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Looking for Unknown and Lost Works of Adrien Arcand

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First Kijiji ad to recover lost and unknown works of Adrien Arcand (12 April 2020)

As you know, if you’ve read this blog for awhile, I’m a “poor Anglo” (pôvre anglophone).  I had to use google translate to put this ad into French.  Therefore, if you notice any improvements or corrections that should be made to the French, please let me know in the comments.

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FRENCH TEXT OF THE AD (English below)

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Adrien Arcand est né à Montréal en 1899 et y est décédé en 1967. Il a vécu dans le centre-ville de Montréal, où il a prononcé des discours politiques au Monument National et ailleurs comme par exemple au Théâtre Saint-Denis.

Arcand a publié des brochures, prospectus et pamphlets, souvent pliés et agrafés, qu’il a vendus lors de ses discours publics dans les années 1930, puis dans les années 50 et 60.

La plupart de ceux des années 1930 sont maintenant perdus. Cependant, ces œuvres perdues font partie du patrimoine québécois.

Le travail d’Arcand est actuellement en cours de traduction en anglais (sans frais) pour la Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec. Nous souhaitons retrouver les œuvres manquantes d’Arcand afin de les traduire et aussi afin d’enrichir la collection de son travail à la BAnQ.

Nous essayons donc, avec cette publicité, de redécouvrir les œuvres manquantes et inconnues d’Adrien Arcand.

Cette publicité vise à localiser des copies de discours et de brochures d’Adrien Arcand, généralement publiés par Joseph Menard dans les années 1930 et par lui et par d’autres éditeurs dans les années 50 et 60.

Arcand était un chef politique catholique ultra-conservateur. C’était un fasciste catholique romain qui luttait pour la survie de son propre peuple, les Canadiens français.

Il fonda le Parti national social chrétien en 1933 et le Parti de l’unité nationale du Canada en 1939.

Si vous avez des objets de ce genre ou tout autre élément intéressant par Arcand ou son parti politique et ses dirigeants, dans votre sous-sol, votre grenier ou parmi vos vieux livres et magazines, veuillez nous contacter.

Nous aimerions transmettre copies ou photos de ces objets aux Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) en tant que documents patrimoniaux.

Adrien Arcand était également portraitiste et violoniste. Il a peint de grands portraits après la Seconde Guerre mondiale dans sa modeste maison de Lanoraie, au Québec. Arcand peint souvent des portraits pour «payer» les dettes qu’il doit.

Si vous avez un portrait qui, selon vous, a été peint par Adrien Arcand, nous apprécierions d’en voir une photo, afin de déterminer comment une copie pourrait être réalisée et incluse dans la collection patrimoniale d’Arcand à la BAnQ à Montréal.

Arcand jouait du violon. Il est possible qu’il ait écrit des partitions pour son violon. Si vous connaissez une partition signée par Adrien Arcand, qui a souvent signé son nom simplement comme “A. A.”, nous apprécierions d’en voir une copie pour les mêmes raisons.

Parfois, Arcand montait des spectacles dans des théâtres locaux avec des talents locaux. Nous aimerions retrouver ses anciens programmes de théâtre, vieilles affiches publicitaires, vieilles affiches de théâtre, de vieilles enregistrements audio de ses spectacles de talents; ou de ses discours ou également des enregistrements de discours de son collègue Joseph Menard.

Si vous avez des photos d’Adrien Arcand, seul ou avec sa famille, ses collègues et amis, nous aimerions en obtenir une copie pour enrichir sa collection au BAnQ.




Adrien Arcand was born in Montreal in 1899 and died there in 1967. He lived in downtown Montreal, where he gave political speeches at the National Monument theatre and elsewhere, for example at the Théâtre Saint-Denis.

Arcand published brochures, flyers and pamphlets, often folded and stapled, which he sold during his public speeches in the 1930s, and then in the 1950s and 1960s.

Most of those from the 1930s are now lost. However, these lost works are part of Quebec’s heritage.

Arcand’s work is currently being translated into English (free of charge) for the National Library and Archives of Quebec. We want to find Arcand’s missing works in order to translate them and also to enrich the collection of his work at the BAnQ.

We are therefore trying, with this advertisement, to rediscover the missing and unknown works of Adrien Arcand.

The advertisement seeks to locate copies of speeches and brochures by Adrien Arcand, generally published by Joseph Menard in the 1930s and by him and other publishers in the 1950s and 1960s.

Arcand was an ultra-conservative Catholic political leader. He was a Roman Catholic fascist who fought for the survival of his own people, the French Canadians.

He founded the National Christian Social Party in 1933 and the National Unity Party of Canada in 1939.

If you have such items or any other item of interest to Arcand or his political party and leaders, in your basement, your attic or among your old books and magazines, please contact us.

We would like to transmit copies or photos of these objects to the National Archives of Quebec (BAnQ) as heritage documents.

Adrien Arcand was also a portrait painter and violinist. He painted large portraits after the Second World War in his modest house in Lanoraie, Quebec. Arcand often painted portraits to “pay” the debts he owed.

If you have a portrait that you think was painted by Adrien Arcand, we would appreciate seeing a photo, to determine how a copy could be made and included in Arcand’s heritage collection at the BAnQ in Montreal.

Arcand played the violin. He may have written scores for his violin. If you know of a score signed by Adrien Arcand, who often signed his name simply as “A. A.”, we would appreciate seeing a copy for the same reasons.

Sometimes Arcand put on shows in local theaters with local talent. We would like to find his old theater programs, old advertising posters, old theater posters, old audio recordings of his talent shows; or of his speeches or also recordings of the speeches of his colleague Joseph Menard.

If you have photos of Adrien Arcand, alone or with his family, colleagues and friends, we would like to obtain a copy to enrich his collection at BAnQ.


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Jews Trying to Soften Us For Russian Drive’—Arcand (Montreal Gazette, 25 February 1947)

Adrien Arcand at home at Lanoraie, showing internment souvenirs to son Pierre

AMONG HIS SOUVENIRS:  Adrien Arcand, anti-semitic proponent of totalitarianism, is shown above at his home at Lanoraie, Que., showing some of his souvenirs from his stay in internment camp to his son Pierre.  During his five-year sojourn Arcand carved a number of brooches, buttons, boxes and similar objects, each bearing the emblem of the National Unity Party—a flaming torch.

Jews Trying to Soften Us For Russian Drive’—Arcand

Canada Has Become New Belgium, Says Fascist Leader; Maintains Reds Will Strike at United States Through Dominion

By Kenneth G. Wright


(Following is the last of three articles by Kenneth G. Wright, Gazette staff writer, on Adrien Arcand, Canadian Fascist leader who was interned for five years.)

Read Part 1.  Read Part 2.

(Copyright 1947)

Canada faces a double danger from Russia today, an attack from the north and steady disintegration of the country from within by “Jewish Bolshevik spies,” according to Adrien Arcand, pre-war leader of the Canadian Fascists.  Arcand, interned for five years as a menace to his nation’s war effort, in an interview at his home at Lanoraie, Que., last week, declared his anti-Jewish organization is now stronger than before.

Official emblem of the National Unity Party of Canada

Official emblem of the National Unity Party of Canada

“Canada has become the new Belgium,” he said.  “We are geographically and economically an American country, and Russia some day must strike through Canada at the United States  The greatest danger, however, is from within, for both nations.  You see every day instances of how the Jews are trying to soften us up, ready for the big blow.  Russia is not powerful enough to attack today, but she hopes to be in time, and meanwhile the Jews are preparing the way.

“Look at the spy trials.  And don’t forget, that was one group, it was reported there are four more.  I have definite information there are four more such groups, and that they are seeking to destroy us.”

“Did you see the outcome of the recent war between Fascism and Democracy?” he was asked.

“It wasn’t a war between Fascism and Democracy, it was s war, instigated as the First Great War was, by the Jews against the rest of the world.  In smashing the fighting power of Russia, the anti-Jews have won the first round.  I am doing my part, with my fellow believers in Canada and other parts of the world to help win the second, which is inevitably coming.”

His blueshirt legions, prominent at Arcand’s meetings in Montreal around 1938, were merely a “protective organization” against the Communists, the National Unity Party leader said.

‘Ahead of Our Time’

“I put my men into uniform and insisted they keep neat and clean and look smart merely because the Communists who tried to break up our meetings were the opposite — a dirty unshaven Jewish rabble, only out for trouble.

“We were trying at those meetings to tell the people of Canada what was in store for them, we tried to warn them of the Jewish-Communist menace.  We were 10 years ahead of our time in that work.

“Our real organization, however, was one of thinkers and planners.  That organization today is stronger than it ever was.”

Denying that his blueshirts ever had violent aims, Arcand reiterated that his present goal is to achieve his ends through peaceful methods.

“I am against harming any man.  I believe in faith, hope and charity.  My present aim in life is to enjoy my family and to watch events until the time comes.”  A Roman Catholic in religion, Arcand and his family have a pew in the Lanoraie parish church.  His philosophy, however, does not prevent him from reading with delight of British plans to take a firm hand with the terrorists in Palestine.  This he sees as action “for the cause.”

Much of the Arcand story remains to be told — much that only Arcand knows.  He has friends, some of them undoubtedly sympathetic, in high places in this province and in the rest of Canada.  How far those friends, and the people they can influence, will march with Arcand, “when the time comes,” he probably doesn’t know himself.

For the present, however, he is keeping his secrets.  “Memoirs?  A book?”

“That’s an old man’s job.  I’m too busy now.”

Download the original article, “‘Jews Trying to Soften Us For Russian Drive’—Arcand“.

* The image of the NUPC emblem was added by yours truly.


Solution to Palestine problem:  “Send Jews to Madagascar”, Says Fascist Adrien Arcand (24 February 1947)

Adrien Arcand at his typewriter in Lanoraie, February 1947

EARNING HIS LIVING:  Adrien Arcand, Montreal newspaperman who became leader of the Fascist movement in Canada, is shown at his typewriter in Lanoraie, doing commercial translation.  This work and his portrait painting, he says, earns him his living.  (Gazette Photo by Davidson.)

Send Jews to Madagascar, Says Fascist Adrien Arcand

Notorious Anti-Semite Has Own Solution for Palestine Problem; Exposé Finds Him Boasting That National Unity Party Still Growing

By Kenneth G. Wright


(Following is the second of three articles by Kenneth G. Wright, Gazette staff writer, on Adrien Arcand, Canadian Fascist Leader who was interned for five years.)

Read Part 1.  Read Part 3.

(Copyright 1947)

The solution to the Palestine problem is to transport all the Jews in that country “and in the rest of the world” to the Island of Madagascar, according to Adrien Arcand, Fascist-minded leader of the anti-semitic movement in Canada.

“Palestine has been populated for the past 1900 years by non-Jews — why do they ask for it now?  It is only to embarrass Britain, to start a conflict which would eventually smash the British Empire as part of their plan for Jewish world domination.”

Arcand, who was interned for five years during the war under the Defence of Canada regulations, in an interview at his home at Lanoraie, Que., this week credited the Madagascar idea to his friend, Henry Hamilton Beamish.  Beamish, a South African, has been a Jew-baiter for years, and was imprisoned during the war on similar grounds to those which led to Arcand’s internment.  The two correspond regularly, and Arcand expects Beamish to pay him a visit next year.

