The July 3rd, 74th Anniversary celebration is already underway!

Rare photos from the WWII internment of Adrien Arcand and his men are online today.  And much more is to come.  Subscribe and check back!  Because the big July 3rd, 74th Anniversary of Arcand’s release from internment is now underway.

Arcand and his men in a concentration camp

Rare photographs of Arcand and his men in WWII internment

I could not possibly manage to put up everything at the same time at the last minute.  So I’m doing it piecemeal.  Still to come: 

  • Arcand’s own 1957 Memorandum and Request for compensation

  • a 1963 letter from communist defector Pat Walsh stating Arcand’s innocence

  • and Hansard with Justice Minister Louis Saint-Laurent proving Walsh’s point.

  • A rare audio tape of Louis Saint-Laurent addressing the United Nations on 13 January 1946, calling it “the basis of the world government”.

Sign up, Arcand followers!  Don’t miss it!


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