Adrien Arcand’s The Universal Republic (1950) is now in English for the first time!

<i>The Universal Republic</i> (1950) by Adrien Arcand

The Universal Republic (1950) by Adrien Arcand.  His most important talk.  From the French Revolution to the Bolshevik Revolution, through the World Wars to the coming World Government, Adrien Arcand traces the path of Judeo-Communism.  For the first time in English by Adrien Arcand Books.

On April 24th, 2018, I gave you a free preview, an excerpt in a zip folder, of my English translation of Adrien Arcand’s 1950 “La République Universelle“, The Universal Republic.  [Dramatic Preview:  Adrien Arcand’s The Universal Republic (1950)]  Today, at last, I will give you the whole document.

My English translation of Arcand’s “La République Universelle” was in fact finished back in 2017.  But I couldn’t publish it because there were sentences missing from the Aaargh! OCR of it that I had found online.

The Montreal branch of the Quebec Archives has a peculiar photocopy of La République Universelle, every second page is white, and the scan I made of it back then on 16 January 2018 — wouldn’t you know it — cut the bottom off the page with the missing text that I needed!  Which was not apparent at the time, as the scans go straight to a USB key.  You cannot check your scans until you exit the Rare Books locker area, with coat in hand and baggage, and plug your laptop in to have a look.  I had a couple of hundred scans to check that day, and I only found the glitch once back at home.

I then set about trying to find an original somewhere, hoping to reconstruct the whole document, covers and all.  This has proved quite difficult.  Two or three copies have been up for sale online for about $80 USD.  I missed them, they went like hotcakes.  More than one University archive declined to sell me a scan of their copy.

Then Librairie Le Chercheur de Trésors at 1339, rue Ontario E, Montréal, QC H2L 1R8 said they had one.  In the summer of 2018, as the famous little store was wrapping up its inventory to close forever, I took a 7-hour aller-retour surprise trip across Montreal, as every bus I needed had been detoured.  On arrival, neither the lady nor her cat could find La République Universelle, but Madam declared it wasn’t on her “sold” list, and as she completed her inventory, she would find it.  So, I hobbled home, empty-handed.


Madame Gingras, proprietor of Librairie Le Chercheur de Trésors, one of Montreal’s landmark Quebec heritage bookstores.  FRANCIS PILON/24 HEURES/AGENCE QMI

Now, while I am on extended visit in Vancouver, preparing to launch my first print book, I decided to try Chercheur de Trésors again, and the lady had indeed rediscovered the Arcand booklet while closing up her inventory.

In order not to miss it, I hired a Montreal messenger service to pedal over and snap it up.  The messenger then shipped it to me here in BC by XPressPost.

With all the near-misses to date, I kind of expected the envelope would contain something like “La République Universelle” by Anacharsis Cloots, whose name as “Attorney General of the Human Race” won a chuckle from Canada’s founding fathers in the Debates on Confederation in 1865.  (Legislative Assembly, Thursday, February 9, 1865.)

The view from Room 812 of the YWCA Hotel in downtown Vancouver

The view from Room 812 of the YWCA Hotel on 733 Beatty Street in downtown Vancouver, Friday morning, March 29th, 2019

The much-anticipated envelope left Montreal on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 to arrive this morning, Friday, March 29th at the front desk of the YWCA Hotel.  My phone rang in Room #812 (with a view over the BC Place Stadium) to let me know it was here.

I threw myself out of bed and rushed to the lobby to open the envelope, dreading a manuscript of the same name by Cloots, himself.  But it was the real one, the right one!  It was indeed Adrien Arcand’s “La République Universelle” from 1950.  Oddly, however, it has no cover and no title page.  The booklet may have been printed this way as a cost-saving measure, for the staples are not loose, as they would be if two glossy sheets were missing.  I paid $80 CAD plus tax, plus messenger, plus shipping for this rare collectable.

Advertisement for Arcand's <i>La République Universelle</i> by Librairie le Chercheur de Trésors

Advertisement for Arcand’s La République Universelle by Librairie le Chercheur de Trésors.

I had already designed my own cover and title page, so mine will have to do, after all.  (And I’ve added a table of contents to the free eBook and the upcoming print book.)

Adrien Arcand's <i>La République Universelle</i> arrives in Vancouver!

Adrien Arcand’s La République Universelle arrives in Vancouver!

Ce nonobstant, as they say, the body of the text is complete.  I could now check my translation, start to finish, and input the missing words.

The whole tiny pamphlet of 22 numbered pages is printed on light-weight white glossy card stock (only vaguely yellowed), and not on ordinary paper.  Arcand’s name is not on it, but his recognizable “A.A.” signature completes the last page of the text, right beside the date:  1950.

The publisher’s name, a couple of inches below the date, is Service Canadien de Librairie, Casier postale 212, Station E, Montréal 14, Canada.  This is the publisher of the item on hand at the Quebec Archives in Montreal:

Adrien Arcand's 1950 <i>La République Universelle</i> in the catalogue of the <i>BAnQ</i>

Adrien Arcand’s 1950 “La République Universellein the catalogue of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ).

That’s followed by a blank page which appears to be an “inside cover”, while the next page that serves as the “back cover” offers Arcand’s political magazine, “L’Unité nationale”, on subscription at $2.00 monthly.  This brings total page count to 24.

The missing words were at the bottom of page 20, indicated in bold below, and without them, the whole paragraph couldn’t be translated.  As well, countries crumbling into an abyss is an image you don’t want to miss:

Comme les intérêts britanniques, les intérêts américains, chinois, français, allemands, italiens, hollandais, canadiens sont petits, restreints, devant l’immensité des intérêts et du plan juifs!  Qu’un pays croule dans l’abîme que lui a ouvert la conspiration, le Juif comprend aussitôt qu’une étape nouvelle a été franchie, qu’il s’est rapproché du but,

How petty, how confined are British interests, American interests, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Canadian interests when faced with the immensity of the interests and the plan of the Jews!  When a country crumbles into the abyss opened up for it by the conspiracy, the Jew instantly knows that a new barrier has been cleared, that he has drawn closer to his goal,

I am delighted to now present the complete text of Adrien Arcand’s The Universal Republic (1950) in English for the first time at Down With Hate! — a Quebec Heritage web site.  The free eBook download is below this video presentation:

Adrien Arcand – The Universal Republic Cover Presentation

Adrien Arcand - The Universal Republic Cover Presentation

View the cover presentation video online at Bitchute:

Download a free souvenir copy of the cover presentation video in a zip folder:

Adrien Arcand’s The Universal Republic (1950)

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Update!  It’s Online at the BAnQ!

The Universal Republic is now online at the Quebec Archives

The Universal Republic is now online at the Quebec Archives

UPDATE!  The Universal Republic is now online at the Quebec Archives, just waiting to be catalogued.

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