Proposes Plan

“Palestine is and was until the heavy Jewish immigration of the past 15 years an Arab country,” said Arcand.  “The Jews there and in the rest of the world should be sent to Madagascar.  The climate is suitable for colonization, the island is 1,300 miles long and it can comfortably contain 100 million people.  There are some four million negros there now, they could be sent to Africa, to Liberia*, for instance.  Then the Jews from America, from Britain, from every country in the world, could be isolated there, without contact with the white race, and spend the rest of their lives carrying out their nefarious plotting among themselves.”

Adrien Arcand, musician, portrait artist, philosopher, Roman Catholic Fascist

Adrien Arcand, musician, portrait artist, philosopher, Roman Catholic Fascist

Arcand is a curious paradox.  Tall, thin, with ascetic features, he is well-educated, plays the violin with more than ordinary skill and has a working knowledge of Yiddish and German besides a wide English vocabulary although a strong French accent.  His conversation jumps from the Winnipeg Grain Exchange to the Battle of Narvik to early Kings of England to American politics almost in a single breath, with every reference to illustrate some anti-Jewish belief.  He is fanatical about anything Jewish, and firmly believes he and his fellow thinkers are carrying on a crusade to “save” the world from that race.  He delights in quoting Jewish authors, including the Talmud, to make his point that the “Asiatics,” as he sometimes calls them, are plotting to crush the “white race.”

Yet he denies having any racial prejudice.

“I am against no race in the world.  I am against the Jews not as Jews but because of what they are trying to do.  Anti-semitism, you must remember, is not an offensive* status, it is a defensive one.”

This thought process leaves him, for instance, in sympathy with the Columbians, anti-racial group in Georgia, only as far as they are anti-Jewish and therefore helping “the cause.”  With their other tenets, especially their use of violence, he has no sympathy.

His only knowledge of the work of the Columbians is through the newspapers, nor has he had any direct communication with Sir Oswald Mosley in Britain.

Arcand did not like the use of the word “resurgence” in a question about British Fascism since the war.

“You cannot say ‘resurgence,’ the real thing never died down, although there may not have been much outward manifestation.  More people are thinking as we do, yes, that is going on everywhere in the world.  It is the same thing in Canada, my party members who come to see me here tell me.  Ideas cannot be shot or hanged or interned.”

The exact number of members of the National Unity Party in Canada today Arcand will not discuss, although he continually says it is a considerable and growing total.  He has many fellow travellers, he says, who for various reasons do not wish to come into the open “just yet.”  His mail is heavy, however, not only from Canada but from other parts of the world.  He showed me a number of letters in his voluminous files, which contain also much anti-Jewish literature of the type which the R.C.M.P. seized in raids on party headquarters just before he was interned.  Much of that material has been returned to him and is stored about the house.*  Over his desk is a plaque on which is emblazoned the emblem of the party — a flaming torch within a wreath surmounted by a beaver and bearing the Latin word “Serviam.”*

He is immensely proud, too, of a number of wooden brooches, buttons, jewel boxes, buckles and similar items he carved during his stay in the internment camp, each bearing the party’s device.

Arcand talks freely and often amusingly of his stay in the camps, first at Petawawa and later at Fredericton, N.B. Incidentally, he had little to do with Mayor Camillien Houde, interned at the same time, and one gathers there was no love lost between the two.

If he felt it would advance his cause he would face internment again, Arcand said.

“I don’t care personally whether I live to be there when the time comes for action or not, as long as the ideals in which I believe are successful.  If I felt it would advance those ideals I would face internment again, or shooting.  A bullet in the head on the battlefield for those ideals in which one believes, that is the death of a soldier.”

* The image of the violin was added by yours truly.



World Government Held Solution
To Prevent War, Create Peace


World government, based on universal brotherhood of men, or some sort of Christian socialism and moral as well as spiritual democracy is no Utopia.  It is a practical and thoroughly feasible government with authority in power to enforce world legislation which will prevent war and create lasting peace, Dr. Mortimer J. Adler, well-known American author and lecturer, stated at Loyola College last night.

Dr. Mortimer J. Adler

Dr. Mortimer J. Adler

Speaking under the auspices of the Loyola Ladies’ Auxiliary on “Unity or Chaos,” Dr. Adler, who also is professor of philosophy of law at the University of Chicago, said, “One world or none is our only choice.”  He added that the present nations, individually and collectively would only be ready to accept such a world government after having undergone an economic, moral and spiritual revolution.

He stated, “the United Nations will not do” because, he said, it has no legislative powers, no authority, too many foreign policies, and too many diplomats, each trying to enforce his own or his nation’s particular interests.

He admitted that the United Nations “however good it may be as a debating society may serve as a stepping stone to the real world government.”  The present peace period according to Dr. Adler is nothing but an “armed truce”.  He maintained that real peace in the world can only be achieved through elimination of what he called “small peaces.”  The latter he defined as peace treaties among one or several nations [sic] opposed to other nations or ideologies.

He specifically mentioned as an example (of small peaces) a recently proposed federation of capitalistic powers uniting against Communistic forces.  He said nationalism would have to play “a secondary role in any future world governments.”

Sovereign right which Dr. Adler divided into internal and external right, will have to be granted to the future world governments and to the national or sectional authorities respectively.  He said “this world government must have an armed force in order to execute law and legislative matters in order to preserve peace.”  He urged each individual to “contribute his share to the blueprint of the future world government by propagating its ideas and fundamental laws.”

Miss S. A. Murray was chairman of the meeting.

* The photo of Dr. Mortimer J. Adler was added by yours truly.




Peace or Perish, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt 24 Feb 1947

“Peace or Perish”:  Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt 24 Feb 1947



I would have liked to be there … when Adrien Arcand received his complimentary copy of the Montreal Gazette for 24 February 1947, containing part two of Kenneth Wright’s interview with him … and also containng a big push for World Government.

Madagascar or World Government?

Madagascar or World Government? The Montreal Gazette of 24 February 1947.  Download the Gazette page.

What would Arcand have said?  Perhaps he’d have smiled wryly and returned to his portrait-painting or his violin.

On the same page with Arcand recommending quarantine for the Jews to save the white race from their “nefarious plotting”, the Montreal Gazette covers a Jew from New York pushing a “Christian socialist” world government on the “Loyola Ladies’ Auxiliary” and their guests.

And, side by side, like balls racked up in a billiard frame, is a “Peace or Perish!” ad with a big exclamation point.

We know what “Peace” means.  “Peace” is a stick-up, a protection racket, a code-word for “World Government”.  “World Government” or Perish!  Give us your guns, give us your legislative powers!  One world or none!  We rule, or everybody dies!

I think they dropped those bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a little demo to push their agenda.

And I am guessing that if Arcand analyzed the proposal of Mr. Adler for a “universal brotherhood of men” or “some sort of” ‘Christian socialist’ world government, Arcand would quote from an encyclical.  He was known to quote from Pope Pius XI.  Here’s what I think Arcand would have chosen for Mr. Adler.  Divini Redemptoris:

“Le communisme athée s’est montré au début, tel qu’il était, dans toute sa perversité, mais bien vite il s’est aperçu que de cette façon il éloignait de lui les peuples:  aussi a-t-il changé de tactique et s’efforce-t-il d’attirer les foules par toutes sortes de tromperies, en dissimulant ses propres desseins sous des idées en elles-mêmes bonnes et attrayantes.”

“In the beginning Communism showed itself for what it was in all its perversity; but very soon it realized that it was thus alienating the people.  It has therefore changed its tactics, and strives to entice the multitudes by trickery of various forms, hiding its real designs behind ideas that in themselves are good and attractive.”

Interesting that Adler should pinpoint “Christian socialism” while speaking in Canada, where the CCF is working on world government under just that brand.  Adler must know the Jews will not convert. But if the Christians become communists, big score for the Zionists.

In my post entitled “Canada’s Tax-Exempt Foundations:  A Look at the Ontario Woodsworth Memorial Foundation, the Praxis Research Institute and the roots of the federal NDP,” I noted that Arcand, in 1933, at page 43 of “Fascism or Socialism?” (Fascisme ou Socialisme ?), under the bold header, ‘There is no Christian Socialism’ (“Il n’y a pas de “socialisme chrétien”“), points out:

“Contrairement à ce que certains illusionnés prétendent, il n’y a ni ne peut y avoir de socialisme chrétien.  Ce mythe a été confondu par la plus haute autorité chrétienne, celle du Vatican, lorsque Pie X a condamné les erreurs du “Sillon”.  D’ailleurs, les grands doctrinaires du socialisme, entre autres Proudhon, Millerand, Jaurès, ont affirmé que toute prétention à un socialisme chrétien est aussi illusoire qu’idiote.”

“Contrary to what some illusionists claim, there is not nor can there be Christian socialism.  This myth was confounded by the highest Christian authority, that of the Vatican … Moreover, the great doctrinarians of socialism, among others Proudhon, Millerand, Jaurès, have affirmed that any claim to Christian socialism is as illusory as it is idiotic.”

The “illusionists” must be the CCF’ers, for Arcand was probably addressing himself to Woodsworth who founded the CCF in Calgary in 1932, the year before Arcand founded his National Social Christian Party in Quebec.

The Universal Republic (1950), Adrien Arcand

The Universal Republic (1950), Adrien Arcand

Adler spoke the previous night.  More speakers are coming this night, the 24th, from the world-government gang:  Coldwell of the communist CCF (mislabelled “Christian socialist”), and traitor Louis Saint-Laurent who just the previous year said:  “we can try to make of it (the UNO) the basis of the world government“; and featuring the widow of American traitor Roosevelt (the Jews’ asset) who lured Japan to attack Pearl Harbor so he could deliver the US to the war effort.

Not long after, in The Universal Republic (1950), Arcand will say:

Le Super-Gouvernement

Nos chefs civils, à Ottawa, nous ont parlé plusieurs fois de la nécessité d’un super-gouvernement mondial, depuis qu’ils ont été embobinés à San Francisco, en 1945, par le texte Juif, rédigé par le Juif Harry White qui forme la charte des Nations-Unies.  Et tout leur travail, depuis cette date, a surtout consisté à nous inféoder toujours plus intimement sous l’autorité de l’O.N.U.  Ces chefs, pour la plupart francs-maçons, ne font que suivre la ligne de conduite dictée par les loges, elles-mêmes sous la coupe des Juifs.

The World Super-

Our civil leaders in Ottawa have spoken to us many times of the necessity for a world super-government, since they were all wound up at San Francisco in 1945 by the Jewish text drafted by the Jew Harry White, which forms the Charter of the United Nations.  And all their work, from that date, has above all consisted in ever more tightly subordinating us to the authority of the U.N.O.  These leaders, for the most part Freemasons, are merely following the line of conduct dictated by the lodges, themselves under Jewish control.

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A portrait of Adrien Arcand by Someone who Knew Him:  Ernst Zündel, with Tom Metzger on “Race and Reason”

Ernst Zündel and Adrien Arcand

Left to right:  A young Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel, and Adrien Arcand, veteran of the Canadian concentration camps.  Arcand looks like the cat that ate the canary.  He’s very pleased with his new recruit.



TOM METZGER:  I’m Tom Metzger, your host for Race and Reason, that longest-running racially oriented television show in the United States.

We are on now in over sixty cities across the country. And we keep producing.

Race and Reason is dedicated to total, absolute free speech.  That island of free speech in a sea of controlled and managed news.

