– The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (1965)


On September 17, 1965, on page 4, in a 2-paragraph blurb entitled “Canadian Fascist Leader Issues New Book, Accuses Jews of ‘Hate'”, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on First Avenue in New York City, reviewed Adrien Arcand’s À Bas La Haine!.

Since one only of the two review paragraphs refers to the book, Arcand’s 60-some pages packed with detail on a range of subjects related to the world wars, the Bolshevik “revolution”, the mass-murders of non-Jews by Jews, the Talmud, the nature of Communism, and the Jewish question; the tactically short and guarded comment of the JTA amounts to an “anti-review” by omission of the substance of the subject matter.  The second paragraph merely cements the rebuff, by dispensing with the author in order to dispense with his non-reviewed opinions.

The substance includes the motivation and the timing of the book, an apparent “reaction” by Arcand prompted by the “hate committee” set up by the federal Justice Minister of Canada, yielding to Jewish pressure, with a view to passing a gag-law of Parliament to non-Jews from expressing certain opinions in the land of their ancestors.

The federal “hate committee” had been staffed by the Hon. Guy Favreau with two Red-Zionist anti-Christian Jews and their left-wing sympathizers, including a Catholic priest, Gérard Dion, notorious for his links with the Communists.

Here is the complete “book review” of Arcand’s A Bas La Haine! by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.  (It would seem that the JTA translated the French title into English, because I can find no trace of an English edition; thus the current translation at this web site.)

Canadian Fascist Leader Issues New Book, Accuses Jews of ‘Hate’

MONTREAL, Sept. 16.  (JTA) — Adrien Arcand, leader of the fascist National Unity Party, issued a new book here today, entitled “Down With Hate.”  The book purports to show that “the only real spreaders of hate are the Jews, because the moment you say one word against them, they brand you as anti-Semite.”

Speaking at a press conference, Arcand said that George Rockwell, fuehrer of the American Nazi Party was “just an agent provocateur, a venal agitator who, to my own knowledge, has received money from the Jews to promote trouble and gain sympathy for their cause.”  Arcand was interned by the Canadian Government from 1940 to 1945 for his pro-fascist agitation.

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