– American Jewish Yearbook (Canada, 1964)

The year before Arcand published À Bas La Haine!, the Canadian Jewish Congress used its influence over the public airwaves in Canada to squelch broadcasting by the CBC of an already-taped interview with Adrien Arcand.

The pretext for this obviously “antidemocratic” squelch of the free speech of a public man and his views, is reported at page 170 of the American Jewish Yearbook (Canada page, 1964) as follows:

Canada / 170

Early in January 1963 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) taped a television interview with the notorious prewar fascist leader and antisemitic agitator, Adrien Arcand. CJC discussed the matter with CBC, stressing that it was inappropriate for a government-owned and -controlled national television network to furnish a platform for the dissemination of Arcand’s antidemocratic and antisemitic propaganda. On January 31 CBC announced that the taped interview would not be used “in whole or in part.”