And we’re glad to have you with us today, because we’re on the road again.  And today, we have a very interesting guest from Canada.

His name is Ernst Zündel.

He’s a writer, publisher, artist, and quite a figure in the press up in Canada.  So, welcome to the show, Ernst.  Good to have you with us.

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  Glad to be here.

TOM METZGER:  Ernst, most of the people, or some of the people, or maybe all the people, have not heard so much of Ernst Zündel in the United States.

Why are you such a controversial figure here in Canada?

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  Basically, I became famous — or infamous — with a number of court cases.  Legal battles.  And, uh, that basically topped my fame.  I was uh, quite a well known artist. I sold over 700 paintings in Canada.  Hanging in some of the most famous places.  And uh, sold paintings to Japan; Johannesburg, South Africa; sold them to Germany.  So, the first part of my fame was for my art.

The second part of my fame was in the 60s when I was running for Prime Minister of Canada against the then later-leader, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.  Made it to the inner circle, to the shock and astonishment of all the pros in politics.

And then drifted out of things into the publishing field, published a number of controversial books, and eventually got sued by a Jewish woman, and she really made me a household word.

TOM METZGER:  Now, wait a minute, now.  Are, are you a German national?

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  I’m, I was born in Germany —

TOM METZGER: — born in Germany.

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  Yeah.  Raised in Germany.  Left because I didn’t like to join America’s vassal army, the Foreign Legion that they created in Germany.

And I looked around the world, where I could go without having to put on a uniform and shoot my fellow men.  In those days, I was extremely liberal; I believed in all the propaganda the Allies had given us, and I was pacifist.

And I was raised a very strong Christian.  And I found in Canada, the country, the one country in the world at that time where they had no draft.  And so, I came here.

TOM METZGER:  So, you’re — here you are and you ran for public office, you’re an artist and you’re doing quite well, and paintings all over, all over the world.  But then, all of a sudden, you did something.  You, you were publishing, and you published books —


TOM METZGER: — what did you do that set the world on fire?

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  Maybe it’s the name.  Zündel in German means to spark something.


Zündel is the root word for a spark plug, and uh, ignition of a car, you know, it all has to do with Zündelism, so, uh —

No, actually, quite simply, I came to Canada, as I said, for conscience reasons.

And uh, loved Canada, enjoyed it here.  It was a wonderful country when I came here in 1958.  And, I was young, healthy, quickly married the French-Canadian girl that I met in night school when I was learning English and established a family.

Moved to Quebec, lived amongst French people for nine years in the province of Quebec.  Did my business in both French and English.  And uh —

TOM METZGER: — Now, so far, we’re not very controversial —

Ernst Zündel, Adrien Arcand

Ernst Zündel, Adrien Arcand

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  No, no, no.  But, I, I, I met a French-Canadian man in Quebec who was known as the Hitler of Canada.

And uh, he was a man known to Adolf Hitler.  He was the leader of the largest political movement in the thirties and forties in Canada, called the Unity, National Unity Party of Canada.  At one time, they had a swastika as their national emblem.

And, uh, he turned me — within a three-and-a-half-hour session — into a German.

I was so guilty, up until that moment, I felt so terribly guilty for what German people allegedly had done, that I wanted to forget that I was a German.

And here, this, in this far-away land, this man of French-Canadian origin, who had been an editor of one of the large newspapers in Quebec, turned me into a German who was proud of his country, proud of his heritage, and started me out on a quest that I had no idea that I was getting into.

But he made such an impression on me, after that three-and-a-half-hour detoxification, or, or whatever you want to call it —

TOM METZGER: — This, this must have been quite a man.

Now, here you are, you’re a pacifist.  You’ve come to the United States [Canada] because you — and you obviously believed everything that the Allies had said about Germany.  You come here, and you’re married, and you’re an artist, and uh, and you meet one man, and what was his name?

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  His name was Adrien Arcand.

And he spent, himself, seven years — six-and-a-half years [five years and three months] in a Canadian concentration camp.

TOM METZGER:  During the forties?

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  During the, well, immediately when the war broke out, they arrested him without trial and kept him in Canadian concentration camps as a prisoner of war.

He showed me the mail that he would get from his wife, and it said “Prisonnier de guerre“, Prisoner of war, in his own country.

TOM METZGER:  Now, you must — this man must have been one great salesman.

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  He, well, he was — I consider him one of the geniuses that I have met in my life.  He spoke seven languages, he spoke fluent German, he could speak English, Hebrew, Greek that he had taught himself.

He was also quite an artist.  He was a brilliant writer, and a magnificent orator.

That man was a Canadian genius.

And he really did turn me around.  I was, it was my great fortune to have met him.

TOM METZGER:  So, in, briefly, how did he peel this guilt away?

ERNST ZÜNDEL:  It was really quite simple. He had a huge library, of uh, in many different languages, three of which I spoke:  German, English, French.  And, uh, he was very clever in pointing out historical events using Jewish sources.  When he knew the sting would be for me to react negatively towards the argument, he would bring a Jewish source, you know, it made it easier for me to accept it.  Or bring an English source, or bring an American source, you know.

It was a magnificent — that man had deep insight into human beings.  He was a very moral man, a very deeply spiritual, deeply Christian man, like many French-Canadians are.

And, uh, he set me on the right path.  I’m forever grateful.  Whatever happens to me in this country — whatever else happens to me — I mean, all the bombs, and the spitting at, and being punched out, and going to jail, and being dragged through the courts, that man made it worth it.

– 30 –

This part of segment one ends @ 6 minutes 50 seconds in.

The whole film is 56 minutes, 25 seconds, in two big segments.  Download the full-length video to enjoy the rest.

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‘Stronger Than Ever Here’ is Arcand’s Fascist Boast, Montreal Gazette (22 February 1947)

ADRIEN ARCAND at his home in Lanoraie working on a portrait

ADRIEN ARCAND, leader of Canada’s National Unity (Fascist) Party, is shown above at his home in Lanoraie working on a portrait.  Arcand learned painting during his five years in an internment camp during the war, and now augments his income by it, earning the remainder of his money by commercial translation.  (Gazette Photo by Davidson.)

‘Stronger Than Ever Here’ is Arcand’s Fascist Boast

His Attitude Supporting Anti-Semitism Not Dampened By Internment During the War; Claims Contact With Groups in Other Nations

By Kenneth G. Wright


(Following is the first of three articles by Kenneth G. Wright, Gazette staff writer, on Adrien Arcand, Canadian Fascist leader who was interned for five years.)

Read Part 2.  Read Part 3.

(Copyright 1947)

The National Unity Party headed by Adrien Arcand, who as a
violently anti-semitic exponent of Canadian Fascism was interned for five years during the war, is stronger than ever, Arcand declared yesterday.

“I am in communication with people who think as I do in Great Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and other countries.  In Canada we have grown tenfold.  When we are going to take advantage of that growth is a tactical question.”

I first met Adrien Arcand in 1937 when, in the course of my duties as a newspaperman, I attended early secret meetings of the then National Christian Socialist [sic] Party’s blue-shirted “legions.”  I recently spent many hours with him at his home at Lanoraie, Que., listening to him propound his theory that the Jews are responsible for most of the ills of the world.  I am convinced he is perfectly sincere in his statement that “my beliefs are stronger than ever and I have been most happy to suffer for them.”

Nor is he afraid of any further punitive action against him or his followers.

Claims Party Legal

“You must remember our party is now perfectly legal.  Neither the Royal Canadian Mounted Police nor the laws of Canada forbid it.  I am still the duly elected leader of the party in Canada.  The other leaders and the thinkers who were with me when I formed the party are with me today, and there are more people in the country who think as I do than there were before the war.  We have not gone backward a single step.  We have merely changed our tactics.”

Broadly speaking, the party’s change in tactics has been to work quietly where 10 years ago they were beginning to come into the open.  For the time being at least there will be no more blue shirts, no more public meetings.

Arcand has been Fascist-minded since the early 1930’s — at least that is when his anti-semitic ideas crystallized.  By profession he is a newspaperman, and according to his confrères a good one.  Born 48 years ago in Montreal, he is of French-Canadian-Scottish descent.  He attended primary schools here, and after studying philosophy at St. Mary’s College, took up chemical engineering with private tutors.  But illness forced him to abandon this.  He started newspaper work with La Patrie as a proofreader and later as a reporter.  He was also for 15 years secretary to his father, the organizer for the American Federation of Labor Carpenters’ and Joiners’ Union.  He was with the Montreal Daily Star for a short time as political reporter, and then for many years on La Presse, from which newspaper he was fired, he says, in 1929, for helping to organize a professional syndicate of newspapermen, an example of his early leanings to corporatism.

Corporate Views

Today, he believes newspapermen should be a group in the corporate state, electing one or more of their fellows to a parliament at Ottawa, setting, with the publishers (who should be another corporate group) their wages and the prices at which newspapers and advertising should be sold.

The doctors, the lawyers and similar professional men have corporate groups in this province — why not everybody?” he asks.

After leaving La Presse he helped found or was active in several anti-Jewish weeklies, including Le Patriote, Le Miroir and the Combat National, the latter the organ of his party.

He came into the open with his blueshirt party in the early months of 1938, and held meetings in Montreal, largely in the east end, as well as in Toronto.  At one in Maisonneuve Market in August, 1938, he forecast that:  “Success will crown our efforts in June, 1940, in a march on Ottawa.”1  A month before that date he was interned for violation2 of the Defence of Canada Regulations.

Five years and five weeks later he was released and today lives with his wife and three sons, the oldest of whom volunteered for active service with the Canadian Army on reaching his 19th birthday, and was on a draft for overseas when the war ended.3  Arcand himself holds the King’s commission as a lieutenant in the Regiment de Chateauguay (Reserve).  He lives quietly in a modest but comfortable home at Lanoraie, 40 miles down the north shore of the St. Lawrence from Montreal, making his living, he says, by painting portraits and by translation.

Blames Jews

He holds his internment against neither the people of Canada nor the government.

“I hold it only against the Jews — I know where the pressure which was brought to bear came from.”

He sees nothing disloyal in his actions, in fact he believes he is acting loyally to Canada in attacking Judaism.  At the national convention of the party in Kingston, Ont., July 1, 1938, at which he was elected leader and where the National Christian Socialist [sic] Party’s swastika emblem was changed to the National Unity Party’s flaming torch, he sent a telegram of loyalty to the Governor-General.  Today he expresses immense admiration for British institutions and history as a “civilizing force.”  He wants to save the Empire for himself and his fellow Canadians by, he says, “taking it out of the hands of the Jews who are slowly gaining control of it to smash it.”

(Download a free copy of the original article, “Stronger Than Ever Here”.)


1.  In 1938, war hadn’t been declared yet; and federal elections were ultimately called for March 26, 1940; so Arcand’s “march on Ottawa” was a figure of speech for the slogan in his 1938 party brochure on corporatism, “Heading for Ottawa!”.  The 1945 federal election was held in June; the 1940 election seems to have been held a couple of months early.

2.  “Alleged” violation; no violation was ever proved, he had no trial.  And after the war, it was admitted that there was no evidence.  I’ll go into this in more detail in the Memorandum and Request ebook and post that I’m still developing.

