Errata – Two Corrections

I corrected an historical term today in the current web site.  I had been translating “drôle de guerre” as “funny war”.  The well known correct term in English is actually the “phoney war”.  Ebooks already online do not have the correction.

I have also corrected the name “Major H.J. Scott”, which was wrong in a Maclean’s article of 1938, part of which I had extracted.  The name of Adrien Arcand’s right-hand was Major Joseph Maurice Scott.

Permission given to re-translate the works of Adrien Arcand based upon the English versions by Adrien Arcand Books

If you can’t read, if you can’t speak, then you can’t think.  Therefore, read, think and speak!
—               Adrien Arcand Books

All rights regarding my English translations of the works of Adrien Arcand are vested in me and in Adrien Arcand Books.

Adrien Arcand (1899-1967)

Adrien Arcand (1899-1967)

However, given the importance of this material for academic research, and the fact that I don’t have the resources to produce Adrien Arcand in other languages, I hereby grant the right to re-translate my English translations of Arcand’s work.

The sole purpose for any such re-translation must be this:  that the re-translation, like the English version, will be for the legitimate academic, political and cultural purpose of broadening awareness of the life, works and views of Adrien Arcand, thus adding his research to the all-important debate of “the Jewish question”, including the question of the Holocaust.

Anyone who does not read French, but reads English, and whose mother tongue is neither one, is hereby authorized to use my English translations of Adrien Arcand’s works, as they are published online from time to time, to produce a new version in another language, on condition that my English translation be credited as the point of origin for the new translation.

The credit should read, i.e., (in your target language, obviously):

“This [German, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, etc., etc., …] translation of [(name the work), (name the author:  Adrien Arcand)] is based upon the English translation of the same work produced by Adrien Arcand Books.  (And give the date of the English translation, usually in the footer if the text is html.)”

If you can’t find a date for the work, then use the date it was posted, and say, i.e.:

“as posted on the following date and time at (note the web address)”.

And, by the way, churning my text through Google Translate is not a real translation.  You must produce a real, revised and polished translation in your target language.  Google Translate is fine for a first draft, but not for a final.

You must not deliberately alter the facts, or any reference of any kind to the life, the views and the opinions of Adrien Arcand, expressed in the English.  Great effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the English according to Arcand’s own French originals.

If you market and sell your own language-version based on my English, you must include the credit; but the proceeds are yours for your own language-version.  You may not republish my English, concerning which I reserve all publication rights.

If you do re-translate, please let me know by posting a link or a note in the comments at the site where you obtained the English.

I am motivated in this by the fact that in 1938, Adrien Arcand gave formal permission to other publishers to reproduce some of his French work in Europe, because he had no funds to do so himself.  He yielded his copyright in that case to spread what he believed to be the truth, and to enlighten other people.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in Arcand’s political and ideological universe; but he was frequently gagged, invaded, robbed, sacked and burned by opponents to silence him; and by friends who turned on him in his hour of need despite all he had done for them.

He spent five years in a Canadian concentration camp in World War II as a guest of His Majesty, in order to silence him.

As for me, I like him.  At times, he infuriates me.  In translating him — he was super-ultra-religious — I frequently had to take breaks.  But Arcand was a decent man, and true to himself.

I am therefore putting his work into English, because he has a right to speak for himself.  People should have the right to read him, and not judge who he was and what he is alleged to have believed entirely based on the prejudiced views of his opponents, who are selling books about him like hot-cakes to fill their pockets.


YouTube destroyed the AdrienArcandBooks channel immediately and trashed the first video put up.  I then moved to, free-speech video hosting.  (So far, so good.)

Banned at Wikipedia as SPAM: the works of Adrien Arcand

Banned at Wikipedia as “SPAM”: the works of Adrien Arcand @

It has now come to my attention that Wikipedia has banned the link to the present web site “Down With Hate!” as “spam”.

Yes, the works of Adrien Arcand, placed online here, scanned from the originals, often directly from the Archives in Quebec where he was born, lived and died, presented in OCR, with parallel translations in English to facilitate verification, are called “spam” by Wikipedia.

However, mighty fortunate are those self-righteous, easily irritated leftists, whose expensive “biographies” of Arcand are sold at Amazon and elsewhere.  For they, who are making MONEY from their books giving their mere third-party OPINIONS of what ADRIEN ARCAND said, and WHO Adrien Arcand was, are graciously linked to Wikipedia, and apparently are NOT considered “SPAM”.

