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Poor Adrien Arcand.  On Wednesday, July 11th, 2018, in my sub-post entitled “Great News!  Wikipedia Has Banned This Web Site”, I explained how this web site had been banned as “spam” by Wikipedia.  I have not given you news of the bannings that have occurred since then.  Let me sum them up from late 2018 until today.

Down With Hate! (that’s the original name of this web site because of the main hosted book) has now been squelched by Wiki-bloody-pedia, Jootube, Scribd, Calaméo.  And, print-production of The Universal Republic as an academic resource in libraries was hotly denied by a Quebec book producer with an office in France to serve Europe.  The publisher must be run by “Friends of the French Revolution”.

The refusal arrived from Jordan for Rapido’s self-publishing service, complete with left-wing mantra:  “we reserve the right to refuse to assist in the publication of writings that express racist, sexist, homophobic, or generally discriminatory or violent discourse”.  And, big bonus, he spelled Holocaust wrong.  I’m gonna give you that quote from Jordan verbatim so you can enjoy it:

Rapido Books: Jordan

As I have come to learn, Adrian Arcand was (October 3, 1899 – August 1, 1967) was a Montreal journalist who led a series of fascist political movements between 1929 and his death in 1967.  During his political career, he proclaimed himself the Canadian Furher.  He was a proponent of anti-Semitic discourse, as well as being a haulocaust denier.

Those of us who use dictionaries are being censored by those who do not.  Those of us who read the academic journals are being censored by those who read … Wikipedia.  I sent Jordan a little clip from Fahrenheit 451 in gratitude (Montag the Fireman torching books), and a link to the Venom and Vomit gallery of mass-murders by Palestinian “Homeland Deniers,” the Zionist Occupiers, for obviously Jordan is concerned with “violence” and “anti-Semitic discourse”.

The number of outlets to sell printed books online also has been drastically reduced.  Amazon formerly refused to ban books, but has changed its policy under pressure from … the Joos.  Amazon, and others in its wake, will now ban any work that questions the official line on the Holocaust, or speaks disrespectfully of the mass-murdering terrorists in Israel.

Therefore, it’s pretty much useless to sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing (with Amazon).  The new Amazon policy of banning freedom of inquiry has a cascading effect on other small publishers as well who affiliate with Amazon.

And don’t think they’re reading it first; they don’t weigh the arguments in the books before they burn them.  They ban them because a behemoth with too much power for our own good doesn’t “like” the books and doesn’t tolerate views counter to its own.

So, History has taken a big hit, because if free speech is denied, you can’t think; if you can’t think, you can’t counterpunch; if you can’t counterpunch, you are a slave.

Summing it up:  Between 2018 and today, Adrien Arcand Books has been stealth-banned by Scribd; deleted by JooTube, turfed by Calaméo, denied print production by Rapido, and blocked as spam by the bots at Wikipedia.

Just the other day, I was reading how someone had his controversial book print-produced in China because the Chinese couldn’t read the contents.  I may have to do that with Arcand.  Here’s “The Universal Republic” in Chinese:

环球共和国 Huánqiú gònghéguó

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