3.  We have a fact that needs to be checked.  David Rajotte of Library and Archives Canada seems to have been under the impression that Arcand’s eldest son (Yves) had in fact gone to war.  In his research article, “L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand” (“The Canadian State Versus The National Unity Party And Adrien Arcand”), Rajotte says:  “Le fils aîné d’Arcand a aussi rejoint l’armée en 1944” (“Arcand’s eldest son also joined the army in 1944.”)  And at his footnote 59 attached to that statement, Rajotte says:

Les dossiers de service des soldats ayant servi durant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale ne sont accessibles au public que 20 ans après la mort du militaire.  Yves Arcand étant décédé en 2002, il n’est pas encore possible de connaître ses faits d’armes exacts. Voir: Anonyme, «Notice nécrologique de Yves Arcand», L’expression de Lanaudière, 29 septembre 2002, p. 60.

The service records of soldiers who served during the Second World War are only accessible to the public 20 years after the death of the soldier. Yves Arcand died in 2002, it is not yet possible to know his exact feats of arms. See: Anonymous, “Yves Arcand’s obituary”, L’expression de Lanaudière, September 29, 2002, p. 60.

The proper cite for that article would be:  Rajotte, D. (2018). L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien
Arcand. Bulletin d’histoire politique, 26 (3), 189–211.

“Mr. Arcand, Canada’s Own Mosley Thinks The Sun Wronged Him” By Adrien Arcand (1947)


Canada’s own Mosley Thinks The Sun Wronged Him by Adrien Arcand, Vancouver Sun, Letters to the Editor, 4 December 1947

Newspapers.com is double-dealing, and double-dipping.  I ran a search and was asked to pay to view the search results.  I chose the cheapest option presented, $7.95 USD for one month.  Newspapers.com happily took my money.  I then found 99% of the results on the results page blocked off, and a message popped up demanding an upgrade to see the items I had already paid to see.  Minimum charge of the so-called “Publisher Extra Upgrade”: $19.90 USD.  And this, IN ADDITION to the $7.95 USD already paid.  In other words, they’re the “Publisher” and I must fork over the “Extra”.  Total cost of one month to look at newspaper clippings:  $39.26 CAD.  I hope I have enough time this month to make the extortion worthwhile.

UPDATE.  I stand corrected.  Newspapers.com voluntarily notified me (without my asking) that “We have refunded the Basic charge of $7.95 to your card.  It will post to your account ending in 2477 in 3-5 business days.”  That brings the real cost for one month’s access to $19.90 USD or 27.85 CAD.  Still a pretty penny.


Mr. Arcand, Canada’s Own Mosley

Thinks The Sun Wronged Him

By Adrien Arcand


Editor, The Sun:  Sir,— I have read with amazement and amusement your editorial of November 24, entitled “The Menace of Arcand,” because I still ignored that editorials could be based on inaccuracies, untruths, misinformation, distortion and propaganda platitudes in a daily paper claiming some importance.  When one has truth or complete knowledge, he has not to resort to such proceedings.  Here are some of your affirmations and the truth about them:

1.  I was leader of the Canadian Unity Party.  The so-called party, quite distinct from the National Unity Party on many grounds, existed only in a section of the Canadian West and Mrs. Dorise Nielsen was its representative in the House of Commons.

2.  The National Unity Party never had black shirts.

3.  I am holding no public meetings, nor have done so in the last two years.

4.  I never believed in a “rigidly disciplined dictatorship” as “the most efficient form of human government.”  I believe in corporatism, wherein national classes, such as agriculture, labor, trade, fishing, etc., replacing political partis (even mine), elect their own representatives who choose among themselves their own ministers for representation in the government, and who in the House look after their own financial, economic, professional interests, thus allowing people more freedom, more initiative and more security than they are “enjoying” now or under the knout-rule1 of a few gangsters in the “workers’ paradise.”

5.  The men around me, whom you call “fanatical zealots who live to agitate, whose frustrations and resentments and dreams of future power,” are cool-headed people, not frustrated, having no resentments nor hatreds; they are good Canadians, law-abiding and orderly, who refuse to believe in the negative propaganda of those eternally against, be it religion, patriotism, tradition, property, family, in the propaganda of envy and jealousy, or destruction and revenge.

6.  Mr. Arcand, you note, is astute enough to range behind him all the more extreme advocates of separatism, playing upon the distorted grievances of French-Canadian Nationalists.  Yet, the Montreal Herald of November 012, 1947, gloated over the fact that Quebec Separatists were against the National Unity Party; the official organ of the Separatists, La Nation, anathematized me because our program made French Canadians empire-conscious, called for a “more immediate co-operation with the British Empire,” and for such the same paper called me an agent and stooge of the British Intelligence Service, a “man playing the game of English Freemasonry,” while at the same time the CCF Commonwealth wrote that I was an agent of … the Pope and financed with Vatican funds, while L’Autorité Nouvelle made me an agent of the Mikado, the Clarion of Fred Rose made me an agent and spy of Mussolini, and the Canadian Jewish Congress boasted of “identifying Arcand in the public mind with the sinister forces of German Naziism.”

7.  You find it disquieting that “a recent Arcand rally was held in a church hall, with anti-Semitic speeches.”  It was not a political rally and it was not held in a church hall, but an anniversary private gathering held in a hall located two blocks away from any church and belonging to the Corporation of the parishioners of St. Stanislaus.  As to my “anti-Semitic” speech, it consisted in anti-Gentile quotations extracted from Jewish authors. … To Jewish threats and plots against the Gentile culture and way of life, I answered that we Gentiles must all unite and see to it that we can frustrate the conspiracy.  If there is anti-Semitism in it all, well!  Gentiles did not start it.  And if Jews have a right in opposing unjustified anti-Semitism, Gentiles have an equal right to oppose anti-Gentilism in action, whether under the form of financial, economic, revolutionary, terror or smear oppression.

8.  You claim that the best way to combat my “menace” is by exposing my doings and ideas in the open.  It is exactly with the purpose of helping you do so that I am addressing this letter to you.

Lanoraie, Que.


1.  Knout:  a whip used to inflict punishment, often causing death.
2.  The first digit of the day in the date of the issue of the Montreal Herald is whited out in the news clipping.  Only the second digit appears, the “1”.

A Christian Quebec or a Jewish Quebec? The Editorial Corner, The Goglu, August 29, 1930

The threat of 20 Cdenturies looms up at last, bold and powerful

THE THREAT OF TWENTY CENTURIES LOOMS UP AT LAST, BOLD AND POWERFUL. Judaism, which has pursued Christianity with its bitter hatred for two thousand years, rises more formidable than ever in our province, where it has conquered financial power and commercial power, and then political power in the Judéo-Liberal party.  Thanks to Bill David, recently obtained from Smoked Herring (Taschereau) and his fawning servants through treacherous little Sathanase (Athanase David), Quebec has ceased to be an exclusively Christian and Franco-English province.  This shameful law, encouraged by our major Jewish newspapers, puts the Jewish religion and race on the same footing as our religion and our race, makes of the Israelite civilization the Pale of Christian civilization.  The deicidal race of Judas has devoted all its energies against Chistianity and the “goim” or dogs of Christians.  It prepares, with its agitators imported by the reds, to make Canada its Promised Land, a country of disorganization and atheism, as in Russia. This is the watchword of the Elders of Zion. And Judas has won his first triumph in Quebec, the most Christian corner of the earth. Will we, like the Clique, be cowardly enough to suffer this arrogant infamy on the part of the Wandering Jew, or will we defend like patriots our religious and national traditions against Bill David and its supporters! The Goglus only await the moment to give the question an historic reply.
LA MENACE DE VINGT SIECLES SURGIT ENFIN, AUDACIEUSE ET PUISSANTE.  Le Judaïsme, qui poursuit le christianisme de sa haine fielleuse depuis deux mille ans, se dresse plus redoutable que jamais sur notre province, où il a conquis la puissance financière et la puissance commerciale, puis la puissance politique au sein du parti judéo-libéral.  Grâce au Bill David, qu’il vient d’obtenir du Hareng Boucané (Taschereau) et ses valets serviles, par l’entremise du perfide petit Sathanase (Athanase David), Québec a cessé d’être une province exclusivement chrétienne et franco-anglaise.  Cette loi honteuse, encouragée par nos grands journaux juifs, met sur le même pied que notre religion et notre race, la religion et la race juives, fait de la civilisation Israélite Pégale de la civilisation chrétienne.  La race déicide de Judas a voué toutes ses énergies contre le chistianisme et les “goïm” ou chiens de chrétiens.  Elle se prépare, avec ses agitateurs importés par les rouges, à faire du Canada sa Terre Promise, un pays de désorganisation et d’athéisme, comme en Russie. C’est le mot d’ordre des Sages de Sion.  Et Judas a obtenu son premier triomphe dans Québec, le coin de terre le plus chrétien du globe.  Serons-nous, comme les Cliqueux, assez lâches pour subir cette arrogante infamie de la part du Juif Errant, ou défendrons-nous comme des patriotes nos traditions religieuses et nationales contre le Bill David et ses suppôts!  Les Goglus n’attendent que le moment de donner à la question une réponse historique.

“The 7-headed beast” front page of the <i>Goglu</i> 29 August 1930

“The 7-headed beast” front page of the Goglu 29 August 1930

FOREWORD:  I recently found this editorial in an issue of Le Goglu that I had missed.  I’ll be including it in my compendium in development, Arcand’s Christian or Jew? from 1930.  In the Editorial below by Arcand’s Émile Goglu persona, “Bill David” means “An Act respecting the education of children of the Jewish faith in the Island of Montreal”.  In French:  “Loi concernant l’éducation des enfants de croyance judaïque dans l’Île de Montréal”.  (The name David is pronounced “Dah-vid” in French.)  Bill David was sponsored by Athanase David for the majority Liberal government of Louis-Alexandre Taschereau during the 17th Quebec Legislature.  It received the royal assent on April 4th, 1930 in the legislative chamber.

In those days, Quebec (and Ontario) had two chambers, an upper chamber and a lower chamber like the Parliament in Ottawa.  The upper chamber or Legislative Council of Quebec was abolished in 1968 under Premier Jean-Jacques Bertrand.  Yours truly believes the abolition was constitutionally deficient, thus, a mere “attempt” and not a successful constitutional amendment.  In any event, the Legislative Council has been out of use for some time.  Le Devoir has an interesting article about it in French, and here’s an English translation from Google.

Louis-Alexandre Taschereau, Montmorency riding

Throughout the Goglu, Athanase David, sponsor of the Jewish Schools Law, is called “Sathanase”, a play on “Satan”.  Louis-Athanase David was a cabinet minister in the Quebec Legislature for the riding of Terrebonne; he served as Provincial Secretary; and was later appointed to the Canadian Senate.  As for Taschereau, he is always called “smoked herring” “hareng boucané” in the Goglu.  With his sharp, triangular face, to some degree, he actually looked like a smoked-herring filet.  But the attribution was intended to caricature this French-Canadian Liberal as more Jewish than the Jews he favored over his own people.

There were some fabulous front pages in Le Goglu.  On one of them, Arcand portrayed Louis-Alexandre Taschereau in a two-inch-high headline as “Taschereau The Coward” (Taschereau le Peureux).  (Another good one was, “Perron The Crybaby”-  “Perron Le Braillard”) .  With our corrupt federal and provincial leadership, we could use headlines like that today.  Where are they?  Oh, we have “memes”, but none of our official papers of which I am aware is quite as bold as the wonderful Goglu.  For shame!

