New eBook:  National Unity Party of Canada (NUPC) Internment Research 1940

  The PDF version is now online. It’s only 17 MB.  26 Sept. 2019.

This is a new type of eBook from Adrien Arcand Books.  This is bona fide, primary source, raw, declassified research material, authenticated by the Ottawa Archives.  Declassified except for parts that are still redacted.

NUPC Internment Archive (1940). Download it at (The Internet Archive).

NUPC Internment Archive (1940).  Download it at (The Internet Archive).

NUPC Internment Research 1940 (Cover)

NUPC Internment Archive (1940).  Download it at (The Internet Archive).

These are just some of the declassified papers in Ottawa concerning the 1940 (illegal) internment of Adrien Arcand and his men.  We know from his Memorandum and Request (1957) that he was interned because Roosevelt (FDR) ordered it.  There’s a lot more material out there that needs to be included in this research.  I don’t have the budget for it all, just yet.

There is a bit of junk in this archive, not directly related to the internments.  For example, the RCMP memos on a Mr. J.C. MacCorkindale.  However, it is searchable.  The found searches are highlighted in red and yellow (see below).

Most of these documents are in English.  Most are by the federal government.  But you will notice that the Government of Quebec of that day also had a hand in the file, and did nothing for these innocent men — nothing that appears here, at any rate.  The Quebec government simply handed them over, denying Quebec had jurisdiction.

NUPC Internment Archive (1940). Download it at (The Internet Archive).

NUPC Internment Archive (1940).  Download it at (The Internet Archive).

This is a big download, 202 MB when zipped, and it may be a bit slow loading and working on your PC, if you have an old one like I do.  To try to keep the file-size down, the final eBook holds only 30 pages in memory at any time, so be patient while it loads.  Sometimes, the front cover may go white.  I don’t know what to do about it, you’ll just have to reload the execute file if you want to see the front cover again.

If you download via torrent, please seed for awhile, help to keep it out there for others.  Thank you.

Because of the size of the download, I’ve hosted it directly at the Internet Archive ( “NUPC Internment Research 1940”.

So, download and enjoy this very unusual eBook of primary source material on the 1940 internment of Adrien Arcand and his men.  Please let me know if you have a problem downloading this file; or if there is any problem with the file once downloaded.  It’s an execute file, a flash flipbook.  In a day or two, I hope to be able to put up PDF and ePub, as well.

I chose the dark wood background for this eBook as reminiscent of the camps.  I hope you enjoy the effect.

My description of this item at reads as follows:

NUPC, the “National Unity Party of Canada” and Adrien Arcand and his men are the subject of the present file of federal government of Canada and RCMP documents on their 1940 internments (without trial).  The internements were carried out on the orders of F.D.R., aka Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American President of the day.  Arcand was warned of FDR’s demand for his internment by a spokesman sent to him in Montreal by Lord Lothian, British Ambassador in Washington some 30 days before the arrests took place. That information comes from Arcand’s own 1957 “Memorandum and Request” that you can read online at or go directly to:

It can therefore safely be assumed that Arcand and his men — who after the end of WWII, and even at the beginning, are known to be innocent of any charge at all — were FRAMED by the Federal Government of Canada to please an American President. Innocent men were interned for years, and one died. Decent Canadians and their families were abused by their own governments to please a foreign government.

The research file you are looking at here consists of scans by Library and Archives Canada of an original federal government & RCMP file at the time of the internments.

I haven’t forgotten.  I still owe you the Memorandum and Request eBook, and an Editorial on the 74th Anniversary of Arcand’s release from internment.  Please accept this in the meantime, it was finished back in late July, but I haven’t a chance to finalize the Editorial or the other eBook.

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Another Goglu Christmas Classic: “Coming out of Midnight Mass”, from the December 19th, 1930 issue of Adrien Arcand’s Le Goglu



Midnight Mass 19 Dec 1930

THE JEW:  “And to say that these people are celebrating the birthday of the Man we killed because he preached love while we preach hatred; because he announced the equality of all men before God whereas we only, the Jews, are the Chosen People, who must dominate all the others.”
LE JUIF:  “Et dire que ces gens-là fêtent l’anniversaire de l’Homme que nous avons tué parce qu’il prêchait l’amour quand nous prêchons la haine, parce qu’il annonçait l’égalité de tous devant Dieu alors que nous seuls, les Juifs, sommes le peuple-élu, qui doit dominer tous les autres.”

There is vintage Montreal in this cartoon from 1930.  The church in the background is the Roman Catholic Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, where Adrien Arcand lived.  The Church is still located at 110 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 1T2.  Designed by the architect, James O’Donnell, the Basilica was dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus on July 1st, 1829.

Dans cette caricature de 1930, il y a du vieux Montréal.  L’église à l’arrière-plan est la basilique catholique Notre-Dame de Montréal, où Adrien Arcand a vécu.  L’église est toujours située au 110, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, Québec, Canada H2Y 1T2.  Conçue par l’architecte James O’Donnell, la basilique a été dédiée à Marie, mère de Jésus, le 1er juillet 1829.

Merry Christmas, everyone.  Joy to the world!
Joyeux Noël à tous.  Joie au monde!

Merry Christmas!” from the “Goglu” Santa of 1931-32

“Merry Christmas!” from the “Goglu” Santa of 1931-32

“Merry Christmas!” from the “Goglu” Santa of 1931-32

“The Great Depression” was a period during the 1930s when there was a worldwide economic depression and mass unemployment.  The economic crisis began with the stock market crash in 1929.

Our “Goglu Santa”, above, is a benevolent portrayal of Canada’s federal labor commissioner of the day, L.-G. Gravel, who showered the country with work for the unemployed as of New Year’s, 1932.

The original cartoon is on the front page of “The Goglu” of January 1st, 1932.  The cartoon is signed: “Al Goglu”.

Merry Christmas!
and a Happy New Year

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