Permission given to re-translate the works of Adrien Arcand based upon the English versions by Adrien Arcand Books

If you can’t read, if you can’t speak, then you can’t think.  Therefore, read, think and speak!
—               Adrien Arcand Books

All rights regarding my English translations of the works of Adrien Arcand are vested in me and in Adrien Arcand Books.

Adrien Arcand (1899-1967)

Adrien Arcand (1899-1967)

However, given the importance of this material for academic research, and the fact that I don’t have the resources to produce Adrien Arcand in other languages, I hereby grant the right to re-translate my English translations of Arcand’s work.

The sole purpose for any such re-translation must be this:  that the re-translation, like the English version, will be for the legitimate academic, political and cultural purpose of broadening awareness of the life, works and views of Adrien Arcand, thus adding his research to the all-important debate of “the Jewish question”, including the question of the Holocaust.

Anyone who does not read French, but reads English, and whose mother tongue is neither one, is hereby authorized to use my English translations of Adrien Arcand’s works, as they are published online from time to time, to produce a new version in another language, on condition that my English translation be credited as the point of origin for the new translation.

The credit should read, i.e., (in your target language, obviously):

“This [German, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, etc., etc., …] translation of [(name the work), (name the author:  Adrien Arcand)] is based upon the English translation of the same work produced by Adrien Arcand Books.  (And give the date of the English translation, usually in the footer if the text is html.)”

If you can’t find a date for the work, then use the date it was posted, and say, i.e.:

“as posted on the following date and time at (note the web address)”.

And, by the way, churning my text through Google Translate is not a real translation.  You must produce a real, revised and polished translation in your target language.  Google Translate is fine for a first draft, but not for a final.

You must not deliberately alter the facts, or any reference of any kind to the life, the views and the opinions of Adrien Arcand, expressed in the English.  Great effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the English according to Arcand’s own French originals.

If you market and sell your own language-version based on my English, you must include the credit; but the proceeds are yours for your own language-version.  You may not republish my English, concerning which I reserve all publication rights.

If you do re-translate, please let me know by posting a link or a note in the comments at the site where you obtained the English.

I am motivated in this by the fact that in 1938, Adrien Arcand gave formal permission to other publishers to reproduce some of his French work in Europe, because he had no funds to do so himself.  He yielded his copyright in that case to spread what he believed to be the truth, and to enlighten other people.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in Arcand’s political and ideological universe; but he was frequently gagged, invaded, robbed, sacked and burned by opponents to silence him; and by friends who turned on him in his hour of need despite all he had done for them.

He spent five years in a Canadian concentration camp in World War II as a guest of His Majesty, in order to silence him.

As for me, I like him.  At times, he infuriates me.  In translating him — he was super-ultra-religious — I frequently had to take breaks.  But Arcand was a decent man, and true to himself.

I am therefore putting his work into English, because he has a right to speak for himself.  People should have the right to read him, and not judge who he was and what he is alleged to have believed entirely based on the prejudiced views of his opponents, who are selling books about him like hot-cakes to fill their pockets.


YouTube destroyed the AdrienArcandBooks channel immediately and trashed the first video put up.  I then moved to, free-speech video hosting.  (So far, so good.)

Banned at Wikipedia as SPAM: the works of Adrien Arcand

Banned at Wikipedia as “SPAM”: the works of Adrien Arcand @

It has now come to my attention that Wikipedia has banned the link to the present web site “Down With Hate!” as “spam”.

Yes, the works of Adrien Arcand, placed online here, scanned from the originals, often directly from the Archives in Quebec where he was born, lived and died, presented in OCR, with parallel translations in English to facilitate verification, are called “spam” by Wikipedia.

However, mighty fortunate are those self-righteous, easily irritated leftists, whose expensive “biographies” of Arcand are sold at Amazon and elsewhere.  For they, who are making MONEY from their books giving their mere third-party OPINIONS of what ADRIEN ARCAND said, and WHO Adrien Arcand was, are graciously linked to Wikipedia, and apparently are NOT considered “SPAM”.

The Wikipedia link-bot has been instructed to remove any link to this web site ( wherever it is found in Wikipedia, including at the Wikipedia page on “The Jewish Question”, and at the profile page in Wikipedia of Adrien Arcand, himself.

Links to Arcand’s detractors who publish their ramblings and fill their pockets are authorized; links to his own work, free of charge at this web site, are not.

It’s the old story of the old gag, and the same old vested interest who can’t abide free speech or criticism by others, but reserves full rights to itself to slam and defame non-Jews freely.

And by the way, I qualified as a translator years ago for the Quebec Ministry of Education, who offered me a job.  I was one of 6 translators retained out of a roomful of 200 tested.  I also worked as a professional translator for advertising agencies and publishers, usually as copy chief, supervising junior writers.  In addition, my poetry is published in two anthologies in the Canadian school system.

I am therefore not a reasonable target for banning by Wikipedia, in the event they ever suggest that they have banned this web site because they only link “professional” authors.  Which would be ironic, since Wikipedia itself is not a “professional” encyclopedia.

– 30 –

P.S.  I just tried to add this post with a short url ( to the TALK page on Adrien Arcand at Wikipedia, and got the following RED-HIGHLIGHTED “error” message:  “Your edit was not saved because it contains a new external link to a site registered on Wikipedia’s blacklist.”


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