A very good theme to explore for anyone who has a term paper or a book to write, would be how Arcand, his writings and publications, situate Quebec in the framework of Church and Biblical history.  And I would warmly suggest that the Old Testament be read as an ancient Biblical prophesy of world government, promised to the Jews by Yahweh.  To get you started, our featured cartoon today is from the front page of the Goglu of August 29th, 1930.  The headline reads:  “The 7-Headed Beast” “La Bête À Sept Têtes”, a Catholic reference to the Apocalypse in the New Testament.  The Jews are conquering Quebec, it’s the end of the world.  The Editorial below is from page 2 of the same issue.  The editorial is also prophetic; you’ll see what I mean by the end of it.




THE GOGLU, AUG 29, 1930

For the First Time, in English



Le Bill David, en légiferant sur les problèmes scolaires juifs, en créant pour les Isréalites une commission scolaire statutaire dont les membres sont nommés par l’État, en accordant aux Juifs le privilège de mettre à contribution la taxe des neutres, au meme titre que les chrétiens, reconnaît définitivement, par acte du Parlement, que la race juive est en ce pays une race officielle, la reconnaît et la met sur le même pied que la race française et la race anglaise.

Bill David, by legislating on the Jewish school problems, by creating for the Israelites a statutory school commission whose members are appointed by the State, by granting to the Jews the privilege of sharing in the neutral tax in the same way as the Christians, definitively recognizes, by act of Parliament, that the Jewish race in this country is an official race, recognizes it and puts it on the same footing as the French race and the English race.

Cette loi scolaire ne doit pas nous surprendre, quand on sait qu’elle est le fruit d’un libéralisme condamné1, ayant à sa base l’idée juive telle que prêchée et imposée par le Conseil des sages de Sion, un libéralisme auquel nous devons la loi juive des faillites “Jacobs”, qui mine tranquillement notre commerce à l’avantage des Juifs2; une immigration juive qui a fait entrer en ce pays des milliers et des milliers d’Israélites sous de fausses représentations3; une distribution effrénée du patronage politique aux fils de Judas; des lois à théorie juive comme celles de l’Assistance Publique et des Accidents du Travail4; une abdication totale de nos traditions chrétiennes dans toute la législation liberale5; des concessions antipatriotiques de nos ressources naturelles aux fils errants de Jérusalem; un avachissement honteux devant la puissance monétaire des Juifs.6  On comprend ainsi très facilement pourquoi le haut conseil du Sionisme a répandu le mot d’ordre:  “C’est par l’esprit désingrant du libéralisme que nous corromprons les hommes et les lois, et que nous dominerons le monde.”  Et l’on comprend en même temps pourquoi les docteurs de l’Église, les conciles et les papes, voyant clair dans le jeu des forces juives, ont si souvent condamné la doctrine du libéralisme, qui a réussi en Russie à faire conduire par une poignée de Juifs cent soixante millions d’orthodoxes chrétiens à la désorganisation sociale et à l’irreligion.

This school law should not surprise us, when we know that it is the fruit of a condemned liberalism1, having at its base the Jewish idea preached and imposed by the Council of the Elders of Zion, a liberalism to which we owe the “Jacobs” bankruptcy law which quietly undermines our business for the benefit of the Jews2; Jewish immigration that brought thousands and thousands of Israelites into this country under false representations3; a frantic distribution of political patronage to the sons of Judas; laws Jewish in theory like those on public assistance and accidents at work4; a total abdication of our Christian traditions in all liberal legislation5; anti-patriotic concessions of our natural resources to the wandering sons of Jerusalem; shameful subservience to the monetary power of the Jews6.  It is thus quite easy to understand why the high council of Zionism spread the slogan:  “It is by the disingenuous spirit of liberalism that we corrupt men and laws, and that we will dominate the world.”  And we understand at the same time why doctors of the Church, councils and Popes, seeing clearly the play of the Jewish forces, have so often condemned the doctrine of liberalism, which has succeeded, in Russia, in causing sixty million Orthodox Christians to be led to social disorganization and irreligion by a handful of Jews.

Sitôt que la race juive prend le dessus dans un pays, c’en est fini du patriotisme et des traditions.  De l’égalité de status à la domination, il n’y a qu’un pas.  Et, grâce à leurs millions, les Juifs auront vite fait ce pas dans Québec, maintenant que le Bill David sanctionne leur égalité et reconnaît leur race comme officielle.

As soon as the Jewish race takes over in a country, patriotism and traditions are finished.  From equality of status to domination there is just one step.  And, thanks to their millions, the Jews will have quickly taken this step in Quebec, now that Bill David sanctions their equality and recognizes their race as official.

Tolérer la présente loi des écoles juives est, à notre avis, la plus grande lâcheté qu’un Canadien-français puisse commettre contre sa religion, sa province et sa race.  C’est admettre que les Pères de la Conféderation ont eu tort de faire du Canada un pays exclusivement chrétien et bilingue; c’est admettre que toutes les races du monde peuvent considérer le Canada comme leur patrie officielle pourvu qu’elles y viennent; que nous, Canadiens-français, fils des découvreurs et des pionniers de ce pays, n’avons pas plus de droits ici que le premier Juif venu, que le Chinois ou l’Arabe qui voudra venir dans Québec bâtir des écoles de sa langue et sa religion.

To tolerate the present law on Jewish schools. in our opinion, is the greatest cowardice that a French Canadian can commit against his religion, his province and his race.  It admits that the Fathers of Confederation were wrong to make Canada an exclusively Christian and bilingual country; it admits that all races of the world can consider Canada as their official homeland provided they come here; that we, French Canadians, sons of the discoverers and pioneers of this country, have no more rights here than the first Jew to arrive, than the Chinese or the Arab who will want to come to Quebec to build schools for his language and his religion.

Eh bien!  nous n’admettrons jamais pareils principes et, quoi qu’il doive nous en coûter, nous ferons par tous les moyens la guerre la plus implacable aux Juifs et à leur libéralisme qui cherchent à s’imposer ici comme en Russie.  Nous ne reconnaissons de caractère officiel qu’au christianisme et qu’à deux races:  la saxonne et la française.  Seuls ils ont des droits consitutionnels, des privilèges légaux, et seuls ils les auront.  Nous bannirons de nos rangs ceux qui ne voudront pas reocnnaître ces principes et nous combattrons de la plus énergique façon les politiciens qui trahiront notre race par une doctrine contraire.  Et nous avons l’assurance que tous les Canadiens en qui vibre encore le patriotisme nous soutiendront dans ce gigantesque combat contre les hordes d’Israël.  Québec est la patrie des Canadiens-français, une terre chrétienne, et nous tomberons avant de permettre qu’elle devienne la Terre Promise des Juifs, un foyer de judaïque antichristianisme.

Well!  we will never admit such principles and, whatever it may cost us, we will wage with every means the most relentless war against the Jews and their liberalism, who seek to impose themselves here, as in Russia.  We only recognize officiality in Christianity and in two races:  the Saxon and the French.  Only they have constitutional rights, legal privileges, and only they shall have them.  We will banish from our ranks those who do not wish to recognize these principles and we will fight in the most energetic way the politicians who betray our race with a contrary doctrine.  And we are confident that all Canadians who still feel patriotism will support us in this gigantic battle against the hordes of Israel.  Quebec is the homeland of French Canadians, a Christian land, and we will fall before allowing it to become the Promised Land of the Jews, a hotbed of Jewish anti-Christianity.

Émile GOGLU.

Émile GOGLU.


1.  Les papes ont condamné le libéralisme.  Fervent catholique, Adrien Arcand, inspiré par sa foi catholique romaine, a dénoncé le libéralisme.  Dans sa brochure, La République universelle, Arcand cite le pape Pie XI, dans sa lettre encyclique, “Quadragesimo Anno”:  “Le socialisme a le libéralisme pour père et le communisme pour héritier”.

1.  The Popes condemned liberalism.  Devout Catholic, Adrien Arcand, inspired by his Roman Catholic faith, denounced liberalism.  In his pamphlet, The Universal Republic, Arcand quotes Pope Pius XI in his encyclical letter “Quadragesimo Anno”:  “Socialism has liberalism for its father and communism for its heir”.

2.  Dans les derniers mots passionnés de «Chrétien ou juif?», discours prononcé au Monument national de Montréal le 3 novembre 1930, Adrien Arcand décrit la dépossession des pionniers et fondateurs canadiens-français au Québec par les étrangers entrants.  Dans la section intitulée «Ce qu’on voit dans Québec», Arcand emmène l’auditeur dans une visite virtuelle des forêts, des mines, des usines et des magasins du Québec, déplorant que tout cela soit tombé entre des mains non françaises, et les Français en 1930 ne sont que de petits salariés et des serviteurs, privés de leur héritage, des centaines d’années de travail et de sacrifices de leurs ancêtres pour bâtir une nation.  Acand conclut avec son «Cri de toute une race», exhortant les Goglus à reprendre leur héritage.  Ce sont ces hommes d’affaires étrangers que les «judéo-libéraux» de 1930 aident et encouragent à cette prise de contrôle.

2.  In the impassionsed closing paragraphs to “Christian or Jew?”, a speech delivered at the Monument National theatre in Montreal on November 3, 1930, Adrien Arcand describes the dispossession of the French-Canadian pioneers and founders in Quebec by incoming foreigners.  In the section entitled “What We See in Quebec,” Arcand takes the listener on a virtual tour of the forests, mines, factories and shops of Quebec, lamenting that all these have fallen into non-French hands, and the French in 1930 are nothing but petty wage-earners and servants bereft of their heritage, of the hundreds of years of work and sacrifice of their forefathers to build a nation.  Acand concludes with his “Cry of a Whole Race,” urging the Goglus to take back their heritage.  It is these foreign businessmen whom the “Judéo-Liberals” of 1930 are aiding and abetting in that takeover.

3.  Je pense qu’Arcand fait ici référence aux serments de citoyenneté prêtés par les immigrés pour entrer au pays.  Arcand a écrit ailleurs que les nouveaux immigrants, notamment les Juifs, ont juré de faire respecter les lois du pays.  Au Canada, la base de la législation était chrétienne.  Mais ces serments des immigrants juifs, note Arcand, étaient de «fausses représentations».  Il n’y avait aucune intention de se conformer aux lois chrétiennes essentielles au maintien de la culture et des institutions canadiennes-françaises.  Les Juifs ont mis le pied dans la porte, puis dans la Législature; les lois ont commencé à changer au profit des Juifs et à la perte des Canadiens français.  L’une des principales raisons de la fondation de la Confédération était de préserver la culture catholique au Québec.  Mais, une attaque constitutionnelle est en cours.  Car, comme le note Arcand dans son éditorial, les libéraux répondent aux intérêts des Juifs au Québec en sapant les lois chrétiennes pour favoriser les juifs.  Petit à petit, le socialisme de gauche remplace la valeur chrétienne de la «charité» fondamentale à la culture catholique; et les lois pro-juives remplacent les lois chrétiennes et neutralisent les institutions culturelles chrétiennes.  L’éradication culturelle est en cours en 1930 alors que les immigrants juifs et leurs puissants intérêts financiers dépossèdent les fondateurs chrétiens de leur droit fondamental à l’autonomie, affirmé par la Confédération.