The Wikipedia link-bot has been instructed to remove any link to this web site ( wherever it is found in Wikipedia, including at the Wikipedia page on “The Jewish Question”, and at the profile page in Wikipedia of Adrien Arcand, himself.

Links to Arcand’s detractors who publish their ramblings and fill their pockets are authorized; links to his own work, free of charge at this web site, are not.

It’s the old story of the old gag, and the same old vested interest who can’t abide free speech or criticism by others, but reserves full rights to itself to slam and defame non-Jews freely.

And by the way, I qualified as a translator years ago for the Quebec Ministry of Education, who offered me a job.  I was one of 6 translators retained out of a roomful of 200 tested.  I also worked as a professional translator for advertising agencies and publishers, usually as copy chief, supervising junior writers.  In addition, my poetry is published in two anthologies in the Canadian school system.

I am therefore not a reasonable target for banning by Wikipedia, in the event they ever suggest that they have banned this web site because they only link “professional” authors.  Which would be ironic, since Wikipedia itself is not a “professional” encyclopedia.

– 30 –

P.S.  I just tried to add this post with a short url ( to the TALK page on Adrien Arcand at Wikipedia, and got the following RED-HIGHLIGHTED “error” message:  “Your edit was not saved because it contains a new external link to a site registered on Wikipedia’s blacklist.”

Dramatic Preview: Adrien Arcand’s The Universal Republic (1950)

Now online:  dramatic preview of Adrien Arcand’s 1950 THE UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC / La République Universelle (1950), for the first time in English.

Free book preview and free dramatic video download on the Free Downloads tab.

View the video now, at Bitchute:

The Universal Republic Adrien Arcand (1950) preview video

The Universal Republic by Adrien Arcand (1950) preview video

What is a French Canadian? / Qu’est-ce qu’un Canadien-français ? (1963)

A charming five-page pamphlet by Adrien Arcand from 1963 is now on the “Free Downloads” tab.  The little ebook contains a pdf of the original French pamphlet in the Quebec Archives.  I hope you enjoy it!

What is a French Canadian?
Qu’est-ce qu’un Canadien-français ? (1963) / Adrien Arcand

Une charmante brochure de cinq pages d’Adrien Arcand de 1963 est maintenant disponible dans l’onglet “Free downloads”.  Le petit livre électronique contient un pdf de la brochure française originale dans les Archives de Québec.  J’espère que ça vous plait!

Update:  Down With Hate! by Adrien Arcand, Video Presentation

Down With Hate Adrien Arcand 1965 - Free speech video hosting.UPDATE:  Trying a new platform, – Free speech video hosting. Here’s the link to view the DWH promo online:

Free-speech video hosting:  Why put up with YouTube terrorism?

You are still welcome to download the 20MG HD video for free:

Down With Hate! by Adrien Arcand, Video Presentation

Download this video:

Adrien Arcand (1899-1967) was a controversial French-Canadian political figure and activist in Quebec who founded Canada’s first anti-communist party; and later promoted the idea of Corporatism as a new constitution for Canada (unaware that the BNA Act of 1867 is permanent).

Arcand was a journalist all his life, and for his opposition to Canada’s participation in WWII, he was sent without trial or charge to a Canadian concentration camp, where he spent five years and five weeks consistently refusing to “do his loyal share” for our “glorious ally”, the Communist butchers of the Soviet Union”.

Arcand wrote A BAS LA HAINE! (DOWN WITH HATE!) less than two years before he died from cancer. He was reacting to the demands of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) for hate-speech laws in Canada. Arcand exposed the hypocrisy of the CJC in DOWN WITH HATE!, and called for the Talmud to be banned in Canada as hate literature.

The book is now rare, the one in the Quebec Archives (16 January 2018), a hard cover in mint shape, had a penciled price in the fly-leaf of $100. Today, the paperback is going for around $399.

This video is a narrated preview of some key highlights from this important book. You can read the complete book online in French, and in particular for the first time in English.

See the Free Downloads tab at this web site for a free gift copy of the original book in French, and other items by Arcand also now in English.

MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: Controlled Chaos no percussion – Supernatural Haunting by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license:…



UPDATE:  5 April 2018.  As you can see from the dead link above, the HISTORICAL AND CONTEMPORARY TRUTH about the Jewish Talmud and the Judeo-Communist mass-murders of NON-JEWS, must be kept a HUGE SECRET.  In other words, the past and future VICTIMS OF JUDEO-COMMUNIST AND TALMUDIC BUTCHERS have NO RIGHTS.  It should be noted that my YouTube account was terminated without notice or appeal of any kind by the RACIST SUPREMACISTS behind JEWTUBE.

