am attaching a PDF list of documents in the Archives concerning Adrien Arcand who led the National Unity Party of Canada.  All of the documents would be of interest; however, the really important ones are highlighted in YELLOW, and I would appreciate having those first.  In particular the DIARIES and PHOTOS.


In case I run out of things to do, or I am waiting for documents to arrive while I’m on-site, is the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA file easily available on the QUEBEC SECESSION REFERENCE?  If it’s easily available, it would give me something to look at if I happen to be waiting for the other items to arrive:

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.
[Yours Truly]


RERequest to retrieve documents for consultation.

Received:  Monday, March 9, 2020 5:14 PM
From:  Research2020
To:  Reference (BAC/LAC)

Hi, Alison.

Thank you for this.  I was going to jump on the bus tomorrow; I hope & pray something shows up by noon or so on Tuesday, so I can come to Ottawa this week.

Thanks for the Debates online, I don’t usually need the paper versions; the links are much appreciated, as I have a hard time negotiating that database.

I presume ATIP won’t have to release the BC Gazette Notices to Creditors, or the other BC newspapers.  They will be looking at the Arcand material.

I hope that won’t take too long; because I need to really quickly check the BC Gazette & newspapers; and I can’t afford a hotel until the Arcand materials arrive before I jump on the bus.

License granted to the BANQ - Free digital publications and Web sites, countersigned by BAnQ on 25 September 2018.

License granted to the BANQ – Free digital publications and Web sites, countersigned by BAnQ on 25 September 2018.

If it’s of any use in possibly speeding up the ATIP assessment, I have a contract with the Quebec Archives who collect my English translations and other work on Adrien Arcand (contract attached).  The BAnQ distributes my free Arcand eBooks.

Also, I’ve just had a devastating robbery of an important fonds that was hard for me to get; it was Arcand’s writings out of a university collection.

So, I’m really hoping to “make up for it” by having access to other important materials on his internment; and I suspect the Mackenzie King government confiscated Arcand’s personal diaries because they contain evidence he was innocent of the allegations when they interned him without trial.

Thanks, I will wait for news.
[Yours truly]
– contract with the Quebec archives
– front & back covers of Memorandum & Request eBook underway; also the subject of a research article in development.

“Memorandum and Request

Re: Claims of Canadian Nationalists Against The Government of Canada for Unjust Internments

Memorandum and Request Re: Claims of Canadian Nationalists, Adrien Arcand

Memorandum and Request back cover



ARCAND FILED FOR APPEAL OF THE INTERNMENT, DOCS HERE: LAC, Department of Justice Canada fonds: RG13, BAN 2000-01038-5, box 13, file HQDOJ 9-141348, Memorandum from the Deputy Minister of Justice, 18th Sep. 1940, Application for Appeal, October 22nd, 1940; Privy Council Office fond, RG2, vol. 2, File D-15-2, Privy Council


RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file: part 3, internal memo of December 16th, 1940; part 7, decision of 16th April 1941.


The information is contained in a summary of proceedings against Arcand: RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 7.


LAC, House of Commons fond: – RG14, vol. 2482, “Correspondence, June 1942” file: letter from Adrien Arcand, May 7th, 1942; – RG146, vol. 4164, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 10, letter from Adrien Arcand, June 8th, 1942; – RG14, vol. 2483, “Minutes of proceedings” file, 1942- 1943, report of meeting, July 14th, 1942.


LAC, Office of the Receiver of Enemy Assets fonds, RG117, vol. 2025, file 5237 (Abdelahad), vol. 663 and 664, file 4658 (Clément) and vol. 671, file 5079 (Arcand);


RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 4: – report, March 26th, 1945, – letter from the Commissioner of the RCMP to the Minister of Justice, June 22nd, 1945; – order to release Arcand, June 28th, 1940; – release forms, July 3rd, 1945.


See RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 7, report, no date.


Several motions for a new trial were sent to the RCMP. They are in RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file, parts 4 and 5.