3.  I think that here, Arcand is referring to the oaths of citizenship sworn by immigrants in order to enter the country.  Arcand has written elsewhere that new immigrants, notably Jews, swore to uphold the laws of the country.  In Canada, the basis of legislation was Christian.  But these oaths of the Jewish immigrants, notes Arcand, were “false representations”.  There was no intention to abide by the Christian laws crucial to maintaining French-Canadian culture and institutions.  The Jews got their foot in the door, and then into the Legislature; the laws began to change to the benefit of the Jews and to the loss of the French-Canadians.  One main reason that Confederation was founded was to preserve Catholic culture in Quebec.  But, a constitutional assault is underway.  For, as Arcand notes in his editorial, the Liberals are catering to Jews in Quebec by undermining Christian laws to favor Jewish interests.  Gradually, left-wing socialism is replacing the Christian value of “charity” basic to Catholic culture; and pro-Jewish laws are displacing Christian laws and neutralizing Christian cultural institutions.  Cultural eradication is underway in 1930 as Jewish immigrants and their powerful financial interests divest the Christian founders of their basic human right to self-government, affirmed at Confederation.

Ce n’est pas de la bigoterie de dire cela.  Ce n’est pas le fait que l’ingérence dénoncée par Arcand soit nettement juive; mais le fait qu’une intervention inappropriée dans le Québec catholique sape ses institutions locales. Par exemple, le Dr Paul Gérin-Lajoie, dans la Revue du Barreau canadien de 1951 (vol 29 n ° 10; 1136-1179 @ p. 1174), estime l’impact au Québec de l’intervention du pouvoir fédéral de dépenser dans l’éducation ou dans les soins de santé.  Ce sont des domaines provinciaux garantis au Québec catholique français par la Constitution.  Selon Lajoie:  «Quelles seraient les répercussions possibles dans Québec d’un système fédéral d’assurance-santé, par exemple?  Le système québécois d’hôpitaux et d’institutions charitables est propre à cette province.  Le rôle social du médecin y est particulier.  Le bouleversement risquerait alors d’y être beaucoup plus considérable que dans les autres provinces où les systèmes se ressemblent les uns les autres.»  De plus, note Lajoie, «L’octroi de subsides fédéraux (dans l’éducation) pourrait à lui seul produire une petite révolution.»  «Les répercussions ne seraient pas lentes à se faire sentir dans l’orientation de la pensée, le sens des valeurs et, éventuellement, les institutions sociales.»

It is not bigotry to say this. It is not the fact that the interference complained of by Arcand is distinctly Jewish; but the fact that inappropriate intervention in Catholic Quebec undermines its local institutions.  For example, Dr. Paul Gérin-Lajoie, in the Canadian Bar Review of 1951 (Vol. 29 No. 10; 1136-1179 @ page 1174), estimates the impact in Quebec of federal spending intervention in education or health care.  These are provincial domains guaranteed to French-Catholic Quebec by the Constitution.  Says Lajoie, translation:  “What would be the potential impact in Quebec of a federal system of health insurance, for example?  The Quebec system of hospital and charitable institutions is peculiar to this province.  The social role of the doctor is unique there.  The upheaval might then be much more considerable than in other provinces where the systems resemble one another.”  Also, notes Lajoie, “The granting of federal subsidies alone (in education) might produce a small revolution.”  “The repercussions would not be slow to be felt in the orientation of thought, the sense of values and, ultimately, the social institutions.”

Je conclus que les plaintes d’Arcand en 1930 sont fondées.  L’intervention des Juifs au Québec, un peuple différent avec une culture différente et beaucoup d’argent, est aussi préjudiciable à l’autonomie gouvernementale canadienne-française que le pouvoir fédéral de dépenser le serait s’il était utilisé imprudemment.  Pour quiconque jouer la carte du «bigot» contre les Canadiens français, pour minimiser ces effets, c’est en fait jouer le bigot soi-même tout en ignorant grossièrement les dommages sociaux et culturels de ses propres interventions sur un autre peuple.

I conclude that Arcand’s complaints in 1930 are well founded.  The intervention of the Jews in Quebec, a different people with a different culture and a lot of money, is as prejudicial to French-Canadian self-government as the federal spending power would be if used imprudently.  For anyone to play the “bigot” card against the French-Canadians to discount these effects is in fact to play the bigot oneself while crassly ignoring the social and cultural damage of one’s own interventions upon another people.

Update 21-03-2020Serait-ce du «libéralisme» que le gouvernement fédéral s’immisce dans les institutions québécoises et les détruise?  Alors, pourquoi l’appeler “libéralisme” alors que l’intrusion meurtrière est le fait d’une culture et d’un groupe ethnique étranger?  Le libéralisme est un mensonge évident.  Il déploie un faux jugement de valeur pour exalter le vainqueur tout en dénigrant la victime.

Update 21-03-2020Would it be “liberalism” for the federal government to intrude in Quebec institutions and destroy them?  Then, why call it “liberalism” when the deadly intrusion is by a foreign culture and ethnic group?  Liberalism is an obvious lie.  It deploys a false value judgment to exalt the vanquisher while disparaging the victim.

Pour le Canada français au Québec, c’est, absolument, la fin du monde; une apocalypse qui amènera un judéo-Québec socialiste de gauche.  Cela soulève la question connexe de l’utilisation constitutionnellement appropriée du pouvoir fédéral en matière d’immigration, qui sera discutée un autre jour.

For French Canada in Quebec, it is, absolutely, the end of the world; an Apocalypse that will bring in a socialist, left-wing, Judéo-Quebec.  This calls up the related question of the constitutionally appropriate use of the federal immigration power, to be discussed another day.

4.  Ibid.

4.  Ibid.

5.  Ibid.

5.  Ibid.

6.  Ibid.

6.  Ibid.

Je conclurai mes notes de bas de page ici (même si je pourrais continuer); ils sont déjà plus longs que l’éditorial d’Arcand, je veux dire l’éditorial d’Emile.

I will end my footnotes here (though I could go on); they’re already longer than Arcand’s editorial; I mean Emile’s editorial.

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The Federal Government Locks Up Adrien Arcand Once Again: Access Denied!

Download PDF

The Federal Government Locks Up Adrien Arcand Once Again:  <i>Access Denied!</i>

The Federal Government Locks Up Adrien Arcand Once Again:  Access Denied!


National Archives or Data Penitentiary?

Data Penitentiary or National Archives


OTTAWA 12 March 2020:  ADRIEN ARCAND BOOKS has been swiftly, specifically and arbitrarily denied all access to Library and Archives Canada’s RG146 Series containing records of the World War II internment, the release from internment, the legal appeals, the legal claims for redress, the police files, surveillance and other records including diaries and photographs concerning Adrien Arcand and his National Unity Party of Canada.

LAC pretends all these files are “closed” when in fact they are OPEN for consultation … as documented by David Rajotte, a senior archivist at Library and Archives Canada in a research article published by him to encourage their use by writers on Adrien Arcand.

On Monday, March 9th, 2020 at 10:44 am, my formal user card number at last arrived in my inbox, allowing me to attend at the National Archives in Ottawa to review materials.

On behalf of ADRIEN ARCAND BOOKS, I immediately made a formal request to Library and Archives Canada for access to a number of archival documents on Adrien Arcand, in particular on his arrest, his aborted trial, his wartime internment, his attempts at appeal, and then after the war his claims for redress.

The documents are held at the Archives on 395 Wellington Street.  Most are catalogued in Series RG146.


From:  Research2020
Sent:  March 9, 2020 2:37 PM
To:  Consultation (BAC/LAC)
Cc:  Reference (BAC/LAC)

Subject:  Fw: Request to retrieve documents for consultation.

On Monday, March 9, 2020 11:32 AM, Research2020 wrote:

I am attaching a PDF list of documents in the Archives concerning Adrien Arcand who led the National Unity Party of Canada.  All of the documents would be of interest; however, the really important ones are highlighted in YELLOW, and I would appreciate having those first.  In particular the DIARIES and PHOTOS.


In case I run out of things to do, or I am waiting for documents to arrive while I’m on-site, is the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA file easily available on the QUEBEC SECESSION REFERENCE?  If it’s easily available, it would give me something to look at if I happen to be waiting for the other items to arrive:  https://scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/1643/index.do

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.
[Yours Truly]


RERequest to retrieve documents for consultation.

Received:  Monday, March 9, 2020 5:14 PM
From:  Research2020 MtlResearcher2020@privatemail.com
To:  Reference (BAC/LAC) bac.reference.lac@canada.ca
BCC:  MtlResearcher2020@privatemail.com

Hi, Alison.

Thank you for this.  I was going to jump on the bus tomorrow; I hope & pray something shows up by noon or so on Tuesday, so I can come to Ottawa this week.

Thanks for the Debates online, I don’t usually need the paper versions; the links are much appreciated, as I have a hard time negotiating that database.

I presume ATIP won’t have to release the BC Gazette Notices to Creditors, or the other BC newspapers.  They will be looking at the Arcand material.

I hope that won’t take too long; because I need to really quickly check the BC Gazette & newspapers; and I can’t afford a hotel until the Arcand materials arrive before I jump on the bus.

License granted to the BANQ - Free digital publications and Web sites, countersigned by BAnQ on 25 September 2018.

License granted to the BANQ – Free digital publications and Web sites, countersigned by BAnQ on 25 September 2018.

If it’s of any use in possibly speeding up the ATIP assessment, I have a contract with the Quebec Archives who collect my English translations and other work on Adrien Arcand (contract attached).  The BAnQ distributes my free Arcand eBooks.

Also, I’ve just had a devastating robbery of an important fonds that was hard for me to get; it was Arcand’s writings out of a university collection.

So, I’m really hoping to “make up for it” by having access to other important materials on his internment; and I suspect the Mackenzie King government confiscated Arcand’s personal diaries because they contain evidence he was innocent of the allegations when they interned him without trial.

Thanks, I will wait for news.
[Yours truly]
– contract with the Quebec archives
– front & back covers of Memorandum & Request eBook underway; also the subject of a research article in development.

“Memorandum and Request

Re: Claims of Canadian Nationalists Against The Government of Canada for Unjust Internments

Memorandum and Request Re: Claims of Canadian Nationalists, Adrien Arcand

Memorandum and Request back cover



ARCAND FILED FOR APPEAL OF THE INTERNMENT, DOCS HERE: LAC, Department of Justice Canada fonds: RG13, BAN 2000-01038-5, box 13, file HQDOJ 9-141348, Memorandum from the Deputy Minister of Justice, 18th Sep. 1940, Application for Appeal, October 22nd, 1940; Privy Council Office fond, RG2, vol. 2, File D-15-2, Privy Council


RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file: part 3, internal memo of December 16th, 1940; part 7, decision of 16th April 1941.


The information is contained in a summary of proceedings against Arcand: RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 7.


LAC, House of Commons fond: – RG14, vol. 2482, “Correspondence, June 1942” file: letter from Adrien Arcand, May 7th, 1942; – RG146, vol. 4164, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 10, letter from Adrien Arcand, June 8th, 1942; – RG14, vol. 2483, “Minutes of proceedings” file, 1942- 1943, report of meeting, July 14th, 1942.


