Scanning A Bas La Haine! in the Quebec Archives

The Project

Finding and Translating Adrien Arcand’s À Bas La Haine !

This was a lot of work!

It all began late in the summer of 2017 with one of many downloads from the Aaargh “rare book” repository.  Aaargh had uploaded their OCR’d version of Arcand’s “À Bas La Haine !” in letter-sized pages.  I instantly knew that it must be put into English.  Adrien Arcand had been a politically active and highly controversial French Canadian, and a Quebecer.

The hunt was on for a copy of the actual original.  But the summer of 2017 was a nonstarter.  Three major libraries were under renovation and the reels with a scan of the book were locked away, or else the reading machines for the reels were broken!  The one copy of the original in the general Quebec archive had gone missing.  Shortly after, its catalogue entry also vanished.

I therefore, despite reservations, began to translate the Aaargh! version.  The French came to a bit over 60-odd pages.

When my draft translation of the Aaargh! version was done, I finally found the original French book in the rare books department at the Quebec Archives, where I scanned it on 16 January 2018.  A photographic record of that expedition is below.  The original was over 140 pages long!

Scroll to the bottom and get yourself a FREE PDF-scan of the original French book, as prepared by yours truly.

A BAS LA HAINE! on the scanning glass in the Quebec Archives, Tuesday, 16 January 2017

A bas la haine ! on the scanner in the Quebec Archives, Tuesday, 16 January 2018.

This was a great find.  The original published book is a glossy hard cover, with a very interesting bio of Arcand on the back.  The final text and first English translation of À bas la haine ! (Down With Hate!) can now be proofread against the Aaargh version found online, corrected, expanded and completed to match the original French book, published in 1965.

A bas la haine - Adrien Arcand in the catalog of the Quebec Archives.

A bas la haine ! in the catalog of the Quebec Archives.

PDF GRATUIT — non-recherchable :

À Bas La Haine !  Adrien Arcand (1965)
Télécharger PDF gratuit

À Bas La Haine ! Adrien Arcand (1965)

À Bas La Haine ! Adrien Arcand (1965)
Télécharger PDF gratuit

Ceci est un scan complet du livre original publié en 1965.
This is a complete scan of the original book published in 1965.


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