Update:  Down With Hate! by Adrien Arcand, Video Presentation

Down With Hate Adrien Arcand 1965

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Down With Hate! by Adrien Arcand, Video Presentation

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Adrien Arcand (1899-1967) was a controversial French-Canadian political figure and activist in Quebec who founded Canada’s first anti-communist party; and later promoted the idea of Corporatism as a new constitution for Canada (unaware that the BNA Act of 1867 is permanent).

Arcand was a journalist all his life, and for his opposition to Canada’s participation in WWII, he was sent without trial or charge to a Canadian concentration camp, where he spent five years and five weeks consistently refusing to “do his loyal share” for our “glorious ally”, the Communist butchers of the Soviet Union”.

Arcand wrote A BAS LA HAINE! (DOWN WITH HATE!) less than two years before he died from cancer. He was reacting to the demands of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) for hate-speech laws in Canada. Arcand exposed the hypocrisy of the CJC in DOWN WITH HATE!, and called for the Talmud to be banned in Canada as hate literature.

The book is now rare, the one in the Quebec Archives (16 January 2018), a hard cover in mint shape, had a penciled price in the fly-leaf of $100. Today, the paperback is going for around $399.

This video is a narrated preview of some key highlights from this important book. You can read the complete book online in French, and in particular for the first time in English.

See the Free Downloads tab at this web site for a free gift copy of the original book in French, and other items by Arcand also now in English.

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UPDATE:  5 April 2018.  As you can see from the dead link above, the HISTORICAL AND CONTEMPORARY TRUTH about the Jewish Talmud and the Judeo-Communist mass-murders of NON-JEWS, must be kept a HUGE SECRET.  In other words, the past and future VICTIMS OF JUDEO-COMMUNIST AND TALMUDIC BUTCHERS have NO RIGHTS.  It should be noted that my YouTube account was terminated without notice or appeal of any kind by the RACIST SUPREMACISTS behind JEWTUBE.

Judeo-Communist mass murders of non-Jews has to be kept a BIG SECRET

Judeo-Communist mass murders of non-Jews and the Jewish “religion” that views NON-Jews as “cattle” has to be kept a BIG SECRET in “FREE” Canada, formerly a Sovereign, British Parliamentary self-governing nation, but NOW a craven, subverted and oppressed slave colony of Judeo-Communist-Zionism.