LAC, Office of the Receiver of Enemy Assets fonds, RG117, vol. 2025, file 5237 (Abdelahad), vol. 663 and 664, file 4658 (Clément) and vol. 671, file 5079 (Arcand);


RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 4: – report, March 26th, 1945, – letter from the Commissioner of the RCMP to the Minister of Justice, June 22nd, 1945; – order to release Arcand, June 28th, 1940; – release forms, July 3rd, 1945.


See RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 7, report, no date.


Several motions for a new trial were sent to the RCMP. They are in RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” file, parts 4 and 5.


The evidence file prepared by the authorities in 1945 is available at LAC, Department of Justice fond, RG13, vol. 2630, file 9-149414.


RG146, vol. 4163, file “Adrien Arcand”: part 5: – memo, August 13th, 1945; part 7: – letter from Gérald Fauteux, September 7th, 1945.


Débats de la Chambre des communes: – 13th September 1945, p. 155, – October 1st, 1945, pp. 607-609. [ I would ALSO like the English version of these Debates.]


RG146, vol. 4163, “Adrien Arcand” FILE, part 5: – list of material returned to Arcand, November 23rd, 1945; – list of material for destruction, September 17th, 1945.


“Various documents were still preserved.  The SCRS archives still contain today a photo album from the 1910s and 1920s, as well as diaries.

These documents are found in RG146, vol. 4164, “Adrien Arcand” file, pockets 1 and 2. – I need the diaries and the photo album for his biography.


ARCAND FILED A COUPLE OF LAW SUITS: See LAC, Exchequer Court fond, vol. 1658, file 45476.


RG146, vol. 3515, “NUPC, Montreal” file, Part 14, – Petition to the Court of the Sessions of the Peace, November 20th, 1948;

– note on the hearing, December 29th, 1948;
– judgment of the Court, January 26th, 1949;

LAC, Louis St. Laurent fond, MG36, L, vol. 169:
– letter from Salluste Lavery to Louis Saint-Laurent, December 29th, 1950;
– Office of the Receiver of Enemy Assets, RG117, vol. 671, file 5079, letter from Salluste Lavery to Louis Saint-Laurent, August 5, 1952;
RG146, vol. 4164, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 9, letters from Adrien Arcand to the Minister of Justice, November 11th, 1957, November 15th, 1958; Part 10, Report on Arcand’s Claims, June 24th, 1959.”


RG146, vol. 4164, “Adrien Arcand” file, part 10, report, 24th January 1963, and transcript of the interview with Adrien Arcand, 1963.


Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada

In his article, L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand1 (translation: “The Canadian State Versus The National Unity Party and Adrien Arcand”), published in 2018 as a research guide on the life and times of Adrien Arcand, LAC senior archivist, David Rajotte criticized two authors on Arcand for their sloppy research:  François Nadeau and Hugues Théoret.  Frustrated by their incompetence, Mr. Rajotte wrote a detailed research guide to the holdings on Arcand at Library and Archives Canada, inviting authors and researchers to use them.

At the beginning of March, 2020, I extracted a number of items from the footnotes to Rajotte’s article and planned a bus trip to Ottawa to view them.  48 hours after submitting the list of materials ― most of them in LAC’s RG146 Series on the RCMP and surveillance ― Library and Archives Canada slammed the door shut and locked it by suggesting I appeal their denial, which is an abuse of process.

But this was no surprise, because the first thing LAC told me, even before I submitted my request, was cancel your travel plans and wait till your documents arrive.  Actually, I did cancel my hotel (good thing), but I lost my deposit.



BAC-LAC Request for textual archival material

Received: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 12:24 PM
From:  Consultation (BAC/LAC) bac.consultation.lac@canada.ca
To:  Research2020 MtlResearcher2020@privatemail.com


Good afternoon,

Thank you for your request for archival material.  As you have already been advised concerning the ordering of published and archival material by some colleagues, what follows concerns the archival material ordered for you to date and incorporated into QMS #109054.  […]

Regarding the RG146 series, I have been advised by ATIP that these files are all closed.

Should you wish to pursue a formal review at a cost of $5, please visit http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/transparency/atippr/Pages/how-to-make-request.aspx for more information. Please note that the formal review does not guarantee that the file will be made available.



Re:  BAC-LAC Request for textual archival material
Received:  Wednesday, March 11, 2020 2:10 PM
From:  Research2020 MtlResearcher2020@privatemail.com
To:  Consultation (BAC/LAC) bac.consultation.lac@canada.ca
BCC:  MtlResearcher2020@privatemail.com

Hello, Ms. Vachon.

Thank you for this information.  You said:  “Regarding the RG146 series, I have been advised by ATIP that these files are all closed.”

ATIP is mistaken.  I presume that ATIP put its decision in writing to deny access to “all” files in the RG146 series.  I would like to have a copy of it, please.  And I would like to point out two things.

NUPC Internment Research 1940 (Cover)

NUPC Internment Archive (1940).  Download it at Archive.org (The Internet Archive).  A.S. gave me a copy of his documents; I produced them here as an ebook, it has an ISBN and has been legally deposited with LAC.

1.  First of all, a colleague and neighbor of mine, [A.S.], obtained scans from LAC of a large file of internment papers on Arcand directly out of the RG146 series, just last year.  Those archival papers were also reviewed by ATIP, and approved for release.  (A copy of the [A.S.] purchase order for these RG146 series materials is attached.)  The invoice came to $133.14 with tax (invoice attached).  Payment of the invoice was confirmed by LAC (three credit card receipts, also attached).  Mr. [A.S.], in addition, clarified with LAC that the documents released were free for circulation.  In addition, the particular file of internment documents was physically marked with a black rubber-stamp as “closed,” meaning that no further documents were to be added to the contents.  “Closed” in that case did not mean the file was unavailable to researchers.  So, obviously, the RG146 series is not, in fact “closed” (meaning access denied to researchers like myself), as now alleged by ATIP.

2.  Secondly, the RG146 series files that you say are all marked “closed” by ATIP (i.e., denied access) are specifically referred to as available to researchers in an article by David Rajotte, a senior archivist at your very own Library and Archives Canada.  Mr. Rajotte published his article precisely to tell researchers where to find these records.  All of the the RG146 series files that I have just requested from Library and Archives Canada, and which have been denied to me by ATIP, are footnoted in Mr. Rajotte’s very detailed article designed for researchers, as available.

Mr. Rajotte, himself, therefore, obviously accessed all the RG146 series materials and viewed them in order to know what was in the files, in order to recommend them to authors and researchers on Adrien Arcand.  I find it hard to believe that a senior archivist at Library and Archives Canada would publicly recommend them to other researchers if the files were locked or as you say “closed,” and unavailable.

I am referring to this article:  L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand by David Rajotte, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada: https://www.erudit.org/en/journals/bhp/2018-v26-n3-bhp03727/1046920ar/

Rajotte, <i>L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand</i> (2018)

Rajotte, L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand (2018)

Right off the top, Mr. Rajotte, in his article, used a photograph of the leadership of the National Unity Party of Canada sourced from RG146.  Materials in the RG146 series are cited copiously all throughout Mr. Rajotte’s article.  I requested access to photographs and other materials from the RG146 series footnoted by Mr. Rajotte in that article.

Mr. Rajotte moreover produced and published his detailed article to encourage proper research by authors and academics.  Mr. Rajotte criticized sloppy research by two named authors. Said Mr. Rajotte:


Délaisser les archives gouvernementales mène à plusieurs erreurs de faits et d’interprétation.  Jean-François Nadeau, un des biographes, avance, par exemple, que William McDuff, partisan néo-écossais d’Arcand, a été interné.  Les policiers ne l’ont pourtant jamais même rencontré, comme on le verra dans la suite de cet article.

“Forsaking government archives leads to numerous errors of fact and interpretation.  Jean-François Nadeau, one of the biographers, maintains, for example, that William McDuff, a Nova Scotian supporter of Arcand, was interned.  But, the police never even met him, as will be seen later in this article.”2

In another paragraph, Mr. Rajotte criticizes author Hugues Théoret for his failure to do proper research.  Says Rajotte:

Hugues Théoret relate pour sa part son insuccès à retrouver des documents produits par la Gendarmerie royale du Canada (GRC) sur Arcand, alors qu’ils sont à Bibliothèque et Archives Canada.

Hugues Théoret recounts his failure to find documents on Arcand produced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), however, they are at Library and Archives Canada.”

There could be no clearer, open invitation to come and see the files Mr. Rajotte footnoted, than these two criticisms.

It would seem an awful waste of the time of a senior archivist of Library and Archives Canada, and a waste of time of his publisher, to publish such a detailed research guide, obviously intended for the use of authors and academic researchers, to encourage them to come and use these archives, only for access to then be denied once a researcher actually requested the recommended files; as ATIP has just done to me.

Either Mr. Rajotte has wasted his own time in mysterious ignorance of the fact that “all” the RG146 series files are “closed” and unavailable to researchers; or ATIP has made a mistake.

So, if you would please let me have a copy of the ATIP decision, I will formally contest it.  […]

Thank you for your time.
[Yours truly]
Montreal, Canada


Appeals from denials of access to available information are an abuse of process.

Refusal by public officials to do their salaried jobs properly, according to the law, impartially toward all citizens, is fraud and theft of the taxpayer’s money.

Abuse of power and manipulation of the “system” by public officials to target and destroy the rights of citizens is malfeasance.

The Memory Hole at Library and Archives Canada

The Memory Hole at Library and Archives Canada

In particular, it is criminal when the type of abuse is intended to hijack the country, slant its politics, control its viewpoints, control its history and crush and silence political opposition.  That can be achieved by controlling information.

Unelected petty bureaucrats in cataloging, reproduction, consultation, and other departments of Library and Archives Canada, at least since 2004 when I became aware of it, routinely engage in abuse of power to deny the public access to information.

Access to information appeals engineered to deny available information is soft warfare waged from within government structures by enemies of the country and its citizens.

These enemies should be fired; they should be tried and jailed; they should be fined; and they should be banned from the public service permanently for violating fundamental rights including freedom of information and freedom of speech.

Library and Archives Canada is our central and largest bank of public information, and those allowed to run it must not be allowed to subvert it on personal whim or for personal agendas.

Furthermore, jobs in the civil service should be rotated regularly to prevent cliques who abuse the public from forming within departments.



I should have included this in my previous post, as an update on bannings.  Here is my short exchange of emails (not the first; and not the only department) with Library and Archives Canada because they are not cataloguing publications by Adrien Arcand Books.

From:  habeascorpuscanada
Sent:  Wednesday, October 30, 2019 11:10 PM

SubjectRE:  ISBN Request – Habeas Corpus Canada / Adrien Arcand Books

I’ve checked the catalogues again, Voilà and Aurora, and Worldcat, and NOT A SINGLE TITLE that I have submitted with ISBNs, has been catalogued.

This looks an awful lot like blacklisting of me and of Arcand’s work.  And I’m going to write a post about it.  Because these ebooks have been online at the Quebec Archives for well over a year, and should have appeared in Worldcat by now; and there is no point in my taking out ISBNs with you people who aren’t cataloguing my publications AT ALL.

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
On Thursday, October 31, 2019 4:41 AM, ISBN (BAC/LAC) wrote:


The ISBN unit does not receive the publications nor does it catalogue books.

I am forwarding your message to Legal Deposit unit, the section of Library and Archives Canada responsible for these tasks.