The evidence file prepared by the authorities in 1945 is available at LAC, Department of Justice fond, RG13, vol. 2630, file 9-149414.


RG146, vol. 4163, file “Adrien Arcand”: part 5: – memo, August 13th, 1945; part 7: – letter from Gérald Fauteux, September 7th, 1945.


Débats de la Chambre des communes: – 13th September 1945, p. 155, – October 1st, 1945, pp. 607-609. [ I would ALSO like the English version of these Debates.]


RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” FILE, part 5: – list of material returned to Arcand, November 23rd, 1945; – list of material for destruction, September 17th, 1945.


“Various documents were still preserved.  The SCRS archives still contain today a photo album from the 1910s and 1920s, as well as diaries.

These documents are found in RG146, vol. 4164, “Adrien Arcand” file, pockets 1 and 2. – I need the diaries and the photo album for his biography.


ARCAND FILED A COUPLE OF LAW SUITS: See LAC, Exchequer Court fond, vol. 1658, file 45476.


RG146, vol. 3515, “NUPC, Montreal” file, Part 14, – Petition to the Court of the Sessions of the Peace, November 20th, 1948;

– note on the hearing, December 29th, 1948;
– judgment of the Court, January 26th, 1949;

LAC, Louis St. Laurent fond, MG36, L, vol. 169:
– letter from Salluste Lavery to Louis Saint-Laurent, December 29th, 1950;
– Office of the Receiver of Enemy Assets, RG117, vol. 671, file 5079, letter from Salluste Lavery to Louis Saint-Laurent, August 5, 1952;
RG146, vol. 4164, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 9, letters from Adrien Arcand to the Minister of Justice, November 11th, 1957, November 15th, 1958; Part 10, Report on Arcand’s Claims, June 24th, 1959.”


RG146, vol. 4164, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 10, report, 24th January 1963, and transcript of the interview with Adrien Arcand, 1963.


Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada

In his article, L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand1 (translation: “The Canadian State Versus The National Unity Party and Adrien Arcand”), published in 2018 as a research guide on the life and times of Adrien Arcand, LAC senior archivist, David Rajotte criticized two authors on Arcand for their sloppy research:  François Nadeau and Hugues Théoret.  Frustrated by their incompetence, Mr. Rajotte wrote a detailed research guide to the holdings on Arcand at Library and Archives Canada, inviting authors and researchers to use them.

At the beginning of March, 2020, I extracted a number of items from the footnotes to Rajotte’s article and planned a bus trip to Ottawa to view them.  48 hours after submitting the list of materials ― most of them in LAC’s RG146 Series on the RCMP and surveillance ― Library and Archives Canada slammed the door shut and locked it by suggesting I appeal their denial, which is an abuse of process.

But this was no surprise, because the first thing LAC told me, even before I submitted my request, was cancel your travel plans and wait till your documents arrive.  Actually, I did cancel my hotel (good thing), but I lost my deposit.



BAC-LAC Request for textual archival material

Received: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 12:24 PM
From:  Consultation (BAC/LAC)
To:  Research2020


Good afternoon,

Thank you for your request for archival material.  As you have already been advised concerning the ordering of published and archival material by some colleagues, what follows concerns the archival material ordered for you to date and incorporated into QMS #109054.  […]

Regarding the RG146 series, I have been advised by ATIP that these files are all closed.

Should you wish to pursue a formal review at a cost of $5, please visit for more information. Please note that the formal review does not guarantee that the file will be made available.



Re:  BAC-LAC Request for textual archival material
Received:  Wednesday, March 11, 2020 2:10 PM
From:  Research2020
To:  Consultation (BAC/LAC)

Hello, Ms. Vachon.

Thank you for this information.  You said:  “Regarding the RG146 series, I have been advised by ATIP that these files are all closed.”

ATIP is mistaken.  I presume that ATIP put its decision in writing to deny access to “all” files in the RG146 series.  I would like to have a copy of it, please.  And I would like to point out two things.