Judeo-Communist mass murders of non-Jews has to be kept a BIG SECRET

Judeo-Communist mass murders of non-Jews and the Jewish “religion” that views NON-Jews as “cattle” has to be kept a BIG SECRET in “FREE” Canada, formerly a Sovereign, British Parliamentary self-governing nation, but NOW a craven, subverted and oppressed slave colony of Judeo-Communist-Zionism.

The Goal of this Translation

The Goal of this Translation

Articles and books are being written about Adrien Arcand.  Most are in French but some are now in English.  These books claim to present Arcand’s ideas to the reader.  However, Arcand himself remains the best presenter of his own ideas.

With that in mind, an appropriate translation ought to make his ideas available to critical appraisal.  It ought not to alter them, or embellish them, or substitute the translator’s ideas or anyone else’s ideas for those of Arcand.  (Although I reserve the right to be opinionated in my own footnotes, with which you are free to disagree.)

Care has been taken and hopefully with reasonable success to allow Adrien Arcand to speak for himself in this first English edition of À Bas La Haine!, Down With Hate!.  The translator also tried to evoke the spirit of Adrien Arcand as it comes to the fore in his own French text.

The reader is welcome to judge the success of the effort by comparing the English to the French in the bilingual version of this book online at this web site.  You can also download a free gift copy of my scan of the original French book.

Thank you for reading.

– Adrien Arcand Books (AAB)

Aaargh 2005


The “Aaargh” Introduction of 2005

L’Introduction «Aaargh» de 2005


Avant-propos à l’Introduction «Aaargh» de 2005

Foreword to the “Aaargh” Introduction of 2005

Supprimer la lecture, les opinions et les idées, c’est corrompre l’histoire ; imposant ainsi l’ignorance afin de contrôler et comme une arme. Les opinions devraient être ouvertes aux contre-arguments. Ils ne peuvent pas être ouverts aux contre-arguments s’ils sont supprimés par la persécution orwellienne. Comme disait ma grand-mère maternelle d’Angleterre : «Les bâtons et les pierres peuvent me casser les os, mais les mots ne peuvent jamais me faire de mal». Évidemment, cela n’est vrai que dans une société libre où l’opinion est libre, comme le sont les contre-arguments. La répression et la persécution soulèvent la forte présomption que ceux qui ne peuvent tolérer l’opinion libre n’ont pas de véritables contre-arguments à offrir.

To suppress reading, opinions and ideas is to corrupt history; thereby imposing ignorance for control, and as a weapon.  Opinions should be open to counter-arguments.  They cannot be open to counter-arguments if they are suppressed by Orwellian persecution.  As my maternal grandmother from England used to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”.  Obviously, that is only true in a free society where opinion is free, as are counter-arguments.  Suppression and persecution raise the strong presumption that those who cannot tolerate free opinion have no real counter-arguments to offer.

Toutes les informations intéressent quelqu’un, quelque part, quelque temps ; et donc la suppression de l’information est un acte méprisable de trahison contre la connaissance et l’humanité, qui se distinguent des animaux par leur capacité de préserver la connaissance et l’histoire.

All information is of interest to someone, somewhere, some time; and therefore suppression of information is a despicable act of treachery against knowledge and humankind, who are distinguished from the animals by their ability to preserve knowledge and history.

De nos jours, qui devrait être l’ère de la plus grande liberté de connaissance et d’investigation, qui devrait valoriser la vérité et l’histoire plus que tout autre âge étant donné le vaste potentiel de communication de l’information, nous sommes au contraire confrontés à la suppression systématique de quelques types de lecture.  Certains lecteurs sont persécutés, simplement pour leurs points de vue, jusqu’aux tribunaux — souvent des tribunaux corrompus, des tribunaux «Étoilés», menant des procès politiques contre des présumés sorcières — qui par la suite se retrouvent emprisonnés, comme Galileo a été emprisonné.

In this day and age, which ought be an era of the greatest freedom of knowledge and investigation, which ought to value truth and history more than any other age given the vast potential for communicating information, we are on the contrary faced with systematic suppression of some kinds of reading.  Particular readers are persecuted, simply for their viewpoints, all the way to the courts — often corrupt courts, Star courts, conducting political witch trials — and they find themselves imprisoned, as Galileo was imprisoned.