Thank you,

ISBN/ISMN, Direction générale du patrimoine publié
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
bac.isbn.lac@canada.ca / Tél. : 819-953-3997 ou 1-866-578-7777

ISBN/ISMN Published Heritage Branch
Library and Archives Canada / Government of Canada
bac.isbn.lac@canada.ca / Tel: 819-953-3997 or 1-866-578-7777



1.  Rajotte, D. (2018). L’État canadien contre le Parti de l’unité nationale et Adrien Arcand. Bulletin d’histoire politique, 26 (3), 189–211. https://doi.org/10.7202/1046920ar

2.  In his article, Rajotte continues on François Nadeau as follows:

McDuff n’est en fait pas le seul individu présenté comme prisonnier par Nadeau dont le nom n’apparaît nulle part dans les archives de l’internement.

“McDuff is in fact not the only individual presented as a prisoner by Nadeau but whose name appears nowhere in the internment records.”

Jean-François Nadeau: historien?

Jean-François Nadeau: historien?

Can you imagine the feeling of people reading this supposed “historian”, François Nadeau, claiming their relative was interned as a Nazi in WWII, when in fact he wasn’t.  But this incompetent sells books.  This incompetent is catalogued in Voilà and Aurora and at Worldcat, and the man he slanders above all, Adrien Arcand, can’t get a word in edgewise, in French or in English, because LAC and Worldcat will not catalogue Adrien Arcand Books!

And the LAC is now barring access to archives on Adrien Arcand, abusively.  Any information LAC officials might disapprove of, such as facts to support Arcand’s innocence, is thus prevented from getting out.  This is Communist, when you can’t have another viewpoint.  There is no freedom of speech, thought, expression or association in Canada.

Ignorance is strength.
L’ignorance, c’est la force


Silence!  No views allowed but those approved by the Self-appointed Censors

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Poor Adrien Arcand.  On Wednesday, July 11th, 2018, in my sub-post entitled “Great News!  Wikipedia Has Banned This Web Site”, I explained how this web site had been banned as “spam” by Wikipedia.  I have not given you news of the bannings that have occurred since then.  Let me sum them up from late 2018 until today.

Down With Hate! (that’s the original name of this web site because of the main hosted book) has now been squelched by Wiki-bloody-pedia, Jootube, Scribd, Calaméo.  And, print-production of The Universal Republic as an academic resource in libraries was hotly denied by a Quebec book producer with an office in France to serve Europe.  The publisher must be run by “Friends of the French Revolution”.

The refusal arrived from Jordan for Rapido’s self-publishing service, complete with left-wing mantra:  “we reserve the right to refuse to assist in the publication of writings that express racist, sexist, homophobic, or generally discriminatory or violent discourse”.  And, big bonus, he spelled Holocaust wrong.  I’m gonna give you that quote from Jordan verbatim so you can enjoy it:

Rapido Books: Jordan

As I have come to learn, Adrian Arcand was (October 3, 1899 – August 1, 1967) was a Montreal journalist who led a series of fascist political movements between 1929 and his death in 1967.  During his political career, he proclaimed himself the Canadian Furher.  He was a proponent of anti-Semitic discourse, as well as being a haulocaust denier.

Those of us who use dictionaries are being censored by those who do not.  Those of us who read the academic journals are being censored by those who read … Wikipedia.  I sent Jordan a little clip from Fahrenheit 451 in gratitude (Montag the Fireman torching books), and a link to the Venom and Vomit gallery of mass-murders by Palestinian “Homeland Deniers,” the Zionist Occupiers, for obviously Jordan is concerned with “violence” and “anti-Semitic discourse”.

The number of outlets to sell printed books online also has been drastically reduced.  Amazon formerly refused to ban books, but has changed its policy under pressure from … the Joos.  Amazon, and others in its wake, will now ban any work that questions the official line on the Holocaust, or speaks disrespectfully of the mass-murdering terrorists in Israel.

Therefore, it’s pretty much useless to sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing (with Amazon).  The new Amazon policy of banning freedom of inquiry has a cascading effect on other small publishers as well who affiliate with Amazon.

And don’t think they’re reading it first; they don’t weigh the arguments in the books before they burn them.  They ban them because a behemoth with too much power for our own good doesn’t “like” the books and doesn’t tolerate views counter to its own.

So, History has taken a big hit, because if free speech is denied, you can’t think; if you can’t think, you can’t counterpunch; if you can’t counterpunch, you are a slave.

Summing it up:  Between 2018 and today, Adrien Arcand Books has been stealth-banned by Scribd; deleted by JooTube, turfed by Calaméo, denied print production by Rapido, and blocked as spam by the bots at Wikipedia.

Just the other day, I was reading how someone had his controversial book print-produced in China because the Chinese couldn’t read the contents.  I may have to do that with Arcand.  Here’s “The Universal Republic” in Chinese:

环球共和国 Huánqiú gònghéguó

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Old-Time Fascist Scornful of New Canadian Nazi Party”, Gazette, November 10, 1960

Old-Time Fascist Scornful of New Canadian Nazi Party

“Old-Time Fascist Scornful of New Canadian Nazi Party” by Alexander Farrell, CP, The Montreal Gazette, Thursday, November 10, 1960, page 16. Google Newspaper Archives.



Source:  The Gazette. Google Newspaper Archives

LANORAIE, Que. ― CP ― The flurry caused by recent reports of Fascist organization in Canada leaves one-time Fuehrer Adrien Arcand cold.

“This Sorel fellow is just a hoax,” he says of Fuehrer-Come-Lately André Bellefeuille.

Almost forgotten except for a handful of followers who still come to his white-brick house in this farm village on the north shore of the St. Lawrence 40 miles from Montreal, Arcand’s name was recalled when the CBC showed some film of Bellefeuille in a telecast Oct. 20.

The 29-year-old Bellefeuille, now suspended from his Federal Transport Department job as a draughtsman at Sorel, Que., told on the program of his party activities and his anti-Semitism.

Arcand, who once headed the Nazi-like Partie de l’Unité Nationale [sic] (National Unity Party) and spent five wartime years behind the barbed wire of an internment camp, also still talks of the “Jewish danger” but he has decided there is not much he can do about it.

Arcand, now 61, once claimed thousands of blue-shirted followers and surrounded himself with a highly-trained Iron Guard1, the counterpart of Hitler’s storm troopers. They boasted 20 years ago they would take over the Dominion.

Now L’Unité Nationale, revived by its leader after the war, has no program of political action.

“We are not a party now,” Arcand said.  “We are just a study group.

“There are a few hundred of us.  We have fun.  We look at what is going on, and try to see what is coming.”


Turning to Bellefeuille, he said the Sorel man once tried to join his movement but there was no place for him.

“Knowledge counts with us,” Arcand said.  “We want nothing to do with people who lack deep convictions and just shout at the tops of their voices.”

Meanwhile, in Sorel, Bellefeuille was lying low.  His wife and a self-styled “press attache” told reporters he was not well and could see no one.  The press attache said the young draughtsman was “upset by the publicity given his declarations and is giving it all up.”

Arcand gave this reporter his own impression about all the fuss about Bellefeuille.

Seated before a typewriter in his living-room chair, surrounded by books and magazines, he looked out without relish upon the world scene but said, “I have done my share.”

He did not regret having spoken out against “the plans of international Jewry to dominate the world” and said his views have not changed.

He felt, in effect, that he has spoken his piece and “paid the price for it, with my liberty, my health and my reputation.”

His wartime internment he considered “unjust, for I committed no crime, I was simply put away as a danger to the state.”  He was not treated roughly during the years he spent in Petawawa, Ont., and Fredericton internment camps, he said, but his health was nevertheless ruined.

During that time he had no means of supporting his wife and three sons.  “They lived with the help of friends.”

His oldest son enlisted in the Army on reaching military age in 1944 and was on his way overseas when the war ended.

The gaunt, six-foot Arcand lives austerely, by his own account, eating but two meals a day and spending most of his time reading, writing and translating, his chief remunerative occupation.  He speaks French, English, Italian, and can read German.

He rarely leaves his home, a stone’s throw from the river, except to go to Montreal for “study sessions” with his followers.

His routine is frequently interrupted, however, by visitors coming to discuss “politics and problems.”

He said he has always counselled against the use of violence.  “Neither the Jewish problem nor any other problem can ever be settled by murder.  A people seeking to dominate the world must be challenged, but not condemned to death.

“Our rules provide for the immediate expulsion of any member who uses force, or even carries any kind of weapon or liquor to a meeting.”

He wanted also to stress his loyalty to Canada.

“It is wrong to say I thought Hitler had the answers to the world’s problems.  I had no association with the Nazi movement.  In fact, the only German I ever corresponded with in those days was a philology professor who shared my interest in languages without sharing my interest in politics.”

At this point, Mme. Arcand, a strikingly attractive woman, came in with coffee and the conversation turned effortlessly to less controversial topics.

Arcand said he greatly admires the United States, “the country in the world which has had the most liberty for the last century and a half.

“American society, greatly superior to the Russian in his view, is the product of “the free activity of free men with initiative.”

The trouble was that the Americans had not succeeded in convincing many foreigners of this.


1.  Translator’s note:  Adrien Arcand’s “Iron Guard” is a topic I would like to have more time to research.  The equivalence Farrell made with Hitler’s stormtroopers is a step removed from what appears to be the real inspiration for Arcand’s Legionnaires:  the Legionaries and Iron Guard of Romanian patriot Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, born in 1899, the same year as Arcand.  Codreanu, also in his turn, had been inspired by a slightly earlier Romanian Christian Defense movement whose members wore blue shirts.

Codreanu’s movement was Orthodox Catholic; it had a version of the Swastika as an emblem, and took the Archangel Michael for its patron.  The Archangel Michael in Christian iconography led God’s armies against Satan and his armies.  That would certainly have appealed to strict Roman Catholic, Adrien Arcand, who discusses Lucifer in his short book, The Universal Republic:  “We call Lucifer, who was the brightest, most radiant of created beings, the ‘Prince of Darkness’.  What could cause so total a reversal of this same being, a fall from the pinnacle of light to the depths of darkness, the collapse from one extreme at the summit to another extreme in the abyss?”  Arcand links his Catholic understanding with politics when he goes on to say that Lucifer “proclaimed” the “liberal principle” when he defied the supremacy of God by crying “I will not serve!” (non serviam).

A study needs to be done of the sources of inspiration for Arcand’s choice of symbols and institutions; and to then contrast the way these were deployed and the differences between Arcand’s movement, the source movements, and parallel movements.  To say that Arcand’s concepts are the “counterparts” of different ones chosen by Hitler, for example, does not answer the particular question of their real origin and of Arcand’s motivations, or of the particular way Arcand chose to use them.  As Professor Pierre Trépanier has said, (translation:)  “Despite the common features that link them, nationalisms are not conceived as exportable because each one is rooted in an original history and responds to particular conditions.  They are all poles apart from Marxist internationalism.”  Trépanier, P. (1991). La religion dans la pensée d’Adrien Arcand. Les Cahiers des dix, (46), 207-247. https://doi.org/10.7202/1015587ar (En dépit des traits communs qui les rapprochent, les nationalismes ne se conçoi¬vent pas comme exportables car chacun s’enracine dans une histoire originale et répond à des conditions particulières.  C’est dire qu’ils se savent aux antipodes de l’internationalisme marxiste.)

– 30 –