NUPC Internment Research 1940 (Cover)

NUPC Internment Archive (1940).  Download it at (The Internet Archive).  A.S. gave me a copy of his documents; I produced them here as an ebook, it has an ISBN and has been legally deposited with LAC.

1.  First of all, a colleague and neighbor of mine, [A.S.], obtained scans from LAC of a large file of internment papers on Arcand directly out of the RG146 series, just last year.  Those archival papers were also reviewed by ATIP, and approved for release.  (A copy of the [A.S.] purchase order for these RG146 series materials is attached.)  The invoice came to $133.14 with tax (invoice attached).  Payment of the invoice was confirmed by LAC (three credit card receipts, also attached).  Mr. [A.S.], in addition, clarified with LAC that the documents released were free for circulation.  In addition, the particular file of internment documents was physically marked with a black rubber-stamp as “closed,” meaning that no further documents were to be added to the contents.  “Closed” in that case did not mean the file was unavailable to researchers.  So, obviously, the RG146 series is not, in fact “closed” (meaning access denied to researchers like myself), as now alleged by ATIP.

2.  Secondly, the RG146 series files that you say are all marked “closed” by ATIP (i.e., denied access) are specifically referred to as available to researchers in an article by David Rajotte, a senior archivist at your very own Library and Archives Canada.  Mr. Rajotte published his article precisely to tell researchers where to find these records.  All of the the RG146 series files that I have just requested from Library and Archives Canada, and which have been denied to me by ATIP, are footnoted in Mr. Rajotte’s very detailed article designed for researchers, as available.

Mr. Rajotte, himself, therefore, obviously accessed all the RG146 series materials and viewed them in order to know what was in the files, in order to recommend them to authors and researchers on Adrien Arcand.  I find it hard to believe that a senior archivist at Library and Archives Canada would publicly recommend them to other researchers if the files were locked or as you say “closed,” and unavailable.

I am referring to this article:  L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand by David Rajotte, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada:

Rajotte, <i>L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand</i> (2018)

Rajotte, L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand (2018)

Right off the top, Mr. Rajotte, in his article, used a photograph of the leadership of the National Unity Party of Canada sourced from RG146.  Materials in the RG146 series are cited copiously all throughout Mr. Rajotte’s article.  I requested access to photographs and other materials from the RG146 series footnoted by Mr. Rajotte in that article.

Mr. Rajotte moreover produced and published his detailed article to encourage proper research by authors and academics.  Mr. Rajotte criticized sloppy research by two named authors. Said Mr. Rajotte:


Délaisser les archives gouvernementales mène à plusieurs erreurs de faits et d’interprétation.  Jean-François Nadeau, un des biographes, avance, par exemple, que William McDuff, partisan néo-écossais d’Arcand, a été interné.  Les policiers ne l’ont pourtant jamais même rencontré, comme on le verra dans la suite de cet article.

“Forsaking government archives leads to numerous errors of fact and interpretation.  Jean-François Nadeau, one of the biographers, maintains, for example, that William McDuff, a Nova Scotian supporter of Arcand, was interned.  But, the police never even met him, as will be seen later in this article.”2

In another paragraph, Mr. Rajotte criticizes author Hugues Théoret for his failure to do proper research.  Says Rajotte:

Hugues Théoret relate pour sa part son insuccès à retrouver des documents produits par la Gendarmerie royale du Canada (GRC) sur Arcand, alors qu’ils sont à Bibliothèque et Archives Canada.

Hugues Théoret recounts his failure to find documents on Arcand produced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), however, they are at Library and Archives Canada.”

There could be no clearer, open invitation to come and see the files Mr. Rajotte footnoted, than these two criticisms.

It would seem an awful waste of the time of a senior archivist of Library and Archives Canada, and a waste of time of his publisher, to publish such a detailed research guide, obviously intended for the use of authors and academic researchers, to encourage them to come and use these archives, only for access to then be denied once a researcher actually requested the recommended files; as ATIP has just done to me.