L’Aaargh (abréviation de “L’Ass. des Anciens Amateurs de Récits de Guerre et d’Holocauste”) est apparemment consacré à la mise à disposition de matériel de lecture qui pourrait autrement être largement supprimé.  Une introduction en l’honneur d’Ernst Zündel est présentée dans l’édition de À Bas La Haine ! mise en ligne par Aaargh Reprints, datée et annotée le “8 novembre 2005 :  Procès Zündel, Mannheim”.  En remerciement pour leur distribution gratuite de À Bas La Haine ! par lequel j’ai pris connaissance de l’existence de ce document, ma traduction anglaise de l’Introduction Aaargh de 2005 suit.

The Aaargh (short for, rough translation:  “The Association of Antiquarian Amateurs of Accounts of War and Holocaust”) is apparently devoted to making reading material available that might otherwise be widely suppressed.  An introduction in honor of Ernst Zündel is featured in the edition of À Bas La Haine ! by Aaargh Reprints, dated and annotated “8 November 2005 :  Procès Zündel, Mannheim”.  In gratitude for their free distribution of À Bas La Haine ! by which I learned of this document, my English translation of the Aaargh 2005 Introduction follows.

The “Aaargh” Introduction
of 2005

L’Introduction «Aaargh» de 2005


Aaargh Reprints
8 novembre 2005 :  Procès Zündel, Mannheim

Aaargh Reprints
8 November 2005 :  Zündel Trial, Mannheim

Première édition sur le Net

First edition on the Net

Nous publions cet opuscule le 8 novembre 2005, jour de l’ouverture du procès de Ernst Zündel, éditeur révisionniste, à Mannheim, Allemagne.  Il est arrivé en Allemagne au début de 2005, après avoir été kidnappé par des services américains, et illégalement envoyé au Canada, où une parodie de procès l’a tenu deux ans à l’isolement, dans des conditions indignes.

We are publishing this short work on November 8th, 2005, day one of the trial of Ernst Zündel, a revisionist publisher, in Mannheim, Germany.  He arrived in Germany at the start of 2005, after being kidnapped by the American services, and illegally sent to Canada, where a parody of a trial kept him for two years in isolation, in shameful conditions.

Zündel, jeune paysan souabe, a débarqué au Canada en 1958.  Quelques temps après, il a rencontré Arcand (1899-1967) qui fut son mentor ; il lui montra ce qu’avait été l’histoire et la politique de l’Allemagne depuis les années 30.  Zündel a toujours été reconnaissant à Arcand pour l’avoir éduqué politiquement.

Zündel, a young Swabian peasant, landed in Canada in 1958.  Not long after, he met Arcand (1899-1967) who became his mentor; he showed him what the history and politics of Germany had been since the 1930s.  Zündel was always grateful to Arcand for giving him his political education.

Arcand était incontestablement un proche du parti nazi et avait été interné administrativement pendant la guerre.  Nous ne partageons certainement aucune des idées d’Adrien Arcand, catholique ultra, royaliste, pro-nazi, mais nous constatons que la répression des idées et la chasse aux sorcières exercée par les soi-disant démocraties relèvent très exactement de ces fascismes qu’elles prétendent combattre et qu’en fait elles imitent en y rajoutant une large dose d’hypocrisie.

Arcand was undeniably close to the Nazi party and had been administratively interned during the war.  We undoubtedly do not partake of any of the ideas of Adrien Arcand, an ultra Catholic, a royalist, a pro-Nazi, but we recognize that the repression of ideas and the witch-hunting practiced by the so-called democracies comes precisely from these fascisms that they pretend to fight and which they in fact imitate with the addition of a huge dose of hypocrisy.

Zündel est un homme libre qui devrait être libre, c’est-à-dire hors de la prison, si le pays qui l’héberge était lui-même libre.  Il y a davantage de livres interdits et de poursuites pour crimes de la pensée dans l’actuelle République fédérale allemande que dans le Troisième Reich.

Zündel is a free man who should be free, which is to say out of prison, if the country playing host to him were itself free.  There are as many forbidden books and trials for thought-crimes in the current Federal Republic of Germany as in the Third Reich.

«À bas la haine !».  Montréal, Éditions La Vérité, 1965.  140 p. (20 cm).  Ouvrage antisémite.  Peu commun.  Il s’agit de l’édition spéciale, couvertures simili-velours; avec une photo d’Arcand et un carton publicitaire de son organisation.  45 $ (librairie d’occasions, à Montréal.)

A bas la haine !”.  Montréal, Éditions La Vérité, 1965.  140 pp. (20 cm).  Antisemitic work.  Rare.  This is the special edition, faux-suede covers; with a photo of Arcand and a promotional card of his organization.  $45 (second-hand bookstore in Montréal.)

