Christmas 2021:  Who’s That Playing Santa This Year?  Can you Guess?  He knows when you’ve been good, he knows when you’ve been bad!

Is Playing Santa Again This Year!

Are you broke from two years of Red-Chinese style non-medical, non-scientific lockdowns to bring in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (merger of man with machine) of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum?  Treat yourself and all your friends to our free ebooks!

The merger of man with machine

Don’t take the poison shots!  It’s biodigital convergence, transhumanism, the merger of man with machine in a global wifi grid.

Don’t take the poison shots, there’s no pandemic, it’s a PSYOP for a one-world world government under a health dictatorship.  The shots are full of nanobots, graphene quantum dots, synthetic, aluminum-based life forms, and self-assembling nano-sensors, emitters and routers.  They create a nano-system to connect you to the 5G wireless grid for remote control and surveillance.

“If… you have been vaccinated, you should know that you have, inside your body, the artillery of nano-sensors, nano-technological nano-routers that …. are provoking an artificial neuronal network that will replace the natural one.”

The shots are not for a “virus”.  They do not confer “immunity” or prevent “transmission” and were not designed to do that.  They destroy your natural immunity and cause you to “shed” the toxic spike proteins that your body is forced to make onto your friends and loved ones.


How do you like the animation?  The characters were created by us, they are ours!

This Christmas 2021, fight the New World Order with information you can trust.  Defeat materialism!  Stuff Klaus Schwab, but not up your nose!  Fill your virtual stocking with our free eBooks!  Give them to all your friends!  Free gifts for everyone!

Merry Christmas from ADRIEN ARCAND BOOKS.

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!


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