Either Mr. Rajotte has wasted his own time in mysterious ignorance of the fact that “all” the RG146 series files are “closed” and unavailable to researchers; or ATIP has made a mistake.

So, if you would please let me have a copy of the ATIP decision, I will formally contest it.  […]

Thank you for your time.
[Yours truly]
Montreal, Canada


Appeals from denials of access to available information are an abuse of process.

Refusal by public officials to do their salaried jobs properly, according to the law, impartially toward all citizens, is fraud and theft of the taxpayer’s money.

Abuse of power and manipulation of the “system” by public officials to target and destroy the rights of citizens is malfeasance.

The Memory Hole at Library and Archives Canada

The Memory Hole at Library and Archives Canada

In particular, it is criminal when the type of abuse is intended to hijack the country, slant its politics, control its viewpoints, control its history and crush and silence political opposition.  That can be achieved by controlling information.

Unelected petty bureaucrats in cataloging, reproduction, consultation, and other departments of Library and Archives Canada, at least since 2004 when I became aware of it, routinely engage in abuse of power to deny the public access to information.

Access to information appeals engineered to deny available information is soft warfare waged from within government structures by enemies of the country and its citizens.

These enemies should be fired; they should be tried and jailed; they should be fined; and they should be banned from the public service permanently for violating fundamental rights including freedom of information and freedom of speech.

Library and Archives Canada is our central and largest bank of public information, and those allowed to run it must not be allowed to subvert it on personal whim or for personal agendas.

Furthermore, jobs in the civil service should be rotated regularly to prevent cliques who abuse the public from forming within departments.



I should have included this in my previous post, as an update on bannings.  Here is my short exchange of emails (not the first; and not the only department) with Library and Archives Canada because they are not cataloguing publications by Adrien Arcand Books.

From:  habeascorpuscanada
Sent:  Wednesday, October 30, 2019 11:10 PM

SubjectRE:  ISBN Request – Habeas Corpus Canada / Adrien Arcand Books

I’ve checked the catalogues again, Voilà and Aurora, and Worldcat, and NOT A SINGLE TITLE that I have submitted with ISBNs, has been catalogued.

This looks an awful lot like blacklisting of me and of Arcand’s work.  And I’m going to write a post about it.  Because these ebooks have been online at the Quebec Archives for well over a year, and should have appeared in Worldcat by now; and there is no point in my taking out ISBNs with you people who aren’t cataloguing my publications AT ALL.

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
On Thursday, October 31, 2019 4:41 AM, ISBN (BAC/LAC) wrote:


The ISBN unit does not receive the publications nor does it catalogue books.

I am forwarding your message to Legal Deposit unit, the section of Library and Archives Canada responsible for these tasks.

Thank you,

ISBN/ISMN, Direction générale du patrimoine publié
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada / Gouvernement du Canada / Tél. : 819-953-3997 ou 1-866-578-7777

ISBN/ISMN Published Heritage Branch
Library and Archives Canada / Government of Canada / Tel: 819-953-3997 or 1-866-578-7777



1.  Rajotte, D. (2018). L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand. Bulletin d’histoire politique, 26 (3), 189–211.

2.  In his article, Rajotte continues on François Nadeau as follows:

McDuff n’est en fait pas le seul individu présenté comme prisonnier par Nadeau dont le nom n’apparaît nulle part dans les archives de l’internement.

“McDuff is in fact not the only individual presented as a prisoner by Nadeau but whose name appears nowhere in the internment records.”

Jean-François Nadeau: historien?

Jean-François Nadeau: historien?

Can you imagine the feeling of people reading this supposed “historian”, François Nadeau, claiming their relative was interned as a Nazi in WWII, when in fact he wasn’t.  But this incompetent sells books.  This incompetent is catalogued in Voilà and Aurora and at Worldcat, and the man he slanders above all, Adrien Arcand, can’t get a word in edgewise, in French or in English, because LAC and Worldcat will not catalogue Adrien Arcand Books!