The whole book is up in Final English!

The whole book is up in Final English!

Very proud to present the first English translation of Adrien Arcand’s 1965 DOWN WITH HATE! (A BAS LA HAINE!).

Added today:

– Introduction
– Chapter IV
– Chapter V
– Chapter VI
– Conclusions
– Front – English Cover
– Front – French Cover
– Front – Frontistpiece
– Front – Frontispice
– Front – Credits
– Front – Crédits
– Front – Dedication
– Front – Dédicace
– Back – Appendix I

For the sake of other researchers, I have been determined to document every page in the original book, therefore all blank pages are accounted for, even in the html online. That way, you won’t have to wonder if something is missing, as blank pages often have an implied page number. Everything is here. And you can document it against a scan of the French book, see the Free Downloads.

I also added the free download of the PDF-scan of the original French book; and a post with photos of my visit to the Quebec Archives on 16 January 2018 to scan the book.

Over and above the eBook, I slightly updated the English About page which is mine, and not a part of Arcand’s book, but is part of the supplemental materials I am adding to the site to enhance reader interest and the historical context.

I am hoping to add a French version of the About page, but I am not a French translator, I only translate English; so I will have to use google translate for the French, and beg forgiveness, unless somebody would like to help and suggest corrections once it’s up.


Nota Bene: My translator’s footnotes are indicated in square brackets like this: [1] or [2]; Arcand’s own footnotes are very few and are indicated without brackets.


I have written about a quarter or a third of a Translator’s Introduction to the first English edition of Arcand’s A BAS LA HAINE! – DOWN WITH HATE! I will complete it once I find certain historical documents, Hansard, copies of the private members’ bills referred to by Arcand, and some other additional background material, which I will add to this web site as Appendixes.

For example, it appears that “hate speech” laws originate in the Communist Soviet Union, and thanks to the aggressive intervention of the USSR, “hate speech” notions were added to some UN documents.

In the meantime, please enjoy the completed English book, the photo gallery and the new free download of the original French book.

Thanks for reading, subscribe and check back.

P.S. I added a new header to the web site to announce DOWN WITH HATE! “For the first time in English”.

P.P.S. Nearly forgot. I had added an Index to the book, which I have to update. It doesn’t exist in the original French book; nor does a table of contents. I have already provided one of those in English in the sidebar. I may add one in French, as well.

Scanning A Bas La Haine! in the Quebec Archives

The Project

Finding and Translating Adrien Arcand’s À Bas La Haine !

This was a lot of work!

It all began late in the summer of 2017 with one of many downloads from the Aaargh “rare book” repository.  Aaargh had uploaded their OCR’d version of Arcand’s “À Bas La Haine !” in letter-sized pages.  I instantly knew that it must be put into English.  Adrien Arcand had been a politically active and highly controversial French Canadian, and a Quebecer.

The hunt was on for a copy of the actual original.  But the summer of 2017 was a nonstarter.  Three major libraries were under renovation and the reels with a scan of the book were locked away, or else the reading machines for the reels were broken!  The one copy of the original in the general Quebec archive had gone missing.  Shortly after, its catalogue entry also vanished.

I therefore, despite reservations, began to translate the Aaargh! version.  The French came to a bit over 60-odd pages.

When my draft translation of the Aaargh! version was done, I finally found the original French book in the rare books department at the Quebec Archives, where I scanned it on 16 January 2018.  A photographic record of that expedition is below.  The original was over 140 pages long!

Scroll to the bottom and get yourself a FREE PDF-scan of the original French book, as prepared by yours truly.

A BAS LA HAINE! on the scanning glass in the Quebec Archives, Tuesday, 16 January 2017

A bas la haine ! on the scanner in the Quebec Archives, Tuesday, 16 January 2018.

This was a great find.  The original published book is a glossy hard cover, with a very interesting bio of Arcand on the back.  The final text and first English translation of À bas la haine ! (Down With Hate!) can now be proofread against the Aaargh version found online, corrected, expanded and completed to match the original French book, published in 1965.

A bas la haine - Adrien Arcand in the catalog of the Quebec Archives.

A bas la haine ! in the catalog of the Quebec Archives.

PDF GRATUIT — non-recherchable :

À Bas La Haine !  Adrien Arcand (1965)
Télécharger PDF gratuit

À Bas La Haine ! Adrien Arcand (1965)

À Bas La Haine ! Adrien Arcand (1965)
Télécharger PDF gratuit

Ceci est un scan complet du livre original publié en 1965.
This is a complete scan of the original book published in 1965.