Great News!  Adrien Arcand Books is now on the Internet Archive (  Let’s hope “it sticks”!

The Internet Archive (

The Internet Archive (

I wanted to go to bed for a change, truly I did.  But I succeeded in uploading The Universal Republic, and I was hooked.

Also at the Internet Archive:  Soldier of Christ, A Short Study of the Life of Adrien Arcand, The Revolt of Materialism, What Is A French-Canadian?, Heading for Ottawa!  Canadian CorporatismCommunism Installed Here is not showing the cover in the general listing, I may have to re-upload that one.

A couple of items are not up, I have to fiddle with the formats, probably re-do a couple of covers to boost the dpi.  But, we’re there.  Hopefully, this will help to lift readership to this web site.

And now, I’m going to bed.  It’s 3:36 a.m. in Montreal.  Is that dedication, or what?  And I’m doing this sitting in the all-night A&W for the free wifi!

Adrien Arcand Books is now on the Internet Archive (16 August 2019)

Adrien Arcand Books is now on the Internet Archive (16 August 2019)

Update:  17 August 2019. I boosted the file definition on three more PDFs and tried again today.  Success!  Now online:  The Inevitability of a Social Reconstruction, The Swastika, What It Represents, and also got the front cover to show up on Communism Installed Here.  There’s one left to fix, Soldier of Christ is showing the back cover instead of the front.  We’re looking good, so far.

Adrien Arcand Books is on Internet Archive, 17 August 2019


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