And the LAC is now barring access to archives on Adrien Arcand, abusively.  Any information LAC officials might disapprove of, such as facts to support Arcand’s innocence, is thus prevented from getting out.  This is Communist, when you can’t have another viewpoint.  There is no freedom of speech, thought, expression or association in Canada.

Ignorance is strength.
L’ignorance, c’est la force


New eBook:  National Unity Party of Canada (NUPC) Internment Research 1940

  The PDF version is now online. It’s only 17 MB.  26 Sept. 2019.

This is a new type of eBook from Adrien Arcand Books.  This is bona fide, primary source, raw, declassified research material, authenticated by the Ottawa Archives.  Declassified except for parts that are still redacted.

NUPC Internment Archive (1940). Download it at (The Internet Archive).

NUPC Internment Archive (1940).  Download it at (The Internet Archive).

NUPC Internment Research 1940 (Cover)

NUPC Internment Archive (1940).  Download it at (The Internet Archive).

These are just some of the declassified papers in Ottawa concerning the 1940 (illegal) internment of Adrien Arcand and his men.  We know from his Memorandum and Request (1957) that he was interned because Roosevelt (FDR) ordered it.  There’s a lot more material out there that needs to be included in this research.  I don’t have the budget for it all, just yet.

There is a bit of junk in this archive, not directly related to the internments.  For example, the RCMP memos on a Mr. J.C. MacCorkindale.  However, it is searchable.  The found searches are highlighted in red and yellow (see below).

Most of these documents are in English.  Most are by the federal government.  But you will notice that the Government of Quebec of that day also had a hand in the file, and did nothing for these innocent men — nothing that appears here, at any rate.  The Quebec government simply handed them over, denying Quebec had jurisdiction.

NUPC Internment Archive (1940). Download it at (The Internet Archive).

NUPC Internment Archive (1940).  Download it at (The Internet Archive).

This is a big download, 202 MB when zipped, and it may be a bit slow loading and working on your PC, if you have an old one like I do.  To try to keep the file-size down, the final eBook holds only 30 pages in memory at any time, so be patient while it loads.  Sometimes, the front cover may go white.  I don’t know what to do about it, you’ll just have to reload the execute file if you want to see the front cover again.

If you download via torrent, please seed for awhile, help to keep it out there for others.  Thank you.

Because of the size of the download, I’ve hosted it directly at the Internet Archive ( “NUPC Internment Research 1940”.

So, download and enjoy this very unusual eBook of primary source material on the 1940 internment of Adrien Arcand and his men.  Please let me know if you have a problem downloading this file; or if there is any problem with the file once downloaded.  It’s an execute file, a flash flipbook.  In a day or two, I hope to be able to put up PDF and ePub, as well.

I chose the dark wood background for this eBook as reminiscent of the camps.  I hope you enjoy the effect.

My description of this item at reads as follows:

NUPC, the “National Unity Party of Canada” and Adrien Arcand and his men are the subject of the present file of federal government of Canada and RCMP documents on their 1940 internments (without trial).  The internements were carried out on the orders of F.D.R., aka Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American President of the day.  Arcand was warned of FDR’s demand for his internment by a spokesman sent to him in Montreal by Lord Lothian, British Ambassador in Washington some 30 days before the arrests took place. That information comes from Arcand’s own 1957 “Memorandum and Request” that you can read online at or go directly to:

It can therefore safely be assumed that Arcand and his men — who after the end of WWII, and even at the beginning, are known to be innocent of any charge at all — were FRAMED by the Federal Government of Canada to please an American President. Innocent men were interned for years, and one died. Decent Canadians and their families were abused by their own governments to please a foreign government.

The research file you are looking at here consists of scans by Library and Archives Canada of an original federal government & RCMP file at the time of the internments.

I haven’t forgotten.  I still owe you the Memorandum and Request eBook, and an Editorial on the 74th Anniversary of Arcand’s release from internment.  Please accept this in the meantime, it was finished back in late July, but I haven’t a chance to finalize the Editorial or the other eBook.

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