Adrien Arcand Books has a new Twitter account!

Welcome to our new Twitter site!

Adrien Arcand Books opened our first Twitter account in 2018, but were instantly locked out without a single tweet online!  All “appeals” were simply ignored by Twitter.

This is our second account.  I couldn’t believe I got away with it, so I hurried up and tweeted over a year’s worth of old news about our eBooks, videos and Quebec Heritage web site!  It’ll be new news for people who don’t yet know about it.

So, let’s hope it sticks!

Our new Twitter address is:

Our Twitter header image is a view of Arcand’s audience during one of his post-WWII lectures.  It’s from Jean Côté’s book, Adrien Arcand : une grande figure de notre temps.  You can borrow it online.

Adrien Arcand lecturing (post-WWII)

Adrien Arcand lecturing (post-WWII)

The room seems to be a shoe-store after hours.  The walls are lined with shelves that seem to be filled with shoe boxes.  When I first saw all those boxes, I kinda hoped they were full of his lecture notes, and pamphlets, and that maybe they were still in someone’s attic somewhere.  But I think it really looks like a shoe store.

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Have a great day, everybody.


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